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5 Things Every Whistler Local Wants You To Know

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Are you planning to Visit Whistler soon? Did you know real-live locals call this fantastic mountain town home? While the term “local” gets thrown around a lot in Whistler. It ranges from being used to describe someone who has been here for 30 years to the kid who has been here three weeks and heard…

Your Burning Questions About Whistler – Answered!

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If you’re planning a trip to Whistler, you no doubt have a lot of questions you need answered before booking. When should you come? When is the snow best? What can you do in summer? Actually, hold on, where even is Whistler?! Well, you aren’t the first person to wonder about this incredible town we…

What’s Whistler’s Culture Like? Let a Local Tell You

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A large proportion of Whistler’s population is made up of young people from all over the world who have come to Canada on working holiday visas (although you’ll soon notice that Australians and Brits are the strong majority!). Despite the transient nature of this town’s workforce, Whistler has a strong sense of community at its…

Where to Work Remotely in Whistler: A Guide to Coworking and Cafes

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Whistler is a very seasonal place, and we aren’t just talking about the weather patterns, we are talking about the people. Travellers tend to come to our mountain town for a season or two and learn the local ways. Our typical seasonal visitors come from Australia, England, Japan, and other not-so-mountainous regions. Many people get…