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News & Events In Whistler


Cheap Things to do in Whistler? This is your Guide.

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Visiting Whistler isn’t cheap – the price of a hotel room will make you spit out your drink and lift tickets? Prepare to pay upwards of $150 per day to ski at world-renowned Whistler Blackcomb. Lucky for you (and your bank account) we’ve come up with a list of cheap things to do in Whistler…

The Ultimate Guide on Where to Stay in Whistler,BC (2020 Update)

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Whistler, home of Forged Axe Throwing, is the heart and home of Canada’s Coast Mountains and it is no surprise that this place is a favourite year-round destination. Determining where to stay in Whistler can be overwhelming as they’re so many choices so we’ve prepared this list of some of our top hotels, suites, and…

An Adventurous Bachelorette in Whistler & Tips to Keep it Affordable

Adventurous Bachelorette Whistler

Hosting your bachelorette party in Whistler? Great idea! With many accommodation options, great restaurants, bars, and nightlife, fun activities, and natural beauty, Whistler is the smart choice when planning your last weekend on the town as a single lady. It’s also super close to Vancouver along the infamous Sea to Sky Highway, so pack your…

The Forged Guide to the Valley Trail in Whistler

Valley Trail guide

People from all over the world visit Whistler and can you blame them? The activities are endless *takes a deep breath* biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, helicopter-rides, skating, float-plane rides, yoga, ziplining, bungee jumping… And you know we could keep going.  But one activity that sometimes gets overlooked is the Whistler Valley Trail – perhaps…

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the River of Golden Dreams in Whistler

Banner River of Golden Dreams

Want to spend a summer afternoon on the river like a Whistler-ite? Then you’re going to want to get your butts down the River of Golden Dreams. A local gem, a local dream.  Wave bye-bye to that gnarly throw-yourself-down-a-hill crazy bike park malarkey and say hello to the laid back do-it-yourself river cruise.  What is…

Spring Break 2019 | Why You Need to Ski Whistler Blackcomb

Banner College Ski trip Whistler

Spring break – the highlight of the year for most college students. While many might head to the beach, we reckon a ski trip is the best spring break idea for college students. A spring break ski trip means days playing in the snow and nights dancing on tables as the sun goes down.  And…

The Big Bad Backpackers Guide to Whistler

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Backpacking through Whistler can be a daunting challenge. While it’s hands down one of the most beautiful places in BC, and a must-do destination, the luxury prices can put some backpackers off Whistler. But they shouldn’t! Whistler is a town built by ski-bums, and their free spirit is still strong here. There are many, many,…

The Best Hot Tubs in Whistler | Soak it in!


Here in Whistler, we’re pretty good at getting outside, having adventures, and earning our apres-beers. But we’re also damn good at relaxing. After extensive research, the consensus is: what better way to relax than in a whistler hot tub? It’s the perfect way to soothe your aching muscles, catch up with friends, and relive the…

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Whistler for Free

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If there is anything people love in Whistler, it is getting free stuff. In fact, there is nowhere on earth where people appreciate free things than in Whistler, one of the premier luxury ski resorts in the world. Whistler Ski Resort

Where to Stay: Whistler Hostels – Updated 2019

Forged Whistler hostels 2019

At Forged-Axe Throwing, we have a long, long, history of hostel jumping both in Canada and abroad. We wanted to concentrate that breadth of experienced and apply it to the local hostels in Whistler. After all, we have literally seen it all. From a hostel in Nicaragua where every toilet was flooded, to one in…