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News & Events In Whistler


Apres The Apres | After the Apres Ski But Before the Club

If you’ve been to Whistler, B.C. before on a ski or snowboard trip, you’ve probably seen the unparalleled apres scene. Champagne guns, patio parties, roaring outdoor fires and an unlimited flow of booze and dancing. The apres party is a great way to follow an epic day on the mountain. However, there’s a bit of…

An Adventurous Bachelorette in Whistler & Tips to Keep it Affordable

Hosting your bachelorette party in Whistler? Great idea! With many accommodation options, great restaurants, bars, and nightlife, fun activities, and natural beauty, Whistler is the smart choice when planning your last weekend on the town as a single lady. It’s also super close to Vancouver along the infamous Sea to Sky Highway, so pack your…

Nightlife in Whistler | Tips from the Experts (Updated 2019)

We know you’ve heard the stories – your friends disappear to Whistler for the ultimate snow covered vacation, but when they come back, it’s not just the skiing and snowboard they can’t stop talking about. They are talking about stories of nearly-naked partiers running through the snow. They are talking about beer after beer after beer

The Ultimate Whistler Bachelorette Party Guide

Whatever you decide to do for your soon-to-married friend, Whistler is the best place to plan an unforgettable Bachelorette party. Whether you want to take the bride out shopping, go for an adventure in the mountains, or hit up the hottest places to party, Whistler has it all. While it’s tradition to head to Vegas…

15 Whistler Must Do’s Beyond the Mountain

Did you know that more people visit Whistler in the summer than the winter? Perhaps they’re finally catching on to what the locals have always known: there’s far more to Whistler than ski slopes. There’s so much in Whistler for the non-skier that you could plan a whole trip without ever buying a lift pass….

You Complete Guide to Tough Mudder Whistler 2019

UPDATE 2020: In January 2020, Tough Mudder was sold to Spartan Races. Stay tuned for updates to the Whistler Event. Whistler in summer is full of tough physical challenges, and even tougher athletes. To be fair, it’s hard not to be inspired to push yourself when there’s all those dramatic peaks around just waiting to…

Say Yes in Whistler! How to Make it an Experience to Remember

Word is getting out that Whistler makes a pretty awesome wedding destination. By combining unforgettable natural beauty with luxury facilities and world-class hospitality, Whistler brings a lot to the table. And for those with an adventurous mindset, bringing all your favourite people to experience the greatest outdoor wedding of all time seems like a no…

Forged Axe Throwing Gear Guide

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre axe throwing outfits in our time…. From inflatable dinosaurs… To these distracting headpieces… To, well…not much at all…. Our guests have tried it all. But if you want to be sure of victory over your friends, you’d better get your hands of some real axe throwing gear….

How to Find the Perfect Whistler Hotel for a Bachelorette Party

A Whistler bachelorette party is an event to remember. And here at Forged, we know a thing or two about the ingredients to making a bachelorette experience one for the books. We know it can be overwhelming organizing a bachelorette, especially if you are part of a large group and looking for a great place…

Writing the Perfect Speech for a Whistler Bachelorette: A Step-by-Step Guide

You and your crew have landed in Whistler for an epic weekend of bachelorette party shenanigans. You’ve got your squad branded t-shirts already on, your first cocktails in hand, and the entire weekend in front of you. As the Maid of Honour, you’ve planned everything down to the colour-coordinated scrunchies you’ll be wearing out that…

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