About Us

Forged is Whistler’s only indoor axe throwing venue. Whether you are a first timer looking to try axe throwing, an experienced timber sports veteran who wants to practice their skills, or a competitor in our leagues, Forged is your spot! Forged Axe Throwing (yes, our acronym is actually FAT) prides itself on being open to all, no matter who you are or what your experience level.

The concept of Forged was first dreamed of years ago in the backcountry of British Columbia, on the banks of the Chilko River. It was during a week long rafting trip that we realized axe throwing could become much more than something to simply passes the time in the woods.

Axe throwing gets the blood running, the senses honed, and became our sole focus for days on end. 

Upon our return to the real world, we discovered that axe throwing is a real, legitimate sport. In fact, it’s exploding across Canada as more and more people throw their first axe into a bullseye. After brainstorming for a year, Forged Axe Throwing came to life in 2017.

General Manager- Jess Shotton

Allow us to introduce you to our general manager, Jess aka “The Lioness,” have you seen that hair?!

Jess has been with Forged since its birth and has helped mold us into the fun, safe, engaging, weird and wonderful entity that we are today. Since taking the reins in January ‘2018 Jess has shaken up the experience, turned it upside down, wiggled it about a bit and produced the ridiculously awesome axe throwing adventure that makes Forged so special.

Before Forged, (BF as we like to refer to it), Jess was in the hospitality management game so now, instead of making people coffee, Jess makes them memories, and captures it on their mobile devices so they can show all their family and friends how bad-ass they are. You’ll usually find her running or dancing around Forged, ”Woohooing” and hugging people. If, on the crazy off chance you can’t find Jess in our space, guaranteed she’s either at one of our neighbouring breweries, swimming in a lake or walking a doggo.

Favourite thing about Forged: The bachelorette parties

Favourite thing to say: During the safety talk, “Please don’t mess around with the axes- it’ll definitely ruin your day and probably ruin mine and I ain’t having that.”