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Your Next Off Road Adventure in Whistler: Jeep, RZR, and ATV Tours

a sign on the side of a snow covered street

Skiing and mountain biking are what most people think of when planning a vacation in Whistler. But there are many other fantastic activities that you can choose from, and nothing is quite like a Whistler ATV tour. 

Fast speeds and scenic views are what you can expect when you drive an ATV in Whistler. Tours are designed for first-timers and experienced drivers, catering to all confidence and skill levels. 

A few different companies operate ATV tours here in Whistler, but before we tell you about our favourites, we’ll break down your options. 

Get To Know Your Off-Road Options

An all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, is a quad bike-styled vehicle that uses handlebar steering with a straddled seat, similar to a motorbike. Their four-wheel setup makes ATVs stable at both high and low speeds. 

If you’re looking for a little more cover from the elements as you rip through rugged terrain, an RZR tour might be just your style. 

We like the RZR tours for the wetter months—their buggy style gives the driver more cover, and the bench seat allows a passenger to sit next to or behind you. 

In addition, they have a steering wheel setup, which is more comfortable for those not used to handlebars. 

Not much of a driver or want to ensure you don’t miss any views? A Jeep tour is an excellent option for those who are happy to take the passenger seat. 

The Jeep tours allow you to take in spectacular Whistler views as your professional driver navigates some awe-inspiring 4×4 trails. Then, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Essential Off-Road Information

When you book a Whistler ATV tour, there are a few things to consider. What to wear? Do I need to bring a second pair of clothes? Will it be dusty or muddy? And do I need a driver’s licence? 

Seasonal and Weather Considerations

man and woman on atv in Whistler off road muddy

Wet weather makes for an even better experience.

The most significant factor in most of the answers to these questions is what season you will be off-roading.

Mid-spring until mid-fall is when most off-road tours operate in Whistler. The months before and after summer tend to be wetter, so you can experience muddier trails. During summer, the tracks are a lot drier and dusty.  

Unlike other adrenaline activities in Whistler, neither season will be better or worse. They are simply going to be different experiences. 

Personally, we prefer wetter conditions because nothing beats ripping through a puddle at high speed. 

What to Wear Off Roading

This also means that the weather will dictate what you need to wear. The first thing is enclosed shoes. You cannot partake in any of the tours wearing flip-flops or Birkenstocks. 

Tour companies provide helmets; however, if you have mountain biking goggles or sunglasses that you don’t mind getting dirty, we recommend wearing these for added protection. 

Don’t wear your best clothes—you are going to get dirty. Instead, wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dusty, muddy, or sweaty. 

For the Driver and Passengers

All drivers will need a valid licence to operate a vehicle. However, to be a passenger, you don’t need any licence as you won’t be driving. 

Age limits depend on whether you are a driver or passenger. Drivers must be at least 19 years of age, whereas passengers must be at least five years old for some tours and 16 for others. 

When selecting a tour, be sure to double-check if it allows for passengers. Some will be single riders only. 

5 Awesome Off-Road and 4×4 Adventures in Whistler

There are many choices when selecting a Whistler ATV tour, so how do you know which one is the best for you? 

Luckily, the Forged Axe Throwing team loves exploring our rugged backyard and can share our top five Whistler ATV tours. 

1. Call of the Wild ATV Tour 

Suited for confident beginners and intermediate drivers, the Call of the Wild ATV Tour by Canadian Wilderness is a four-kilometre single-track trail designed for single riders only. Tackle a mix of moderate terrain on anl ATV as you discover the Callaghan Valley.

  • 3-hr round-trip Tour
  • $179 – Single riders only (19+)
  • Best suited for adventurous adults

2. Whistler Odyssey Tour: Off-Road Buggy Adventure

Climb rugged mountain roads in a 4×4 off-road buggy and enjoy stunning viewpoints after navigating through forested trails, running creeks and over boulders. Explore the depths of the Callaghan Valley as a driver or a passenger, and keep your eyes out for bears. 

  • 3-hr round-trip tour
  • 2-seater = $289, 4sseater = $419
  • Kids must be at at least 4ft (48 in) tall
  • Best suited for beginners and families

3. Whistler ATV Bushwacker Tour

As you start up your four-wheeled ATV and look down the double-track roads, a sense of adventure will take over with the Whistler ATV Bushwacker Tour. This tour allows for singles and doubles, so you can share the experience or set out on your own.

  • 2-hr round-trip tour
  • $159 per driver, $119 per passenger, $79 per child (5-12)
  • Best suited for adventurous beginners

4. Wilderness Ride

Explore Cougar Mountain at high speeds with TAG’s RZR tours. A RZR is a four-wheel buggy that can carry up to four people and is built for adventure. Rip through the rainforest and take in the amazing sights as you look out through the valley.

  • 2-hr round-trip tour
  • 2-seater = $249, 4-seater = $349
  • Minimum age is 16
  • Best suited for groups

5. Glacier Safari Jeep Tour

No two tours are the same—they change with the mountain’s colours, terrain, and wildlife. So climb aboard a 4×4 Jeep and let your guide show you the unique parts of Blackcomb Mountain. Keep your eyes peeled for bears, marmots, glaciers, and more. 

  • 2-hr round-trip tour
  • $179 per adult, $119 for children 12 and under
  • Best suited for families

Explore Whistler by Roads Less Travelled 

There are many ways to take in Whistler’s exceptional views. However, there’s something unique about tearing up a service road and navigating your way to a viewpoint. 

Whistler ATV tours are all unique, with hidden gems. We recommend taking on one that suits your sense of adventure so you can enjoy the wild Whistler backcountry. 

Once you have finished your tour, drop into Forged Axe Throwing and tell us about it. We want to know your favourite parts and who got the ATV stuck.