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Writing the Perfect Speech for a Whistler Bachelorette: A Step-by-Step Guide

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You and your crew have landed in Whistler for an epic weekend of bachelorette party shenanigans. You’ve got your squad branded t-shirts already on, your first cocktails in hand, and the entire weekend in front of you. As the Maid of Honour, you’ve planned everything down to the colour-coordinated scrunchies you’ll be wearing out that evening when you hit the dance floor at Maxx Fish.

But, you notice a bit of awkward milling around, and a dozen set of eyes staring at you. Did you prepare a kick-off speech to get the Whistler bachelorette party underway and set the tone for the events ahead?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. At Forged Axe Throwing, we’ve witnessed more than one stagette speech when the hens are laying down for an hour of Bachelorette Axe Throwing Competition. We’ve helpfully consolidated that experience into a handy step-by-step guide to writing the perfect bachelorette speech.

4 Tips for the Perfect Speech 

Three ladies in masks

Set the stage for the weekend with your Stagette Speech

We all know you’ve been working for months on your actual speech (right?), the real Maid of Honour toast, given in front of all friends and family. But thankfully, you’ll not need that much time to perfect the Stagette Toast. Why? Because at a hen party in Whistler, it’s about letting your real self shine through, even if there are a few raunchy stories and curses thrown in.

A Whistler bachelorette party is about letting loose, not curating nice stories about your first-grade friendships crafted for grandma. The bride and her squad will appreciate the real-life stories about that time she partied too hard, or what you actually got up to that one time in Vegas.

Other than getting real, here are a few other things to keep in mind when giving a speech for a Whistler Stagette Party:

Get the Speech Over With

Before everyone starts losing count of the drinks, and the sun starts to set, its best to get the toast out of the way. This serves a few purposes. For large bachelorette groups, who might not know one another, it’s a great way to introduce yourself as the Maid of Honour. It also is a perfect time to thank everyone for their participation and to set the tone for the weekend.

If you expect the weekend to get crazy, now is the time to tell that raunchy story. But if you want to keep it more refined, maybe talk about the fine dining you’ll be doing at Araxi later that evening.

Finally, starting with the speech gets it out of the way. If you aren’t one for attention, it’s best just to get the public speaking out of your way. Spit it out, then get the real Whistler activities underway.

Keep it Short 

Just like your speech for the main event, nobody wants an hour-long tribute to the bride and the couple in general. Keep it short, and if possible keep it casual (unless of course your catering to a high-class stagette). Cover the main points, and then get down off the chair, and enjoy the rest of the weekend with the squad.

Hot topics to cover are brief introductions of all the group members (especially if its a large bridal party), thanks to those who helped plan the big weekend and an overview of all the activities you have in store.

Review the Schedule 

Clock with the word perfect

Make sure the squad knows the schedule

If you came prepared you’ve already sent out an email itinerary (at the very least) to every member of the party. If you are really upping the game, you’ve printed out some Pinterest worthy schedule cards. Whatever you’ve done, it’s very likely that at least some members haven’t taken the time to look it over.

In your speech, before the real party gets started, it’s definitely helpful to lay out the finer details of your well-planned Whistler bachelorette schedule. What time is the big dinner? What time is Bungee Jumping? What time on Sunday does everyone need to be up to get the shuttle back to Vancouver? Its crucial that there are no bachelorette squad members left behind.

Lay the Ground Rules 


What happens in Whistler stays in Whistler, just ask before hand

For some, there are no rules for a good bachelorette party. If one of the bridesmaids starts making out with someone at the club – so be it! But sometimes it’s helpful to lay at least a handful of guidelines before too much excitement.

Some common suggestions are to use the buddy system after midnight when everyone is really letting loose at the bar. Another one is to have all the ladies hashtag their social media posts with the same unique tag so everyone can find the photos afterward. You can always ask nobody post incriminating photos online after midnight.

Craft the rules to suit the party. Maybe everyone is on board, perhaps you’ll get a few awkward comments at the office next week when THAT photo surfaces, but hey, at least you tried.

Hand Out the Squad Goods

You’ve got the full squad outfits on lockdown, now is your chance to hand them out. The bedazzled cocktail glasses, the “Bride” and “Bridesmaid” labeled sashes and even the inappropriate straws. The speech is a great chance to lay out what outfits are for what activities.

How to Make the Speech Really Stand Out 

Vegas city sign

Tell that one story from vegas- but keep it classy

If you are really dead set on making the Stagette Speech one to remember then you should likely include a few stories about the bride to be. While you can get much more honest with a crowd of like-minded bachelorette attendees, the number one rule of any speech is to read the crowd.

If you know the bride at all, you’ll likely also know the tone of voice you’ll need to take. Whether that be modest and sweet, or totally raunchy. Pick an appropriate story from your history with the women you’re toasting, and lay the details on thick.

Some topics to avoid this early in the game? Try to avoid bringing up stories of terrible exes, or really messy tinder dates. Leave those off limits until you’ve gotten through a full Ketel One Vodka Tasting later that evening.

5 Crowd-Pleasing Activities for the Perfect Bachelorette Party in Whistler

Whistler makes one of the top bachelorette destinations in the country because it’s the perfect blend of the outdoors and the party life, all wrapped up in luxury. Unlike other mountain towns, which serve one kind of domestic beer, and turn off the lights before 11 PM, Whistler has a little bit of everything and seemingly never sleeps. 

  1. Treetop Adventure: Whistler loves extreme sports, but not every woman in your party is going to enjoy a trip down to Whistler Bungee and a jump off a bridge. Instead, a less extreme, but still super exciting activity to kick off the day is the Tree Top Adventure Course at Cougar mountain. It gets the squad working together, and is especially useful for fostering a sense of camaraderie among all the squad members. Nobody is going to freak out, but it will get everyone’s adrenaline going.
  2. Forged Axe Throwing: Axe Throwing is a freakin’ fantastic way to start the night off on a
    Ladies throwing axes

    Matching plaid squad shirts anyone?

    Whistler Bachelorette party. Everyone can do it (unless you’ve already had one too many drinks – so begin ax throwing before the beer), it gets the blood pumping, and a little friendly competition happening. If you are starting the weekend off with Forged axes and bullseyes, make it really special by booking out your own private room. We also welcome outside food if you wanted to get it catered with munchies.

  3. Bar Hop: When in Whistler for a hen party, why restrict yourself to only one club? Hit all the best nightlife locations in the Village with a private and curated tour from Bar Hop Whistler. If you are new to Whistler and unfamiliar with the club scene, you might as well leave it to the experts. Every ticket comes with free shots, VIP entrance and not cover. It’s well worth the investment.
  4. Ketel One Ice Room: After a five-star dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro, pull out a parka and step

    Get chilly and a little tipsy inside the Ketel One Vodka Tasting room

    into the Ketel One Ice Room. It’s the perfect setting for all your Instagram worthy shots of the crew before the night starts to get blurry. Sample a world of vodkas, in class, in a room that hovers around -32 C. Parkas come fully supplied by the venue, even during the warmer months.

  5. Scandinave Spa: On Sunday morning, it’s time to cool the jets and recuperate from the night before. The bride to be and the entire squad will thank you in advance for setting up a relaxing and rejuvenation day at this killer outdoor spa. Cycle through hot and cold pools, the therapeutic eucalyptus steam rooms, and feel the toxins leave your body. It’s a perfect low-key activity to wrap up the big weekend in Whistler.

A Final Note on Bachelorette Speeches 

Image of inside Moe Joes during a big night out.

Parties to rival our college Days at Moe Joes – the perfect destination for a stagete

If there is one thing, we love at Forged Axe Throwing it’s getting bachelorette parties psyched for the night ahead. Our easy no-mess guide to the perfect bachelorette party speech was crafted based off what we’ve seen go down before our very eyes.

We’ve figured out what works, and what doesn’t, and then consolidated it into a helpful guide for even the most nervous speechwriter. Hopefully, you’ve got some ideas ready for your big speech, and even if you fail, you can follow it up with our crowd-pleasing activity suggestions.