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Planning A Whistler Corporate Retreat: What You Need to Know

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It’s no secret that a group retreat could give your corporate team the space it needs to revitalize. Corporate retreats give your group time to refocus, debrief, and most importantly, connect with each other in ways that get them out of that cubicle trance, and into a work-enthused and team-supportive state.  

Team working around table

Whistler is the go-to destination for the ultimate retreat.

As a savvy business owner, manager, or team leader, we don’t need to convince you to dive deep into a team retreat – but we will absolutely tell you all the ins-and-outs of what a Whistler corporate retreat has to offer above other Canadian destinations.

At Forged Axe, we don’t just throw axes – well, not all the time – we also have a firm grasp on what makes Whistler such a great spot for a work retreat. We’ve combined our knowledge of what it takes to build the perfect whistler corporate retreat with our love for Whistler. We’ve compiled everything you’ll need to plan your next corporate getaway.

We’re covering hotels focused on hosting corporate retreats, the many team-building activities in Whistler (Forged Axe will undoubtedly be on the list), and other amenities that will make your corporate retreat the ultimate time out of the office for you and your employees.

Whistler Corporate Retreat: Where to Stay 

 Whistler is well-known for its stunning accommodations; so much so that it would be hard to list them all here (we’ve already covered a few of them). It can be a bit overwhelming to narrow down where to house your staff, but we’ve collected a few of our favorites.

We love the wide array of accommodations that are available for large groups. Unlike other ski towns, corporate groups have options. We find this refreshing, it takes the edge off some of the stresses of planning a corporate retreat. 

Regardless, many hotels come with incentives for teams– meaning that your team will get the fresh mountain air, spectacular views, and a remarkable mountain destination that inspires them in a way that no conference room ever could. But, if your team does, by chance, need a conference room. Whistler Blackcomb locations have those, too.

There are plenty of activities you can plan for your group directly through the hotel, whether they’re strictly winter-based activities or not.

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel 

Playful, quirky, and nestled at the base of the mountain, the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel aims to redefine the norms of hospitality. There are plenty of complimentary perks that could appeal to your corporate retreats – like pet stays, equipment storage, shuttle service, and free wi-fi. It’s also an ideal location for its proximity to the independent retailers and eateries in Whistler – the perfect chance to allow your team to explore Whistler together, bond over food and drink, and get recharged for the work year ahead.

Nita Lake Lodge 

A view over the lake from a room at Nita Lake Lodge

Looking for a hotel in a calmer neighbourhood?

A luxurious boutique hotel, the Nita Lake Lodge has the tranquil lake, mountain, and valley views that your corporate retreat crew might be looking for. With plenty of different room options, ranging from studios to suites, The Nita Lake Lodge can offer your crew the tranquil getaway you’ve been looking for. It even has plenty of access to conference rooms, shuttles, corporate business transient, wi-fi and a business centre for your meeting needs.

Eagle Valley Retreat 

View of Eagleview lodge

A little off the beaten track, but well worth the trip

Eagle Valley is a little less in-your-face-fancy, but this lodge packs a charming punch. A seven-acre site that provides your group with privacy as well as the freedom to create. The Eagle Valley Resort is certainly an option you can’t afford to overlook. It is located roughly a 30 minute drive from Whistler, just outside Squamish.

What’s especially neat about Eagle Valley Retreat is that they’ve designed corporate retreat templates for companies who are interested in working while visiting. They can host workshops, team-building seminars, implement strategic planning sessions, and hold innovative forums.

What’s more, they have plenty of options for booking team building activities in Whistler through the resort if you’re looking for creative, adventurous ways to get your company bonded (think Sea to Sky Alpine hikes, trail-ride with wine and cheese celebrations, gourmet cooking classes – the possibilities are endless).

Though you’re welcome to host your meetings in your rooms or common areas, Eagle Valley Retreat offers plenty of exclusive, private settings for the quiet, productive meeting (or the loud, raucous office party) that you’re looking to host.

Journeyman Lodge 

Activities at Journeyman lodge

Located in the backcountry, the Journeyman lodge setting is surreal.

If you’re looking to book a remote, wilderness-minded retreat for your company, look no further than the Journeyman Lodge. Credited for being rustic, unique, and intimate, the lodge is the perfect alternative to a conventional venue – the ultimate private get-away.

A deluxe, 5,000- square foot lodge, it has endless features that can cater to the needs of your company. A dining room that can handle up to 40 people (great for business meetings, group dinners, and more), a lounge area for all the free-time fun, and a solitude suite as a private meeting room or lounge for large groups.

Let’s not forget the fireplaces, a pool, standard whistler hospitality, and endless access to outdoor activities in the wilderness like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and sauna basking.


If you’re looking for a wilderness getaway that’s chalk full of possibility, the Journeyman Lodge is the perfect pick for your retreat. They even have specials like the Corporate Christmas Package that includes four private sleeping nooks, a fully catered Christmas party, and one night of accommodation for your crew for about $2,000. Did we mention you can snowcat in and out of the resort?   

The Alpenglow Lodge 

View of Aplen Glow Lodge

Smack dab in the centre of the village, Aplenglow is perfect for groups

The Alpenglow Resort is a beautiful location smack dab in the middle of Whistler Village. They offer your company something the other resorts can’t – direct access to, well, everything. Located at the corner of Main Street and Northlands Boulevard, you and your employees can walk a few blocks to the conference centre.

With plenty of its own conference areas within the lodge, you’re able to hang with your crew, book team-building activities, and more, accommodating everyone’s particular needs. While you can book team building activities in Whistler through the lodge itself, what it really offers is access to all of the village, so you can eat, drink, and be merry all within a quick walk back to home base.

Whistler Corporate Retreat: Team Building Activities

Forged Axe Throwing 

Men throwing axes indoors

Looking to inspire a little healthy competition?

We love axe throwing, and we’re not ashamed to say it. Based on our experience hosting whistler team building events, we think you and your team will get more than you ever thought possible out of axe throwing. The greatest thing about axe throwing is that it easily be tweaked to be a positive, empowering, group activity. We have group packages available, and can even deliver axe throwing directly to you in our Mobile Rig.

Just grab some closed-toed shoes, get your team in the van, and head over to Forged Axe. A little friendly axe throwing is the perfect way to create some truly unique memories – and honestly, what could connect your team more than beating the boss with a round of axe throwing?

We would love to discuss all the options and ideas you have for your corporate retreat. For private groups, we offer 2 hours and 30 minutes of non-stop axe throwing action for about $750 for up to 40 people. Want a little more action? Reach out to us directly so we can work with you on getting you and your team exactly what you want!

Whistler Adventures  

Snowmobiles overlooking Whistler blackcomb

Not a bad view of Whistler Blackcomb mountains, and not a bad way to get there.

While you can certainly book through your lodge or hotel for many of the whistler team building activities, we recommend you take a look at Whistler Adventures for all your team-building needs. WA offers you and your team dozens of potential activity possibilities to jazz up your corporate retreat.

Working with WA to develop the ultimate adventure-driven, wilderness focused team building exercises is easier than ever. Explore the backcountry of the BC, learn about each other, and enjoy your limitless adventures.

TAG has plenty of options you can book yourselves – there are snowcats, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, Heli sightseeing, and zip lines in the winter and rzr tours, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and mountain biking in the summer. But they also have outstanding options already pre-set for corporate retreats.

Imagine it: you and your crew are 50 feet off the ground walking a tightrope, you’re having raft-flipping contests on the river, you’re participating in snowmobile Olympics. The possibilities are endless.

Beyond Comparison: A Whistler Corporate Retreat 

Team building activity

Not all team building was created equal, which is why you need to come to Whistler.

Is it still considered to be work if you come to Whistler?

With the dozens of hotels, lodges, and fun activities, you and your team won’t be lacking for places to stay and activities to participate in in this small mountain town. You’ll have plenty of time to meet up, refresh your business goals, and really get to the deep work.

There are also endless amounts of fun activities that won’t just boost your company energy but create long-lasting, supportive friendships, even beyond the boundaries of the office.