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Axe Throwing in Victoria, BC – The ultimate group adventure

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Welcome to the exhilarating world of axe throwing in Victoria!

Forged is thrilled to announce the opening of our newest location in amazing Victoria, BC!

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a bachelor party, or just a fun outing with friends, our latest venue offers the perfect blend of excitement and competition for groups up to 50 people.


Hey Victoria…… Can you Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack?🪓💪🏻 We are so happy to be open downtown Victoria, Vancouver Island as our SECOND Forged Axe Throwing location🌊 Open Everyday, 12pm. Walk ins are welcome* based upon availability. 📲(778)-770-2240 🪓Hosted Sessions ⏰1 Hour, 2 Hours, Or Venue Buyout 🥳 The term, seaseatoskyldn’t apply more to our Forged Family😏 You now get to find us in both! Make sure you now watch for BOTH options on our booking systems 🤓💻 vicvictoriabccvictoriabuzznvancouver_canadanvancouverislandnvanislandnvancouverislandguidecvictoriatourismaseattlefbcferriesibritishcolumbiapexplorebcpexplorevancouverislandftofinonnanaimoswestcoasttrailnvancouverislandbciuvicokepotholes

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Why Come Axe Throwing??

Axe throwing is more than just hurling an axe at a wooden target; it’s an ancient tradition transformed into a modern sport! You can imagine the lumberjacks of old throwing axes at targets as they sat around the campfire when Victoria was still in it’s infancy. Axe throwing is all about skill, precision, and a bit of friendly competition. Here are just a few reasons why axe throwing is a fantastic group activity:

A Bonding Experience

There’s something about learning a new skill together that brings people closer. Axe throwing requires teamwork, encouragement, and a shared experience that fosters stronger connections.

Stress Relief

In the fast-paced world we live in, axe throwing serves as a unique way to release stress. The physical act of throwing an axe can be incredibly therapeutic and satisfying.


One of the best parts about axe throwing is that it’s accessible to almost everyone. Regardless of age or athletic ability, anyone can participate and have a great time.

Friendly Competition

Axe throwing naturally brings out a healthy competitive spirit among participants. It’s a sport where cheering for each other and friendly rivalry go hand in hand.

Are you already a competitive thrower? Join our league! We run every Thursday night World Axe Throwing League official rules, get your name on the global leaderboard at

Axe Throwing League in Victoria on Thursdays

Join us for league on Thursdays and celebrate your bullseyes like Rich!

Forged: A New Destination in Victoria

Our new Forged Axe Throwing location in Victoria is designed to be the ultimate destination for axe throwing enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Here’s what sets us apart:

State of the art Axe Throwing Arena! 

Our venue is not some old office building, this is a purpose built axe throwing arena! Transport yourself from day-to-day Victoria into another world, where metal and wood collide to create the most inspiring and exciting environment for axe throwing competition! 


Expert Guidance

Whether you’re a first-time thrower or a seasoned axe throwing veteran, our skilled instructors are there to guide you through the process, offering tips to improve your technique and make the most of your experience. Experienced throwers will appreciate our cottonwood targets, increasing the “stickyness” of the targets and reduction in volume when the axe hits the bullseye.

Customizable Group Events

We specialize in hosting groups of 4 – 50 people, offering customizable packages to suit your group’s needs, whether it’s a corporate event, a family gathering, or a large party. Any groups above 12 people we always recommend the two hour session as you will want to throw a big tournament! 

Whether you’ve got a corporate event, bachelor party, bachelorette party, wedding meet-and-greet, friends in town, birthday… or any other reason to party…. you’re a perfect fit for Forged! 

a group of people standing next to a fence

Bachelorette Axe Throwing Parties at Forged Victoria

Vibrant Atmosphere

At Forged, we’re not just about throwing axes; we’re about creating an energetic and engaging atmosphere. Enjoy music, laughter, (and hopefully soon a beer!) and the thrill of axe throwing in a lively environment.

Why Axe Throwing is Ideal for Large Groups

Planning an event for a large group can be challenging, but axe throwing offers a unique solution that appeals to a wide audience.

Here are a few reasons why axe throwing is ideal for groups:

Large Groups Welcome!

Our venue can comfortably accommodate large groups, ensuring everyone has enough space and time to participate. Even if they aren’t throwing we have a bar and couches setup so there’s lots of room to socialize between throws. 

Team Building Events

Axe throwing encourages teamwork and communication, making it an excellent choice for corporate team-building events. Many of our games are team based, there’s nothing like the roar of your team behind you as you smash the game-winning bullseye! 

Diverse Experience

With a mix of instruction, practice, and friendly competition, axe throwing provides a well-rounded and engaging experience for all attendees. Our venue is wheelchair friendly with accessible and gender neutral washrooms. 

Join Us at Forged in Victoria

We invite you to experience the thrill of axe throwing at our new Victoria location.

Whether you’re organizing a large event or just looking for a fun outing with friends, Forged is the perfect place to make lasting memories. Our friendly staff, top-notch facilities, and commitment to delivering an exceptional experience make us the go-to destination for axe throwing in Victoria, BC. 

Axe throwing is more than just a sport; it’s an adventure that brings people together. At Forged in Victoria, we’re committed to providing an environment where fun, excitement, and camaraderie are at the forefront. So, gather your group, and join us for an unforgettable axe throwing experience. 

Ready to throw some axes? Contact us to plan your next group event or check out our calendar for available throwing times.