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How to get to Whistler, BC

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banner for How to Get to Whistler When considering the choicest ski or mountain bike holiday destination, one automatically thinks of getting to Whistler! After all, much of what the rest of the world hears about Canada is how cold it is there; how much it snows….

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Top 13 Activities Entertaining Wedding Guests in Whistler


Whistler weddings are popular. Everyone comes here to get married. And it’s not hard to understand why. With beautiful landscapes and plenty of luxury venues, there’s no end to unique and memorable Whistler wedding ideas. Bride and groom kisisng after wedding Wedding in Whistler coming…

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An Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Weekend Camping Trip to Whistler

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You’ve checked the forecast, and it’s looking good for the weekend. You’ve had enough of the city grind and are desperate to immerse yourself in some good ol’ BC beauty and fresh air, even if it’s raining! Camping around Whistler or camping in Whistler BC is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a reminder…

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It’s Raining, Now What? Activities for Kids in Whistler


Weather in Whistler can be unpredictable. If you’re coming to Whistler with your family it’s smart to think about what to do in Whistler in the rain. Come here in spring and it may be raining one minute and bright and sunny the next. Come in Autumn and you can expect pretty much the same….

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The Ultimate Guide to a Whistler New Years Eve 2019

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Sure, we haven’t made it to Christmas day yet (heck, we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving!), but we’re all thinking about the same thing – what we’ll do for our New Years Eve. Its time for you to start planning now, to get the perfect outfit, the perfect setting, and the perfect cocktail to…

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Rainy Day Activities in Whistler (Updated for Fall 2018)


Whistler is known around the world as one of the greatest and most thrilling places to ski and snowboard. Its also a well established name in downhill mountain biking, transforming its white pillowy slopes for dirt and adrenaline in the summer months. But what happens in the shoulder seasons? Since Whistler is located close to…

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Whistler, The Outdoor Activity Mecca of Summer


A wild world of wonder is just waiting for you, Whistler and outdoor activities go hand-in-hand.  Where should you starting this summer season? One of the greatest things about our outdoor-haven is that there are seemingly endless outdoor activities, often open year round. One of the worst things about our outdoor-haven of Whistler? Trying to…

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Where to Go and What to See: Sightseeing Whistler


You’ve got a week in Whistler, and you want to see everything. We hate to break it to you (even though we kind of love this about Whistler), there’s way too much beauty to pack into a week or two of travel. To get the intimate local Whistler experience, you literally have to move here…

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Planning A Whistler Corporate Retreat: What You Need to Know


It’s no secret that a group retreat could give your corporate team the space it needs to revitalize. Corporate retreats give your group time to refocus, debrief, and most importantly, connect with each other in ways that get them out of that cubicle trance, and into a work-enthused and team-supportive state.   [caption id=”attachment_815″ align=”alignright”…

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Whistler Guided Hikes: Learn from the Experts

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The stunning, alpine lakes, the beautiful crests of snow-capped mountains peaking in the horizon, the tips of the pine trees creating the most beautiful skyline – we definitely can’t deny Whistler’s beauty. We certainly can’t blame people for wanting to hike and experience such a glorious environment in person. When it comes to hiking, you…

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