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The Ultimate Whistler Bachelorette Party Guide

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Whatever you decide to do for your soon-to-married friend, Whistler is the best place to plan an unforgettable Bachelorette party. Whether you want to take the bride out shopping, go for an adventure in the mountains, or hit up the hottest places to party, Whistler has it all.



While it’s tradition to head to Vegas with a gaggle of your besties to celebrate the bride to be, Vegas is a one-note experience. Whistler is set in a lush coastal landscape, with snow capped peaks, and clear mountain lakes. For the thrill seekers, you have a never-ending list of outdoor activities. For the wine and food obsessed, there are world class dining experiences. For the partiers, rest assured Whistler has more than one club to hit during your Hen party.

Header Pre Party COnsiderations

Pre-Bachelorette Party Considerations

When your friend is engaged, she will have a lot on her mind. So, if you’re the one planning her Bachelorette party, here’s a few things to consider as you set up the fun. 

  • Who is involved in planning? Since your friend will be busy planning for her wedding, she might give you all the responsibility to prepare her bachelorette party. Set up a time to meet with your friend one-to-one to find out how much freedom you have preparing her last weekend of fun in Whistler. Most likely, she is going to be relieved to have one less worry before her wedding day.

    Four attractive young women in pajamas drinking cocktails and smiling while lying in the bed

    Make this bachelorette party one for the books, head straight to Whistler

  • Theme? Activities? Must-Do’s? During that one-to-one, be sure to get some ideas and inspiration for what she might want to do during the weekend in Whistler. Also, ask for the names of people she wants on the guest list with their complete contact information. Propose a few potential dates that could work for the party. She might want to stay at a specific hotel in Whistler or leave it entirely up to you (consider the Listel — see the activities listed below).
  • Set a date, well in advance. The ideal time to throw a Bachelorette party is a month or two before the wedding day. Since you’ll be travelling to Whistler for your weekend of fun, try to determine a date that fits most of the people on the guest list. You might not be able to find the perfect date and time that fits everyone’s schedule. However, focus on finding a date that fits all the bridesmaids as they are the most important people and the closest friends of the future bride.
  • Delegate! Don’t feel overwhelmed about planning the entire Bachelorette party. Ask for help from another bridesmaid, perhaps someone you are close or another of the bride’s closest friends to bounce ideas for the party. Also, this is a good time to figure out the costs and how you’re going to come up with the money to afford it. Hosting costs, itinerary prep, and all the activities in Whistler can add up quickly to a very stressful experience for you. Make your life easier by reaching out for support.

Banner Perfect Plans

  • 3 months before: This is the perfect amount of time to sit down with the bride and discuss just a few of the details of the party. Set the guest list, get some party game ideas, suggest some activities available in Whistler, and define to tiny details, like theme, style, tickets, and budget.

    A woman looking at a phone and writing a list

    Take it one step at a time, plan the perfect itinerary

  • 2 months before: If you’re going to drink, set up some safety rules. Using the Whistler Club Crawl they’ll have some guides along with you to help you throughout the night. When it comes time to return home, know your ride arrangements. Also, talk to the bridesmaids to solidify an itinerary and discuss how everyone will cover the costs.
  • 1 month before: Send out the invitation letter and offer suggestions to people for getting to Whistler. Tell all the party guests what to bring and how much it will cost. And, you might want to give them a heads up of some of the naughty fun you have planned. As well, make all the bookings you need in advance. If a hotel is already booked, find another that will accommodate all the exciting games and activities you will be booking as well.
  • 1 week before: Confirm with everyone. Send out another message or get on the phone to contact everyone who RSVP’d. Make sure there is no confusion about locations and the time to meet. Also, if any changes occurred in the itinerary or a booking was cancelled, this is the perfect time to send everyone an update (and possibly find a replacement event).
  • 1 night before: You’re going to need some rest. Before you get to sleep, send out a final reminder and make sure everyone is 100% ready for a weekend in Whistler. Hopefully you’ll be able to get more than a few hours sleep with all the excitement and fun you have arranged for the soon-to-be bride.

During your party-planning process, you might need information about whistler? We’ve got you covered:

Activities for the Bachelorette Party

There’s so much more to Whistler than just downhill skiing and nature hikes. A bachelorette party is meant to be memorable and fun. To help you prepare the coming party, here’s a list of some of the best attractions and activities in Whistler. Plan a wild weekend with a few pre-party activities to make a few final memories before the bride settles down with her man.

Stagette Activities for Thrill Seekers

  • Forged Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing has become a popular activity in the Whistler region and Forged Axe Throwing is the only place to do it. 

You might think that throwing an axe into a solid piece of wood wouldn’t be suitable for your Whistler Hen Party. However, this addictive activity will get you hooked after the first throw. Forged has witnessed more than it’s fair share of brides-to-be huck sharp objects at a target. Their party hosts now exactly how to get a stagette party going.And, in case the bride-to-be is feeling a little tense before her big day, Axe Throwing is the best way let it all out.

After your group wraps up the easy-going competition, Forged is located beside a couple of beer breweries: Coast Mountain Brewery and Whistler Brewing. After you finish throwing axes you can head over to enjoy some pre-drinking before a night filled with partying gets started.

  • Superfly Ziplines

Superfly is a fun adventure zipping you through Whistler’s beautiful forests and mountains. Celebrating the bride-to-be in the fall or winter season? Good news! You can zipline 3365 days a year! You can choose between Ziplines or a one-of-a-kind Treetop Adventures.

The Zipline tour starts with delivery to the top of Rainbow Mountain in a custom 4×4. This is Canada’s longest zipline at over a kilometre long and putting you 600 feet in the air. As you descend, you’ll reach up to 100 km/h through the best backcountry BC has to offer.

Looking for something a little gentler? The Treetop Adventures has over 70 challenging obstacles from balance beams to rope swings in the canopies found 60 feet above the forest floor. Enjoy a breathtaking view as you tackle these tree-top adventures with the bride to be.

You can receive discounts for your Hen Party when you book as a group. Mention “Forged Axe Throwing” for an additional 10% discount!

  • Wedge Rafting 

    A group white water rafting

    Travel the Green River Run with your besties.

Slap on a life jacket and race through the waters. Wedge Rafting is the perfect experience for that thrill seeking bride. There are three rivers to explore with Wedge Rafting, the Green River (2.25 hours), Elaho Squamish River (8 hours), and Cheakamus river (4.5 hours). Each river varies in length and duration so you can easily choose a package that fits your party arrangements.

White water rafting is an exhilarating way to tighten the bonds of friendship before the bride’s big day.This is a guaranteed good time and the group rates are great for your party budget. You can receive discounts for your stagette party when you book as a group. Mention “Forged Axe Throwing” for an additional 10% discount!   

Stagette Activities for Chilling Out

  • Scandinave Spa

We know not everyone wants to spend their hard earned vacation days thrill seeking, and partying. Even if you are in Whistler for a bachelorette, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your health and wellness behind. Why not plan a perfectly relaxing weekend away for your bride and her best-mates? Starting of course with Whistler’s premier destination for all things relaxation: Scandinave Spa.

Spend an afternoon (or all day) meandering in peace and quiet between hot and cool pools. Bring a book, a magazine, or simply enjoy the sounds of nature. The entire facility is outside, and is open year round. Bring your own robes, or get one on site. Plan ahead, and book top-notch massages for the entire group while there. Food and beverages are available on site as well.

  • Private Yoga Classes

Everyone is a yogi these days, and why leave that being when you are on a stagette party? Spend the morning in a private yoga class from Yogacara. Its a special experience for everyone in your group, and they can cater to the style and experience level of the bride’s preference.

If your bride is yoga-obsessed, what better way to make her hen party one to remember than a private session? Yogacara hosts bachelorette yoga sessions frequently, and can host 60 minute session in the following styles: hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin, and kundalini as well as guided meditations

Stagette Activities for Partiers

  • Vodka Tasting at the Listel

The Listel Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Whistler. They are extremely close to the shopping and dining areas of the Village. However, if you need a review of hotels and places to stay in whistler, you can find the perfect place to stay in Whister here.

In the Listel Hotel you’ll find the Bearfoot Bistro which offers the only sub-zero vodka room in Canada. You can taste over 50 different vodkas in a room chilled to -32°C (-25°F). Going to the Listel for a once in a lifetime vodka tasting experience, lays the ground work for a big night out.

Hot tip: You’ll get a warm winter Canada Goose parka to snuggle into during the experience. This is the best way to enjoy the traditional Whistler ski-shot lined up in a frozen room with the bride to be and all the guests.

  • Whistler Club Crawl

 After a few rounds of Vodkas, you know what needs to be added next to your itinerary: clubbing.

Whistler Club Crawl escorts you and your besties to every must-hit club in town. This is seriously the best bang for your buck. They take all the stress from the clubbing, putting you at the head of the VIP line, and handing you a drink at each location. Can’t get much easier than that.

The fun kicks off at the Cinnamon Bear Bar which is a local hot spot hidden away in the Hilton Hotel. You’ll enjoy a shot ski and start the drinking games. Then, you’ll go to Maxx Fish, a place known for relaxing booths and a lot of stripper poles (hard to avoid on a big stagette). The next stop is Garfinkel’s which is the biggest and best club in Whistler. Finally, you’ll go to Tommy Africa’s where they have go-go dancers, DJs and endless music.

Three women at a club

Bring our your groups wild side with a pub crawl through Whistler Village

There’s more than a few reasons to set up your Bachelorette Party with Whistler Club Crawl. Check it out:

  • Drinks included
  • No lines
  • No cover charges
  • Party games
  • Professional photos
  • Tour guides
  • Timeless memories to look back and remember

Tickets are normally $60 per person but if you use this link you’ll get $10 off per ticket! If you prefer to call for bookings 604-256-1434 you can mention “Forged Axe Throwing” and get the deal as well.

Get your reduced Club Crawl Tickets here

Classic Stagette Activities

  • Butlers in the Buff 

Of course, every Bachelorette party needs muscular men in scantily clad outfits. Butlers in the Buff have a fabulous team of handsome, muscular party butlers in Whistler to help take your cocktail hour or bachelorette brunch to the next level!

Butlers in the Buff  pamper the bride before she ties the knot and has to call it quits. Your butler is ready to serve you cocktails, play party games with you, even feed you your favourite fruits dipped in chocolate sauce. The best part to this hunky experience is that these toned and tanned men are wearing a bottom-revealing apron, collar cuffs and a bowtie.

Here’s a complete list of activities provided by the Butlers in the Buff:

  • Mix cocktails
  • Serve food
  • Play party games
  • Mingle with the guests
  • Pose for photos
  • Create fun
  • Serve drinks
  • And, clean up the mess

Book your Butlers for the Bachelorette party here

  • Tail Feathers Pole Night

Let’s face it, bachelorette parties might see more pole action than a bachelor party. Embrace your inner bad-ass and learn a few moves with Whistler’s very own Tail Feathers. They host girl’s night out parties, and of course, bachelorette parties. Hire them for an early evening session, to ramp the party up to 10 before hitting the Village Stroll.

Tail Feathers comes to you. They bring their portable (yes portable) pole with them, and set up shop within your accommodation. For larger groups, you can also book a local studio. Each session is two-hours long, the perfect amount of time for everyone in your party to learn a move or two, and start to let loose.

Book Your Pole Party with Tail Feathers here.

Make it Memorable Banner

Planning a party takes time and commitment. You might think you have thought about every little detail but their might have been a little you one you missed. Not everything on the list will satisfy all the guests, but that’s O.K. If the bride-to-be is happy? Thats the single most important goal.

However, to ensure the best fun and to make most memories, here’s a few tips:

  1. Set the Scene: Whenever you decide to host the feature event, plan it so that the decor fits the scene of the party. Are you going to have penis shaped game when the bride insisted on something less obscene? There’s a lot of places in Whistler to have a lot of fun and the location for the party should complement the activities you want to have. If you bring along the Butlers in the Buff, try to set the scene so the party games add that extra layer of excitement that suits where you stay.
  2. Choose Suitable Games and Themes: When it comes to the party games that you play, include the right amount of naughtiness that suits everyone’s comfort level. If you’re not sure what to include or feeling stuck for ideas, you’re hunky men will have plenty of fun ready to propose for the evening. A classic game like charades can easily incorporate a sexy twist with your Butlers in the Buff hosting the game.
  3. Pace yourselves: It’s easy to get lost in excitement for the bride’s upcoming big day. You’re going to have a lot of things to do and places to see. Be sure to prepare an itinerary that conserves enough energy for the fun and excitement you have planned in the evening. Axe Throwing activities is a great way to transition from a morning of exhilarating fun to an evening of wild partying. Try not to burn out the bride before heading out the the dance floor.
  4. Delegate to Others: You’ve put so much effort and energy into the planning of the party. Of course you want to join in on the action instead of worrying about how it should be done. When you are setting up the activities there are many features and packages that provide all the planning. The Butlers in the Buff are experts in fun and the Whistler Club Crawl arranges everything so you can focus on having a good time.
  5. Remember moderation: Drinking games and shot skis happen fast! Remember to pace your drinking as much as you pace the party activities. When the pictures are developed at the end of the party, the memories you make are going to be captured forever.

Here’s a couple of possible itinerary ideas that puts together the activities above in a memorable 1 or 2 day bachelorette getaway in Whistler.

Itinerary for Whistler Bachelorette Infographic

Option #1 – Adventurous Partiers

  • DAY 1
    •  Morning Wedge Rafting: Start with some excitement by booking ride down one of the three scenic rivers in Whistler. Mention Forged for a special deal!In the PM
    • Afternoon Ziplines & Treetop Adventures: If you’re feeling a little soaked from the white water rafting, dry off by whizzing 100 km/h through the beautiful BC trees.In the PM
    • Dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro: The bride-to-be deserve to taste the best Whistler has on offer.
    •  Evening Vodka Tasting At the Listel: Book your Vodka tasting experience for after dinner drinks, its right next door to the Bearfoot.
    • Late Night Whistler Club Crawl: The crawl starts at 8pm in the Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grill and ends when the clubs come to a close.
  • DAY 2
    • Late Morning Peak-2-Peak Gondola: One the last day of celebration, take in the sights of one of the most spectacular gondola’s in the world. Non-skiers welcome, this is for sightseers as well!
    • Lunch Christine’s on Blackcomb: Hair of the Dog in style, after taking in the mountains across the Peak-2-Peak
    • Afternoon Forged Axe Throwing: Enjoy some shopping in the morning then go out and throw some axes to sum up the party, nurse your hangover and prepare for the departure home.

Option #2 – Party, Party, Party

  • DAY 1
    A woman pours champagne for her friends in the hot tub

    A stagette party needs a hot tub session

    • Morning Caesars at Dusty’s: When in Whistler, you can’t miss a local legendary establishment. Start the hen party off right with a classic caesar (a Canadian Bloody Mary for anyone visiting from the US). On weekends, the party starts early at Dusty’s, so come prepared.
    • Afternoon with Tail Feathers: Head back to your hotel room, and spend the afternoon learning a few new moves on the pole. Pump up the group with matching outfits, feather boas, and a sense of adventure. Pole work is harder than it looks, but seriously empowering.
    • Dinner at Earls: A place with a little something for everyone. It’s classy, yet affordable. Plus, its situated in the middle of the Village. Meaning you can roll out for a night on the town, without trying to catch a cab.
    • Late Night Whistler Club Crawl: Once again, we hit the clubs! The crawl starts at 8pm in the Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grill and ends when the clubs come to a close.
  • DAY 2 
    • Late Morning Hot Tub: Make sure to book a hotel with a hot tub. You’ll thank us on the morning after the club crawl.
    • Afternoon with Butler’s in the Buff:  Just because it’s Sunday, doesn’t mean the party is over. Spend the final hours of the Whistler stagette, hanging out with some of Whistler’s finest gentleman.

For a completed itinerary with times and full details as well as other Bachelorette party ideas, download the Bachelorette PDF Package.

This has even more ideas, party tips, and activity suggestions than we could include here.

If you’ve come this far, you’ll be a pro at preparing the party. Our Guide will save you all the time and trouble of Googling the ideas you need to have a good time.

Whistler is the hottest place to party and has some of the most exciting adventures to throw a great Bachelorette party that the future bride-to-be will remember throughout all her married days.