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Axe Throwing: All You Need to Know About the Sport, From the Whistler Pros

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So you’ve been invited to go axe throwing and since you’re a go-getter and up for a new challenge, you said yes. Now you’re thinking to yourself “what is axe-throwing and what exactly have I gotten myself into?” Well, no fear! The Whistler pro-axe-throwers are here to walk you through this magnificent, emerging sport. Read…

Your Detailed Guide to Axe Throwing in Whistler 

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Axe… throwing? Yup, you heard right. Picturing people throwing axes might make you reminisce on history class and days of warriors and old-fashioned battles, but it’s become North America’s hottest activity in the last few years.  Forged Axe Throwing has been in Whistler for three years and counting. Teaching locals and visitors alike the fine…

New & Noteworthy Axe Throwing Destinations in North America (2020 Update)

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In case you hadn’t noticed, axe throwing is now officially a thing. When Forged opened its doors three years ago, plenty of people looked at us as if we were mad.  And we’ll admit that while we knew we loved throwing axes, would the world also love it? But fast forward to 2020, and we’re…

Are You the Ultimate Lumberjack? A Bucket List

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Lumberjack culture is having something of a comeback these days. Plaid shirts, big beards, and getting outside – to be honest, what’s not to love?! As the home of the original hardy outdoorsmen that were the first lumberjacks, Canada still offers plenty of ways to awaken your inner lumberjack and feel at home in the…

Get the Scoop | International Axe Throwing Day

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We’ve always thought we axe throwers deserved our own holiday.  And now we have one! International Axe Throwing day is coming up on June 13. For committed axe throwers, it’s a great excuse to celebrate everything they love about the sport. The satisfying thud of the axe into the wood, the thrill of making the…