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Apres The Apres | After the Apres Ski But Before the Club

forged banner apres the apres

If you’ve been to Whistler, B.C. before on a ski or snowboard trip, you’ve probably seen the unparalleled apres scene. Champagne guns, patio parties, roaring outdoor fires and an unlimited flow of booze and dancing.

The apres party is a great way to follow an epic day on the mountain. However, there’s a bit of a lull between dancing on tables in your ski boots to getting down and dirty in the underground clubs. This requires an Apres-Apres, 

While apres parties typically wind down with the sun, you can hear your echo in the nightclubs until about 1030 to 11:00pm (yup, a ghost town). It can be easy to let the apres beers win and to crash early, but trust us, falling asleep at 7:00pm makes for a nasty 10pm hangover and a sleepless, groggy night ahead! 

We know Whistler like the back of our hand, and we’ve compiled some of the best ways to bridge the gap between partying and…well, partying more. 

8 Epic Ideas to Do After Apres

Vallea Lumina

moment factory Vallea Lumina

A magical adventure deep into the woods of Whistler

Family-friendly but also extremely engaging for adults, Vallea Lumina is an award-winning multimedia, interactive light show that tells a story as you make your way through the millions of lights glistening through Cougar Mountain. 

With the easy pick-up in the village and transportation included, it’s a great two-three hour activity with flexible time slots beginning once the sun has set. 

Check out The Adventure Group for tickets and time slots that suit you. A truly unique experience that may even be enhanced by those four beers you had at apres!

Pro Tip: You’ll definitely want to have changed out of your ski boots for this one! 

Forged Axe Throwing

For those wanting to try something new (or are already a keen axe thrower), Forged Axe Throwing is a great group activity and an even better date night. 

Located in Function Junction, only 10km south of the village, Forged is easy to get to. An hour is a perfect amount of time for the pumped-up staff to teach you the basics and let you master your throw. If you want to get competitive, this is one way to get out that pent up energy. 

Forged offers drop-in rates as well as group bookings.

Not only is Forged a great activity, but it will also take you down to Function, a gem in its own right. Try Functional Pies for incredible pizza, CAMP for great espresso and Whistler Brewing for local beers. 

Pro Tip: Choose Forged Axed Throwing when you’ve had a mellow apres. Drinking and axe throwing definitely need to be kept in moderation. 

Ketel 1 Vodka Ice Room

Ketel One Vodka Tasting

Get chilly and a little tipsy inside the Ketel One Vodka Tasting room

Interested in vodka? You really don’t need to be to have a great time at a vodka tasting. Located in the BearFoot Bistro, the Ketel 1 Vodka Ice Room is an extremely “cool” experience. Literally! You’ll cuddle up in massive goose down jackets and enter the ice room, sitting at a freezing temperature of -32 degrees celsius (-25F). It’s the coldest tasting room in the world! 

You’ll learn about the origins of the vodka and of course, get to try some for yourself (four of your choice). Make a reservation at Bearfoot Bistro if you want excellent dining before or after your vodka.

Locals Tip: The lighting in the room is amazing for selfies!

Sushi Village

Got a big group with a big appetite? Sushi Village is a local go-to for those who like to eat, drink and laugh a lot. More than just a dining experience, Sushi Village is a great bridge between apres and the club (and you definitely won’t lose your buzz-saki margaritas will be flowing). 

They take a relaxed, no-shoes approach to dining and offer various multi-course options. Situated in the heart of the village, Sushi Village is a great choice and cater to vegetarian and vegan diets. 

Local’s Tip: You need a reservation, and expect to spend at least two hours here. 

Whistler Brewing

A sampler flight of beers

Explore Whistler Brewery through a guided tour and tasting flight

We already mentioned this one as a great post-axe throwing destination. Right in Function, Whistler Brewing is a great choice for the beer lover and a great way to see where a lot of the pub’s in town’s beer comes from. 

Casual snacks, board games and beer in a garage-style brewery. What better way to pace yourself and get amped for a big night out? Try a flight to figure out your go-to for later.

Escape Room

If you’re up for a challenge or get super confident in your puzzle-solving skills after a few drinks, an escape room would be a great choice for you and your group. 

With four different themes, your group can choose the difficulty level you want to attempt. You have 45 minutes to solve clues that lead to more clues that eventually lead you out of the room. It’s a fun way to stay out of the bars for an hour, and don’t worry, aforementioned CBB is just around the corner for a celebratory drink when (if) you escape!

6 Pubs to Keep the Apres Going

Whistler knows how to party regardless of the time of day. While you’ll be able to hear crickets in the nightclubs before 1030 PM, the pubs get busy at apres and stay that way until the last call. Here are the five best pubs to try if your idea of bridging the gap is to just keep on drinking!

Tapley’s Pub

The legendary local’s hangout, Tapley’s is where familiar faces gather. Featuring four dart boards, an outdoor fire pit, plenty of craft beers and a vintage skee ball machine, it’s easy to “accidentally” spend hours here-the locals do it every night!

Dublin Gate

Dubh Linn Gate

A bit of Irish lore in the heart of Whistler Village

If you were on the apres session, you probably know Dublin. Right at the base of Whistler mountain, the location can’t be beaten. An Irish feel, endless Guinness, frequent live entertainment and a late happy hour make Dublin a great place to go before the club. 

Dublin has pub food and they’ve got a great breakfast too! They cover plenty of rotating taps from sours to IPAs to local lagers.  

Cinnamon Bear

Located in the Hilton, Cinnamon Bear has a large appeal with its two pool tables. A casual, cosy lounge-style set up creates a comfortable vibe with the quality food and drinks you’d expect from the Hilton. Commonly referred to as CBB, any locals choose to frequent there daily for their apres and long into the night. 

Local’s Tip: If you’re looking for a great apres party, Swedish Apres is hosted at Cinnamon Bear every week on Tuesday from 3 to 8pm and features local bands and DJs. 

The Beacon

The Beacon is one of the most central patios in the village, making it ideal for people watching. With a cosy feel and a pool table upstairs, the Beacon is a go-to casual place for one or two (or three or four…) before hitting the dance floor. 


Home of Tuesday Karaoke, there is always something going on at Crystal. A pool table is sometimes unearthed and board games are always around. A newly added dartboard, daily specials and an open concept living room make Crystal a top choice. Bartenders and servers are long time locals, there’s a pasta restaurant ten steps away and any given nightclub is within a ten-minute walk. 


Slightly off the beaten track as locals wouldn’t consider Brickworks to technically be in the village, it often gets overlooked. In reality, Brickworks has amazing drink deals, gourmet food, great happy hours and a Spotify style jukebox! 

That’s right, a throwback to old school pubs with a modern spin. For a couple of quarters, you can be your own DJ for your pre-drinks. 

Live Music Before the DJ’s

A lot of pubs and bars host live music which tends to start a little bit earlier in the evening. Some specialize in apres but some are the perfect bridge of entertainment between dinner and dancing. 

Longhorn pub patio. Woman spraying champagne on the crowd

Did someone say champagne water gun?

We highly recommend: 

  • Monday: Longhorn for Dan Vogl acoustic at 8pm
  • Tuesday: Black’s for Sean Rose blues at 8pm
  • Wednesday: Black’s again for jam night with from 9pm
  • Thursday: Crystal for JennaMae’s soulful set at 9 PM or Brickworks for Soulful sounds from Soul Club from 9pm
  • Friday: Tapley’s for Red Chair, a classic rock band 
  • Saturday: Black’s for a local artist or Longhorn for Red Chair again
  • Sunday: Tapley’s for Live in the House: a live DJ featuring live percussion


So there you have it, there is no such thing as a lull in Whistler if you know the secrets of where to be. Whether you want a non-stop party, a mellow leeway into the late night or dinner that is more of an experience than you can imagine you can do it all. 

Whistler is a unique place where there is always something going on, and the best place to be is likely dictated by the day of the week. If you need more inspiration for apres, check out our list of best apres activities and then move on to our expert local guide on which nightclub you should be heading to