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How to Plan the Best Bachelor Party in Whistler

A group white water rafting

Banner for bachelor party postIf you need a little inspiration, the following hot tips will help you plan out a memorable bachelor party in the village of Whistler. Whistler has long been a playground for adults, no matter the season. On any given weekend, you’ll see at least one group of guys in costume, wishing one of their friends well before they enter married life. You might also see these same group of guys in the wee hours of the morning, face paint smeared, tiara askew, and all looking a little haggard around the edges.  The good news about Whistler is the world is your oyster in terms of bachelor party planning. Whatever you want to do is possible, whether that’s bungee jumping or chilling with craft beers on an outdoor patio, the choice is yours.

Bachelor Party Tip #1 – Plan in Advance

Whistler suits all budgets and interests in one compact, fun-loving place. One of the most important tips we can give you when it comes to a planning a bachelor party is to plan out your activities. Spontaneously getting a group of 20 into clubs, adventures, or restaurants can lead to disappointment. Even in the slow season, there are still thousands of people visiting Whistler. So our first tip for your bachelor party is to plan out what you want to do and book it before you arrive.

Bachelor Party Tip #2 – Staying in the Ideal Location

Aerial view of Fairmont Whistler

No matter where you stay, you and your friends are sure to find magical accommodation in Whistler

Some bachelor parties are for chilling. Maybe you and your buddies just want to hang out by a lake in a quiet location. Track down an Air BnB near Alta Lake and bring your own food. If you’ve come to Whistler to take in all the Village has to offer, stay in a prime location. The Chateau Whistler is a first class option that you’ll appreciate when you’re nursing that morning hangover. They boast an indoor/outdoor pool and a concierge service that’s willing to help you with anything you need. There are also plenty of hotels around the village that come with a more modest price tag. Staying directly in the village also caters to the rowdier crowds, wanting to hit every club and chug a few too many drinks.

Bachelor Party Tip #3 – Bars that Cater to Bachelor Parties

Winter picture of the Longhorn Pub

There are many bars that cater specifically to rowdy groups of young men – no matter what the size of the party!

If it’s a crazy night you’re hoping to have to pay homage to your bachelor buddy, this is something that Whistler excels at. Thanks to the young locals and a tradition of losing one’s inhibitions when you step into the Village, there’s a definite energy promoting the mentality that anything can happen.
As a Whistler bachelor party is such a common occurrence (after all, it’s a perfect location for it), bars are waiting to fulfill all your needs. Longhorn Saloon and Grill will reserve a table for your large group and have shots waiting for you. This location is a great spot for post-daily activities, the après ski bar for Blackcomb or après mountain biking in the summer.
Buffalo Bills is a great late night spot for a big bachelor group party as well. Locals hang out here too because the vibe is always great and the music is always turned up. It attracts a good bunch of people on any given night, not just on the weekends.
If you are looking to dance away the last days of singledom, Tommy Africa’s has long been the place to get your party on in Whistler. They constantly have the best DJ’s spinning and live music that gets the body moving. Garfinkel’s is the largest venue in Whistler, and you can get on their guest list in advance to avoid standing in line.

Or…For the Best Deal

People partying and dancing in a circle

The best bang for your buck, check out Whistler Club Crawl

If you want a deal on a full night of party, for $60 per person, you can go to all the nightclubs. Whistler Club Crawl helps take the guess work out of your big bachelor party night out. They make it easy to get around, plus you bypass all the lineups and cover charges. If you want bottle service, they’ll hook you up. You’ll go out for pub food and then a night of insanity begins. Five drinks and entry into all the hottest venues without you having to plan a thing. Mention Forged Axe throwing sent you for a deal!


Bachelor Party Tip #4 – Go Local

people floating down a river of rafts

A lazy activity for the hungover Sunday afternoon, float the river of golden dreams

There’s a lot of cool experiences that locals do which are rarely exposed to visitors. A favorite summer pastime includes taking rubber boats down the River of Golden Dreams. Bring your own sturdy rafts or rent a canoe. It’s a serene way to begin your day because let’s face it; you’ll need a little respite before the night begins.
There’s a disc golf course (pssst ..Located in Brio) that is a lot more open to bachelor party shenanigans than the Chateau Whistler Golf Course (you know, all the yelling and beer-gunning). If you’re a bunch of refined gentlemen, however, there are a few excellent world class courses in the area.


Bachelor Party Tip #5 – Capture the Moments in a Non-Traditional Way

As a cool way to document your Whistler bachelor party, use Flytographer’s paparazzi shooting style. It’s a great way to capture all the shenanigans and sentimental BROments. Way better than focusing on setting up the group to take a group photo. This style of photography keeps the momentum going while offering memorable candid shots, because who wants to pause for an unnatural group photo when there is a party at hand?

Bachelor Party Tip #6 – Healthy Competition

Men throwing axes indoors

Looking to inspire a little healthy competition, Forged Axe Throwing is the perfect activity

Let’s face it, when guys get together, they tend to compete with one another. Since there isn’t any way to avoid it, may we recommend some ways to embrace it during your bachelor party. Axe throwing brings out your inner lumberjack, and at Forged Axe Throwing, we welcome big, boisterous groups with open arms. This super chill space allows everyone to mingle and learn to throw an axe with style. You’ll fill a primal void and get into the fine art hitting the target, maybe even with a few trick shots.
Another great pre-game option is to work together to escape. No, not the marriage, but through the Escape Room! Whistler’s Escape Room is a way to bond with your brothers as you make your way out of a series of rooms against the clock. Puzzles and interactive obstacles will test your ability to get out in time.
For the bachelor party planner that wants to take things to the next level, we also highly recommend this Whistler specific Scavenger Hunt. Break the party into small groups and see who checks the boxes first. Feel free to add a little adulating into it, for example, every time an answer is obtained, shots are required! Meet back at Longhorn’s to see who won.


Bachelor Party Tips #7 – Adventure Options

Bungee jumping in Whistler

Don’t be shy, take a leap of faith at Whistler Bungee

Nothing says a bachelor party in Whistler like a dose of adventure. To bungee jump as a metaphor for the buddy that is taking that plunge into a new life, it’s fitting, isn’t it?  Whistler Bungee offers a pristine back drop while you drop down into oblivion.

Zip lining on Cougar Mountain with Superfly Ziplines is another great way to hang with your brothers and see the pristine forests that surround Whistler.

For an incredible Whistler splurge, taking a helicopter with your group up to the Glaciers. This is definitely an experience your bachelor party would not forget. There are even ice caves you can tour while tramping around on the top of the world.

ATV rides or side by side tours make a great afternoon option during a bachelor party, pre-drinks of course. Speeding down old logging roads and immersing yourself in the forests is an excellent way to get rid of that hang over from last night.

For an older group of gents, you can always go on a fishing excursion. Whistler may be well-known for its epic bachelor party options, but it’s also a pristine natural area.


To Sum it All Up

Hopefully, after this entire article of bachelor party inspiration you are ready to plan the big weekend with the boys. Like always book your activities in advance to ensure you don’t miss out. It would be a shame if the only zipline group opening was at 8 am on a Sunday morning, only hours after the party ended. Take it from us, plan to avoid these potentially disastrous combinations.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of a Whistler bachelor party is that there’s something to suit the interests of every man.

The more mature can play a round of golf and enjoy patio action at pristine pubs. The boisterous party animals can dress in togas and conduct public displays of testosterone for candy necklaces. Come Sunday morning; you can all meet up for the legendary Chateau Whistler Sunday brunch and commiserate about all your Whistler bachelor party shenanigans.