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It’s Raining, Now What? Activities for Kids in Whistler


Weather in Whistler can be unpredictable. If you’re coming to Whistler with your family it’s smart to think about what to do in Whistler in the rain. Come here in spring and it may be raining one minute and bright and sunny the next. Come in Autumn and you can expect pretty much the same….

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The Ultimate Guide to a Whistler New Years Eve 2019

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Sure, we haven’t made it to Christmas day yet (heck, we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving!), but we’re all thinking about the same thing – what we’ll do for our New Years Eve. Its time for you to start planning now, to get the perfect outfit, the perfect setting, and the perfect cocktail to…

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The Whistler Ski Season 2019: An In-Dept Guide

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The Whistler ski season is a highly anticipated event that people from all over the world get worked up about. Canadian’s get stoked, Aussie’s start frothing, and everyone else get’s their skis waxed. Every single one of us at Forged Axe Throwing starts to dream about the falling snow line, and the first day on…

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Gearing Up for Australia Day Whistler 2019


You’ve probably already heard the jokes: ‘What’s the capital of Australia?’ ‘Whistler.’ or ‘What’s the most liveable Australian city?’ ‘Whistler’. These jokes are built upon Whistler’s reputation for being a skiing and party mecca for young Aussies. Whilst there are no stats to tell us exactly how many Aussies there are in Whistler (whether on…

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The Whistler Snow Report: Updated for 2018/2019

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With Whistler’s opening day 2018 headed our way, everybody in Whistler, including all the staff at Forged Axe Throwing, are holding their breath for a whisper of snow. Its this time of year that the Whistler snow report gets a lot of attention. Anyone who loves pow waits eagerly for news of snow falling. Here…

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Where to Grab the Perfect Whistler Selfie – Top Spots


Without solid guidance from the influencers in your life, knowing where to grab the perfect selfie in an unfamiliar destination can be overwhelming. Whistler’s top spots are endless, but, where are they exactly? And what are they? Well, we’ve got a list of some of the best spots to grab your perfect Whistler Instagram selfie….

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Exploring the See to Sky Highway – 7 Must See Spots

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Traveling to Whistler from Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway is one of the most beautiful and scenic routes in Canada, perhaps even the world. The highway is breathtaking, and it is worth mentioning that it could be considered a must-do activity in and of itself. Its not just a highway, its a “sea…

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Top 8 Canadian Activities in Whistler


If you are looking for the great Canadian experience, you’ve come to the right place. And we mean it when we say, a really authentic experience because all the activities in Whistler tend to fall into the super Canadian category. This is a is a small town with a big heart, we say sorry a…

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The Wet and Wild Guide to Whistler Hot Springs

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Mother nature blessed British Columbia. We are home to many secret and not-so-secret hot springs sprinkled in our mountains and deep in our forests. For some international travelers, hot springs in BC are one of this provinces main attractions. For other travelers, they are a nice surprise. Here in Whistler, we were lucky enough to…

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Discover the Vallea Lumina in Whistler: An Illuminated Adventure


We at Forged Axe Throwing are all about unique and exciting experiences that awaken the senses and bring people together, which is why we’re so excited about a tour that is set to be one of Whistler’s best, Vallea Lumina. Whistler has a plethora of reasons to visit, however, the town does have its main…

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