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A Night for Whistler Locals: Monday Local’s League


When spending the season, or the decade living in Whistler, it’s all about getting to know the community. Even if you’ve landed for the season, it’s not uncommon to find yourself still here three years later. Whistler is one of the most diverse places to call home, with people migrating…

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Top 12 Winter Activities for the Non-Skier in Whistler


For the non skier in Whistler there are many Whistler winter activities to get involved in. Whether you are searching for a high energy, high adrenaline excursion or a more family friendly option, there is a lot on offer in our beautiful mountain town. Whistler is breath-taking in winter with its snow-capped trees…

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Top 11 Summer Camping Spots Near Whistler


Cheers to your next adventure camping near Whistler Whistler camping is the most gratifying way to experience the Canadian landscape and get a sense of what Whistler really has to offer. More than simply the energetic nightlife and the high adrenaline More »

Chopped by Lumberjacks – The Best Firewood in Whistler


Having a good supply of firewood when in Whistler is a no-brainer. If you are camping (and there is no fire-ban on) campsite dinner, conversations and star-gazing are perfect partners to a warm campfire. Need inspiration for your next camping trip to Whistler? We’ve got you covered here. If you…

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How to Find the Perfect Whistler Hotel for a Bachelorette Party


A Whistler bachelorette party is an event to remember. And here at Forged, we know a thing or two about the ingredients to making a bachelorette experience one for the books. We know it can be overwhelming organizing a bachelorette, especially if you are part of a large group and looking for a…

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Writing the Perfect Speech for a Whistler Bachelorette: A Step-by-Step Guide


You and your crew have landed in Whistler for an epic weekend of bachelorette party shenanigans. You’ve got your squad branded t-shirts already on, your first cocktails in hand, and the entire weekend in front of you. As the Maid of Honour, you’ve planned everything down to the colour-coordinated scrunchies you’ll be…

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Whistler in Spring

ActivityPlanningTravel Whistler

As spring creeps in and the days get longer, Whistler turns into a magical blend of snow-capped mountains, sunshine and budding greenery. Whether taking your family with you for a Whistler spring break or for a Whistler spring skiing adventure, the spring season is a fantastic time to check out it out. Prepare…

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Why Ziplining in Whistler is Awesome


People come to Whistler from all over the world to marvel at its beauty. The towering mountains, the lush old-growth forests, the tumbling white-water rivers, and the charming town: these are all breathtaking parts of the Whistler experience. Whilst many people explore these elements on foot, on skis, on boards…

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Visiting Whistler in Winter, What You Need to Know Before You Get Here

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Interested in learning about the best Whistler winter activities? Whistler in winter just makes sense. Don’t get us wrong, the other seasons come with their own delightful attributes (see our guides to fall and summer), but coming to visit what’s been voted multiple…

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Welcome to Whistler Pride 2019


Thinking of coming to Whistler but not sure the ski town has earned its inclusivity credentials? Think again. Whilst there are no gay bars in Whistler yet, this beautiful mountain town is a welcoming, safe and fun place for people who don’t adhere to heterosexual or cis-gender norms.

(That’s not…

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