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News & Events In Whistler


Party in Whistler this Weekend! (All the Details)

Banner Whistlers party weekend!

Whistler may be world-renowned (and for good reason) for its skiing and snowboarding, but anyone who has been to the little piece of winter paradise knows that the fun carries on long after the last lift shuts. Whistler’s party scene is something that helps keep the people coming back year after year! Like many ski…

Forged in the News | Summer Round Up 2019

Summer News Roundup 2019

Have you heard the news this summer? Forged is making waves as one of the best activities in Whistler, BC. We have earned ourselves a bit of a reputation – locally, nationally, and abroad. We have collected close to 600 five star reviews on Trip Advisor and are currently rated 4.9/5 on Google. It’s not…

Whistler Beer Festival 2019 (A Sneak Peak)

Banner Whistler beer festival

There’s never a bad time for beer aficionados to visit Whistler. But there is one weekend of the year when the village transforms into a true beer-drinkers’ heaven. For a few days, the Whistler Beer Festival takes over the village. With craft breweries from far and wide, the Whistler Beer Festival gives locals and visitors…

What’s Whistler’s Culture Like? Let a Local Tell You

Banner Whistler Culture

A large proportion of Whistler’s population is made up of young people from all over the world who have come to Canada on working holiday visas (although you’ll soon notice that Australians and Brits are the strong majority!). Despite the transient nature of this town’s workforce, Whistler has a strong sense of community at its…

Get the Scoop | International Axe Throwing Day

Banner International Axe Throwing Day

We’ve always thought we axe throwers deserved our own holiday.  And now we have one! International Axe Throwing day is coming up on June 13. For committed axe throwers, it’s a great excuse to celebrate everything they love about the sport. The satisfying thud of the axe into the wood, the thrill of making the…

Canada Day in Whistler 2019

Banner Forged Canada Day Whistler

O, Canada. The country of Tim Horton’s, ice hockey and saying sorry a lot. It’s a great place, and Canadians are pretty proud to be Canadian. And never more than on July 1 – Canada Day. A whole day dedicated to our plaid-wearing, overly-polite nation. Wherever you are in Canada, you’re sure to find parades,…

Ironman Whistler 2019 | Full Breakdown including Course, Accommodation and More

Banner Iron Man Whistler

There are tons of epic events in Whistler in the summer. But none comes close to the sheer challenge and intensity of the Ironman Canada. One of the most picturesque, but also most difficult Ironman courses in the world, it draws athletes from around the globe every year. Held on a sunny weekend in July,…

Whistler’s Showcase Showdown – Update 2019

Banner Showcase Showdown 2019

If you know your methods from your indies, and your backside boardslides from your cork 7s, you won’t want to miss the Showcase Showdown 2019 on Saturday, March 30. The longest running snowboard competition in Canada draws an eager crowd of locals and visitors alike. Whether you want get sendy yourself, or just watch other,…