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How to Party in Whistler: Tips from the Experts

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We know you’ve heard the stories – your friends disappear to Whistler, BC for the ultimate snow-covered vacation, but when they come back, it’s not just the skiing and snowboard they can’t stop talking about.
We’re talking stories about nearly-naked partiers running through the snow. We’re talking about beer after beer after beer in a Village hot spot. We’re talking about dancing the night away, well into the morning.

A bar tender pouring a beer from a tap

The Whistler party scene is one of a kind, and cannot be missed.

Whether it’s the never-ending nights, the sizzling dance spots, or the excessive – that’s right, we said excessive – drinking, there’s always a party in Whistler. The lights, the music, the people – the nightlife is an inescapable part of a season in Whistler.

If you’re looking to be one of the many who can claim they’ve embarked upon a weekend partying in the sub-zero temperatures with hundreds of over party-goers, we’re about to hand you the ultimate survival guide.

Whether you want the secret spots to go to, the ultimate breakdown of where to be and when, or some (super important) safety tips for your nightlife endeavours, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide below for the most important tips and tricks, and everything you’ll need to know for the ultimate party in Whistler!

The Real Whistler Low-Down

Partiers at Apres in Whistler

The party starts right after the hill in Whistler

Before we get into some of the best bars, clubs, restaurants, and more to explore in Whistler, we want to make something clear – the Whistler party scene isn’t for the faint of heart. When we say people are streaking naked through the snow, we’re not kidding. People are streaking naked through the snow.

The nightlife of Whistler is full of drinking, dancing, and debauchery, and honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way! If we’re honest, weekends just don’t exist here – every night is Saturday. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re widely accepted into the Whistler party scene – just make sure you’re buying the first round for everyone.

No, but seriously, the Whistler scene is wild and it starts right after the hill. No time to go home and chance, snowboard boots are allowed. Are you ready for the perfect Whistler guide to Nightlife? You’re not, but we encourage you to try anyway. Dive right in!

Whistler Party Schedule

Another day, another party in Whistler. Learn the schedule from those who know.

First things first, let’s explain how Whistler works. When you’re looking to party in this snowy town, you don’t just happen upon a bar some random night of the week and find the spot – there’s a science to it, and we’re here to teach you the formula.

Every bar or club has a night that belongs to them – they own it if you will. Monday to Friday, there’s a hot spot to be at, and if you don’t know the schedule, you might miss the party. The hard and fast rules of the Whistler scene are this: venues have their own, big nights, weekends are a can’t-miss-target (everywhere has a party), and the competition among the clubs is fierce.

  • On Monday’s, you’ll 100 percent want to check out Tommy Africa’s club; it’s been hosting an 80s night for as far back as most Whistler party-goers can remember, maybe even the 80s. What’s that mean for you? A packed dance-floor. Tons of 80s gear given out, and of course, lots and lots (and lots) of drinks to go around.
  • Tuesdays, well, Tuesdays are for Maxx Fish, DJ Mat the Alien, and plenty of dubstep. Get ready to stomp it out to some local celebrity beats at this whistler club.
  • On Wednesdays, go straight to Buffalo Bills for their Industry night, meaning long lines, snowboard giveaways (yeah, every week), and free pizza for the first 100 people to show up.
  • If you’re not at Garfinkle’s on Thursday nights, you might as well not be in Whistler. Why? Because you can skate in the bar. SKATE. IN. THE. BAR. In fact, bringing a skateboard in before 9:30 gets you into the bar cover free.
  • As far as Friday-Sunday goes, you just can’t miss it. The volume is cranked throughout the town, and you won’t be able to avoid the party throughout the Village.

Whistler Bars & Nightclubs

It’s hard to play favourites, so we won’t. It’s hard to play favourites, so we won’t. Almost all whistler nightclubs, and party scenes are a can’t-miss, must-see adventure. Check out our list of venues we think you have to check out and know more about.

Maxx Fish

Soul-pulsing dubstep. Open dance-floor. Artistic lighting everywhere. If you and your crew are looking for the ultimate dance party, Maxx Fish is the nightclub you need to be at. They bring in the most talented DJs around to pump up the jams and get the party started. Get to the venue early to snag one of the coveted, spacious booths for your group so you can have a first-class seat to watch the night get wild!

Tommy Africa

Tommy Africa's bar in Whistler

Not for the tame at heart, get wild at Tommy Africa’s

A famous hot spot in Whistler, Tommy Africa doesn’t mess around when it comes to the party. One of the longest running nightclubs in this touristy village, it has one of the most vibrant dance floors in Whistler. Time after time, it’s voted as the best dance club in Whistler. Maybe because it has the only custom-built speaker of its kind, and they encourage group bookings!

Blacks Pub

This is what they call the real Whistler. Black’s Pub is the local place for real-life Whistler character. With great food, more than 100 beers from around the world, and beautiful views. A bit more low key than some of the other nightclubs, this pub gives you a laid-back vibe with plenty of delicious drinks.

Buffalo Bills Bar and Grille

There’s no doubt about it – if you’re looking for a party, Buffalo Bills Bar and Grill is where it’s at. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. This dangerous mix of dance floors, fireplace lounges, craft cocktails, and tasty bar food will draw you in and keep you for the entire night! Your trip won’t be an authentic Whistler experience if you miss out on this village staple.

Garfinkel’s Night Club

Garfinkel's club in Whistler

Always a good time at Garf’s.

This is the spot for a guaranteed enjoyable time you’re looking for in Whistler. There’s plenty of fun to go around at Garfinkel’s Night Club. This establishment has been voted the no. 1 best nightclub in Whistler, and you won’t want to miss out on the party. It even features the longest running Locals’ Night every Thursday and the best weekend parties!

Whistler Safety Tips

Now that we’ve gone over some of the important notes about the Whistler party schedule, and some of our recommendations, we need to talk a bit about the most crucial aspect of Whistler nightlife – safety.

Whistler is a quaint village town where mostly every local knows each other. While it’s a snowy paradise by day, it can quickly turns into a raucous party at night. As with any nightlife scene, lots of alcohol, mixed with partiers from all over, there’s always the potential of dangerous situations.

Here’s a couple of things we think you should take note of, applicable here, but important everywhere:

The Legal Age is 19

Never leave drinks unattended, no matter where you choose to party.

While it’s not the lowest drinking age in the country, many of the people who visit Whistler come from the United States, where the drinking age is 21. In Whistler, you only must be 19 to partake in the enjoyment of adult beverages, leaving lots of room for underage teenagers to get a little too rowdy. Our advice? Be on the lookout for situations that could put you in a bind, and if you’re a 19-year-old who’s enjoying a beer or two, don’t test your limits in an unfamiliar town.

Keep an Eye on Your Drink

As you would in any situation, make sure you don’t take your eyes off your drink. If you must leave it momentarily, be entirely committed to getting a new drink when you come back – don’t leave it up to chance! Obviously, this isn’t a Whistler-specific tip, but anytime you’re drinking, even when you’re in a friendly, tourist town like Whistler, you should keep your eye on your drink.

Pairs are Good, but Groups are Best

Don’t go anywhere alone. If you can’t stand the thought of missing out on the Whistler nightlife, that’s no big deal – just make sure you’re not embarking on a Whistler night adventure by yourself. If you can recruit a friend to join you, that’s perfect. A whole group of friends? Even better. There’s safety in numbers!

Sign up for a Pub Crawl

Perhaps one of the best ways to hit all the action in Whistler, with a group of people literally paid to party is on a pub crawl. Not only will you meet tons of interesting people after the same adventure you are, you’ll have a little bit of a safety net behind you. We aren’t saying they babysit folks who can’t hold their own, we are all adults after all, but remember there is safety in numbers!

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