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You Complete Guide to Tough Mudder Whistler 2019

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UPDATE 2020: In January 2020, Tough Mudder was sold to Spartan Races. Stay tuned for updates to the Whistler Event.

Whistler in summer is full of tough physical challenges, and even tougher athletes. To be fair, it’s hard not to be inspired to push yourself when there’s all those dramatic peaks around just waiting to be climbed/run up/biked down. But there’s one weekend in June where things get especially tough, and especially muddy. Yep, you guessed it: Tough Mudder Whistler.

If you’re looking for a seriously challenge to overcome, and an excuse for a holiday in Whistler, well look no further. You’ve probably heard of Tough Mudder by now. After all, their military-style obstacle course races have become a worldwide phenomenon for good reason. But in case you haven’t, here’s the basics. Tough Mudder races combine outrageous obstacles, unbeatable scenery, and a whole lot of old fashioned team spirit. Oh and a lot of mud. And a little bit of pain.

The Whistler event is one of the best on the Tough Mudder schedule for 2019. Why? Well, if you’re going to suffer through punishing hill climbs, icy plunges and a whole lot of hard work, you may as well do it in front of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. And when you’re finishing with all the muddy suffering, you’ll find yourself in a town that knows a lot about post-sufferfest celebrations. To help you convince your unwitting teammates to join you for Tough Mudder Whistler, here’s what you need to know to make it a weekend to remember.

What You Need to Know about Tough Mudder Whistler

Tough Mudder races are no walk in the park. You’ll be running at least 3 miles, and tackling at least 13 of the custom-built Tough Mudder obstacles. This is no school sports day obstacle race though. These are the real deal. You might be climbing cargo nets to knee-knocking heights, squeezing through muddy tunnels, or plunging into a giant ice tank. Your team will need to help each other as you tackle wall climbs, the leap of faith and the infamous Electroshock therapy.

Yep, there’s real electric shocks involved. If you want a better idea of what you’re getting into, there’s a list of all the obstacles here. But it might be better not to look….

That being said, Tough Mudder Whistler is undeniably a whole lot of fun. A lycra-heavy Ironman this is not. Most teams are there to have a good time, not post a good time. So expect lots of help and encouragement from everyone around you, and a heap of hilariously awful photo opportunities. When the pain is over, you can revel if your victory in the Mudder Village, with local food, beer and entertainment put of especially for the disgustingly dirty crowds.

Choose your Tough Mudder Race 

teammates helping eachother through the race

Choose your Tough Mudder race wisely!

There are two different races to choose from in Whistler:

  • Tough Mudder Classic

The most popular Tough Mudder course is 8-10 miles long and contains around 25 obstacles. That’s a lot to tackle, so you’ll be out there for 3-4 hours. You’ll be treated to loads of the new (and crazy) 2019 obstacles, as well as some gruesome hills and a whole heap of mud. You can register online for the Tough Mudder Classic.

  • Tough Mudder 5k

The 5k version of the Tough Mudder crams all the madness of a Tough Mudder into a shorter, more intense course. Over 1-2 hours, you’ll hit 13 ridiculous obstacles, with less time to recover inbetween. You can expect a whole lot of camaraderie as you tackle the course with like-minded (i.e. bonkers) mudders. Registration is open, so get your team together now.


Tough Mudder Whistler takes place on June 15 and 16, 2019. Choose which day to race, and then spend the rest of the weekend exploring Whistler.


They’ve chosen a pretty killer location for this one: Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley. Just 20 minutes south of Whistler, it was the  venue for the cross-country skiing and ski jumping in the Vancovuer 2010 Winter Olympics. In summer, the enormous park hosts a range of stunning remote hiking trails, sightseeing opportunities and bear viewing tours.

From the Tough Mudder course, you’ll be treated to some of the very best views of the Callaghan Valley and the famous Garibaldi Provincial Park. So at least you’ll have something nice to look at while you’re gasping for breath!

Best Tough Mudder Hotel Deals 

For those of you planning a trip to Whistler for the Tough Mudder, don’t miss out on some of their great hotel deals. Tough Mudder have partnered with loads of local hotels to offer discounts of up to 30%. But these won’t last, so book soon to avoid disappointment.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Aava Hotel Whistler – This super central, dog-friendly hotel is perfect for adventurous types. Once you’ve survived the mudder experience, take advantage of their free bike rentals to explore Whistler at a more leisurely pace.
  • Legends Whistler – Seeing as you’ll feel pretty legendary at the end of your adventure, your accommodation should match up. Legends offers stylish condos at the base of Whistler mountain, with pools and hot tubs available to soak those aching feet. Just have a wash first, yeah?
  • Nita Lake Lodge – Synonymous with calm and luxury, Nita Lake Lodge is the perfect place to ease your pains. While away the morning enjoying their top-class dining on the edge of the beautiful Nita Lake. And then treat yourself to a massage at their award-winning spa in the afternoon. Your body will thank you on Monday!

You can check out a complete run-down of Forged’s favourite hotels and hostels too.

Tough Mudder Extras (VIP, Volunteer, Spectator) 

participants slide down an obstacle

Do you want the Tough Mudder VIP or spectator experience?

There are more ways to experience Tough Mudder than signing up for the races. Whether you’ve got friends who don’t fancy taking part, or you’re a big group looking for an extra special experience, there’s some great options for you. Here are three ways to mix up your Tough Mudder Whistler experience

  • Become a VIP

Tough Mudder offer VIP packages to groups of 10 or more. Which makes it an excellent choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a corporate retreat. VIP packages include free food, extra beer, free parking and your choice of start time. There’s even extra add-ons like a private bar, photo booth and dedicated team photographer to capture all those sexy facial expressions you pull around the course. (Psst… We have some other awesome ideas for how to spend a bachelor or bachelorette weekend in Whistler too!)

  1. Volunteer and take part for free

It wouldn’t be possible to run a Tough Mudder without the help of a lot of dedicated volunteers. And if you help out, you’ll be rewarded with a free ticket to take part in Tough Mudder the next day. And it’s not exactly hard work: you might be pouring beers on the finish line, cheering people on around the course or greeting them as they arrive at the course. If you can’t shell out the cost of a full ticket, volunteering could be the way to go.

  1. Cheer your friends on as a spectator

If you’d rather just watch your friends suffer, spectators are more than welcome at Tough Mudder. For just $20, spectators can enjoy the endless entertainment at Tough Mudder Village. And when you see the state of some of them at the finish line, you might be glad you chose to stay clean for this one.

How to Prep for Tough Mudder in Whistler 

Ladies throwing axes

Matching plaid team shirts anyone?

To make the most of your Tough Mudder experience, it’s probably worth doing at least a little bit of preparation. But let’s be honest, we doubt you’ll be running miles every day to prepare for this one. Instead, here’s a few fun ways to get you and your team feeling tough before the big day.

  • Throw some axes around

Teamwork is the most important thing in a Tough Mudder. It doesn’t matter if you can haul yourself across the monkey bars if you can’t help the rest of your team out too! So do yourselves a favour and get some pre-Mudder bonding in at Forged Axe. We’ll bring out your competitive sides too, so you’ll be raring to go before the big day. Plus, at least throwing heavy axes at walls involves some physical effort. So you’ll have a good excuse not to go the gym…

  1. But seriously, hit up the gym

That being said, it may be worth checking your arms and legs still work before you head out to the Tough Mudder course. Luckily, Whistler has tons of awesome gyms for you to try out. And the friendly local trainers are sure to give you some tips about tackling Whistler’s awesome mountain terrain. The Core is right in the centre of Whistler village, or try Whistler Creek Athletic Club in Creekside or Meadow Park Sports Centre. All have a huge variety of workout options available, and affordable prices.

  1. Get on your bike

If you want to feel tough in Whistler, you have to tackle the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. A few fast laps down the tight, gnarly downhill trails is sure to get your blood pumping. Once you’ve hit the mud a couple of times on your bike, tackling it on foot at tough mudder will be no problem. Or if bikes aren’t your things, why not try some of the other epic summer activities in Whistler?

Tough Mudder Whistler: An Epic Team Experience

The aches and pains in your arms and legs will fade. But the memory of taking on Tough Mudder Whistler with your best friends will last forever. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your crew, and we’ll see you in June.