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Your Detailed Guide to Axe Throwing in Whistler 

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Axe… throwing? Yup, you heard right. Picturing people throwing axes might make you reminisce on history class and days of warriors and old-fashioned battles, but it’s become North America’s hottest activity in the last few years. 

Forged Axe Throwing has been in Whistler for three years and counting. Teaching locals and visitors alike the fine art of hucking an axe. Whether you’re a seasoned lumberjack or you’ve never even picked up an axe, we’ll teach your little sis how to not chop off her finger-or yours!)

What Is Axe Throwing? 

So what’s it all about? Well, it’s a pretty simple concept, as it’s quite literally throwing axes for fun. The game has some structure to it, so it’s not as barbaric as you might be thinking. Typically the game, with axe throwing in Whistler included, axe throwing is divided into caged lanes with wooden targets at the end. 

The goal of your event can range from having the highest score to hitting the most bullseyes, to simply getting the axe to stay in the target. The hosts will teach you techniques on how to throw and will cater to your level. You’ll be surprised to learn how many ways you can actually chuck an axe!

Where Can You Axe Throw in Whistler?

Forged Axe Throwing is nestled next to Coast Mountain Brewing (LINK) in Function Junction, a gem in its own right. About ten kilometres south of Whistler Village, it’s easily accessible by car, bus or taxi. Axe throwing in Whistler is combining an awesome Canadian activity with one of the most beautiful places in the country.

You can spend the whole day in Function with shops, breweries and hikes that are a bit off the beaten track. Train wreck hike, Whistler Brewing, Functional Pie and Underground Velvet are all local secrets worth checking out before or after your axe-citing day. 

How to Book Axe Throwing

Forged is open from 12-8 pm seven days a week. Choosing axe throwing in Whistler gives you time to nurse the hangover from last night’s antics (check out where to party if you don’t know what we mean). You can drop in if you’re in the area and feeling spontaneous, however, it’s pretty popular and busy, so it’s best to call ahead as the lanes are usually pretty full. 

To confirm your book you need to know when you want to come (obviously), how many people are coming, how long you want to throw for and if you want the whole venue or just a lane or two. You also need those magical 16 numbers found on the front of your Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, etc., to secure the booking.

Your Axe Throwing Options

Lady excited to throw axes at Forged

We are so clearly in love with this sport.


A one-hour axe-throwing session for up to 50 people is the most popular booking and starts at $37.99 per person. An hour seems pretty short, but the expert coaches will run you through safety and how-tos in the first ten minutes. Throwing an axe doesn’t take much time, so an hour allows for lots of throws for everyone. 

Big Groups

If you want to take your party to the next level, Forged offers buyouts of the venue, starting at $2500. This gives you three hours of exclusivity as well as all of the staff’s undivided attention. The place can fit up to 110 people, and what better way to bond than to throw sharp dangerous objects around?

Local’s Tip: Prices are a bit lower during the week, so why not be everyone’s favourite boss and book your next staff party for a Wednesday afternoon?


Axe throwing is perfect for a staff party, a birthday celebration, a bachelor(ette) party- really any kind of party you can think of! Forged offers 2.5-hour parties, perfect for more than 20 but less than 60 people. All four alleys for your group!

Bringing the Party to You

Can’t get down to Whistler but still want to throw axes? Forged can come to you. What better way to liven up Thanksgiving than a mobile axe throwing trailer? Cut the tension at your next family gathering and let everyone throw their stress away. The mobile trailer comes with staff and everything you would get at the venue.

The best way to sort out your axe throwing is through Forged. You can easily book online or email to inquire about events. If you want to chat with someone who has the experience, you can give the staff a call at (866)-956-3502.

Other Ways to Book

If you don’t want to take our word for how awesome we are (shameless plug?) you can surf the web and book through Expedia, Trip Advisor, Whistler Adventures-any place you book will end with you throwing axes and loving it. We encourage you to read reviews and do your research as we are confident the feedback is overwhelmingly positive! 

Local’s Tip: Booking directly will give you the best rates, most information and access to mid-week discounts. 

What to Know Before You Go

Image of axe in a tree stump

A classic piece of Canadiana

  • Everyone has to have closed-toed shoes-we want everyone to leave with the same number of toes they came with. Just kidding! When safety instructions are followed, axe-throwing is a safe activity. Close-toed shoes prevent stubbed toes, splinters and any worry of dropping an axe on someone’s baby toe
  • Every player must sign a waiver, so arrive 10-20 minutes early depending on how many are in your party.
  • Throwers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Forged is not a licensed venue, therefore cannot sell liquor (you also can’t bring your own, sorry). Axe throwing and poor coordination aren’t the best combinations anyway, so save the brewery tour for after (right after, right next door!)

What You Should Bring

  • A plaid shirt if you want to dress on point, get that ‘gram worthy shot.
  • The aforementioned closed-toe shoes
  • A competitive spirit and willingness to learn a new skill 

What to Expect on the Day 

When you arrive (10-20 minutes early!) you can expect to be enthusiastically greeted and shown around the venue. You’ll walk-through the waivers and general safety before beginning. This is a must-do, and coming early means it doesn’t cut into your throwing time. 

The party host or hosts will then teach you the basic throws and probably divide you into teams. Then the games begin! They’ll lead you through everything so you don’t have to worry about coming up with ideas, keeping score or catching the cheater that stepped over the line. 

Forged Axe Throwing League

When you inevitably fall in love with this “sport” you’ll be wanting to get your fix, and Forged gets this. That’s why the axe-throwing league exists. Weekly throwing with others who love learning new techniques, competing and ‘sharpening’ their skills. You can join the 8-week season each time it starts to throw on Mondays or Wednesdays for two hours. 

It even includes free drop-ins when nobody is around. If you want to throw regularly for a great price, the league is axe-actly what you’ve been looking for! All axe puns welcome. 

What Our Guests Have to Say

Still not convinced? Trying something new can be a big decision, especially when you’re investing time and money, or the entire success of the staff Christmas party is in your hands. Reviews are a great way to get honest feedback on an activity, so we’ve chosen a few that we think sums up the Forged experience nicely. A fun, laid-back environment that caters to every guest to make sure they have the best experience possible.  A man getting ready to toss an axe

We are the top activity in the “Fun & Games in Whistler” category and consistently rated five stars on various travel websites by a wide range of clientele, here you go!

If you’re not sure that you’ll enjoy axe throwing in Whistler…

Kendra’s sister was a bit apprehensive like you might be, but “it turned out to be an awesome time, between Krista who has such an awesome personality and … just the fun of throwing the axes … I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

If you’re worried about the safety, Steven B. can put your mind at ease and vouch for us:

“Fun hour of light competition with sharp metal objects you shouldn’t run with. Our instructor had a good sense of humor and made sure we didn’t lose any body parts.”

If you’re worried about sucking because you’ve never done it, Chris G. …

“had a lovely woman showing us how to throw and we quickly were able to hit the target with her coaching. We were also shown some trick shots and even played a couple of competitive games.”

Great for the beginner and the seasoned athlete, and also another ode to the lovely staff.

Axe throwing really takes care of everything you want in an activity, and can be summed up with this review:

“We went with a group of friends and the team at Forged was AMAZING!! Funny, friendly, welcoming and made us feel safe and thoroughly entertained! It was a great bonding experience and a fantastic way to blow off steam!”

Group friendly, great staff, safe, fun way to bond AND stress-ridding in one short hour? Yes, please. 

The most consistent review is that the staff are amazing and go above and beyond, and we want you to come see this for yourself! Axe throwing in Whistler is gaining popularity and is such a great way to spend an afternoon. 

If you’re still not convinced, you must not like fun things. If it’s just not your cup of tea, how about something else this weekend?