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Forged Axe Throwing Gear Guide

Banner Forged Gear Guide

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre axe throwing outfits in our time….

From inflatable dinosaurs

To these distracting headpieces…

To, well…not much at all….

Our guests have tried it all. But if you want to be sure of victory over your friends, you’d better get your hands of some real axe throwing gear. So channel your inner lumberjack and grab yourself a plaid shirt, a toque and your trusty axe, and you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry: Forged have got you covered. Check out our online shop for our one-of-a-kind hats, shirts and accessories. Or swing by our home in Function Junction to try on our full range of gear, and choose your own custom Forged hatchet, guaranteed to take you to victory. Whether you’re a seasoned league competitor, or giving axe throwing a go for the first time, having the right gear will be sure to improve your accuracy. Plus, it will give you some instantly Instagram-able photos to share with the world. Although we doubt anyone looks as great in our gear as this very good boy.

We chosen a few axe throwing gear essentials for you to check out before you come. Here’s our favourites.


We all know that teams that look great, throw great. And we’ve noticed that groups who wear matching shirts have 10 times more fun. So now you’ve decided to join us for an axe throwing adventure, the next step is to choose your team look. Of course, we love nothing more than seeing epic crews rocking the lumberjack vibe. But we’re open to other interpretations too, like this classy gentleman or these eclectic athletes. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite axe throwing shirts just for you.

The Lumberjack Shirt 

A classic lumberjack shirt

A ladies lumberjack

Did you know that axe throwers wearing lumberjack shirts are 57% more likely to hit a bullseye? Our theory is that a bit of plaid pleases the axe throwing gods. So you’d better not take your chances showing up to Forged without your lucky plaid shirt. To guarantee the best day of axe throwing ever, get your crew keen on some of these lovely lumberjack numbers.

The Classic Lumberjack 

You’ll feel instantly more Canadian when you throw on a classic shirt from Burton. You may even find yourself seized with the desire to grow a beard, chop some wood, and start saying “eh?” at the end of every sentence. But don’t worry, the weird quirks will be worth it for the improvement in your axe throwing abilities. For the ladies, we love this flannel from Volcom too.

The One-of-a-Kind Team Flannel

We’ll let you on in a little secret here. We happen to know that our friends at One T Apparel know how to make a sweet shirt. If you’re heading up to Whistler for a bachelor or bachelorette party, drop them a line and see if they can’t make you the best-looking crew in town.

Don’t Forget About Forged T-Shirts

Just look at this bunch of sexy people…

 Who wouldn’t want to look like them?! Well don’t worry, you can! Our lovely custom-made Forged t-shirts come in grey and burgundy, and are sure to attract a bit of attention around the village. Get a hold of one so everyone knows you’re one of the Forged family (and a champion axe thrower too). Our t-shirts perfect for riding the park, chilling by the lake and, of course, sharing a beer.

Always a Hit – Forged Hats

Taking a stroll around Whistler village, you’ll immediately be able to identify the locals: they’re the ones wearing hats in all sorts of socially inappropriate settings (like when your girlfriend’s parents come to town and take you out for dinner at Araxi). Our commitment to hat-wearing is unwavering. This is mainly because most Whistler locals are ski bums who prioritize saving up for new skis every year over buying shampoo.

But it’s also because hats are really cool. Any good Whistlerite has a headwear collection to rival their ski collection. They have a hat for every occasion, whether you’re enjoying apres on a patio, drifting on a lake in your explorer, or hiking hard up a mountain. And as any local knows, the “best-looking hats in Whistler” award belongs to Forged. Here are a few of our favourites: 

Forged Brimmed hat

More plaid! Thats what we always say!

  • Brimmed Hats  

Surely the most popular items in our collection, our brimmed hats are perfect for every occasion. Wear them in summer and in winter, to work and to climb a mountain, and look good 100% of the time.  Choose from loads of different styles: 5 panels, trucker hats, snapbacks and tradesman hats. Choose something understated and classy, like our classic 5 panel, or make a statement with our Hawaiian trucker hat instead. Whichever you choose, wear your Forged hat with pride – they are the best-looking hats in town, after all.

  • Toques 

In case your didn’t know, “toque” is Canadian for beanie – because we like to be different! Perfect for hiding your helmet hair, and for pairing with your plaid shirt for the quintessential “Canadian” look, a toque is a must have piece of your axe throwing outfit. Our Forged toques will keep you toasty warm while you apres, and look great to boot, featuring our three axe Forged logo. You can choose from different colours of our smooth toque, or the classic black piped toque, with reversible logo so you can wear in however you choose. For only $29, they’re an affordable way to rep your new favourite Whistler business around town too.

  • Bucket Hats  

If you’re here for the summer, the Forged bucket hat is an absolutely essential addition to your wardrobe. The hawaiian print is one of our absolute favourites. Your mum will be stoked that you’re finally taking her advice and protecting yourself from the sun, while your girlfriend will be stoked because you look awesome. Perfect for lounging on the dock, and those extra-long apres sessions, you’l be sure to turn some heads in this very special piece of headgear. Our bucket hats are just $39.99, an absolute bargain for the joy you’ll get out of wearing it every day.

Don’t we Sell Axes?

To take your axe throwing game to the next level, you’ll need to get your hands on your own personal axe. And you can’t just pick up any only axe you’d use to chop firewood in your back yard. No, axe throwing is serious business, and that means you need serious tools. In fact, the National Axe Throwing Federation are pretty strict about their equipment regulations. So don’t start thinking about dominating the axe throwing tournament scene until you’ve got yourself a regulation axe.

Plus, as all the pros known, it’s easy become a bit too attached to your axe. When you’ve weathered defeated and celebrated victories together, you can’t help but look at your axe like you would a dear friend (except your axe will never borrow money for you and never pay you back). So choose your axe wisely, and you’ll never look back. You may not look as awesome posing with yours as this little guy… but you can try.

A little Something Special… Custom Hatchets

The standard axe used in axe throwing leagues around the world is the hatchet. According to the NATF,  a hatchet must have a wooden handle between 13” and 17” long, with a blade no longer than 4” and weighing between 1.25 and 1.75 lbs. We told you they were serious.

Our custom Forged hatchets are only available at our home in Whistler. Make sure to check them out next time you’re around – they’re just $35.00. They make a great Canadian souvenir, and will be perfect for the backyard axe throwing target you’re planning to build as soon as you get home.

If you’re looking for something a little fancy, we also love this Axe Gang Hatchet from Cold Steel. It’s inspired by the hatchets used in Kung Fu movies, and it will look seriously badass in your growing axe collection.

Whether you’re planning your first axe throwing experience, or want to commemorate an epic day in Whistler, we’ve probably got the gear for you. We love seeing photos of your crew costumes, and our Forged gear travelling around the world. So make sure to tag us in your photos, and tell everyone where you go your awesome gear.