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Whistler Turkey Sale | A Locals Guide

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It’s just around the corner! One of the best events of the year! Whistler folk finally get the awesome deals on ski gear, we’ve been waiting for at the Whistler Turkey Sale. But is the Whistler Turkey Sale worth it? Potentially, we get to save hundreds of dollars to winter ski gear for the coming…

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5 Things Every Whistler Local Wants You To Know

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Are you planning to Visit Whistler soon? Did you know real-live locals call this fantastic mountain town home? While the term “local” gets thrown around a lot in Whistler. It ranges from being used to describe someone who has been here for 30 years to the kid who has been here three weeks and heard…

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A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the River of Golden Dreams in Whistler

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Want to spend a summer afternoon on the river like a Whistler-ite? Then you’re going to want to get your butts down the River of Golden Dreams. A local gem, a local dream.  Wave bye-bye to that gnarly throw-yourself-down-a-hill crazy bike park malarkey and say hello to the laid back do-it-yourself river cruise.  What is…

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What to do in Squamish…When it Rains

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Alright, we’ll level with you. Sometimes it rains in Squamish! That’s the price we pay for living in such a beautiful place we guess. But don’t despair. While you might have been dreaming of endless days hiking in the sunshine, there’s still heaps of things to do in Squamish when it rains.  In fact, if…

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What’s Whistler’s Culture Like? Let a Local Tell You

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A large proportion of Whistler’s population is made up of young people from all over the world who have come to Canada on working holiday visas (although you’ll soon notice that Australians and Brits are the strong majority!). Despite the transient nature of this town’s workforce, Whistler has a strong sense of community at its…

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6 Outdoor Spots to Practice Yoga | A Wanderlust, Whistler Crash Course


Whistler has long drawn outdoor enthusiasts from around the world for its skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. But in recent years, it’s become a mecca for a more mindful kind of visitor too. Yoga in Whistler is booming, and it’s easy to see why. In Whistler, people are passionate, in love with nature, and determined…

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Whistler’s Favourite Mountain Biking Apres Bars

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The Apres, a time to sit back, relax and tell the tales of the shredded berms and sick whips of the day. Wait just a minute, you may say, that’s not what you talk about at the Apres-Ski! Well, move over winter and snow, the tradition of the Apres has migrated to the world of…

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Get the Scoop | International Axe Throwing Day

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We’ve always thought we axe throwers deserved our own holiday.  And now we have one! International Axe Throwing day is coming up on June 13. For committed axe throwers, it’s a great excuse to celebrate everything they love about the sport. The satisfying thud of the axe into the wood, the thrill of making the…

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Canada Day in Whistler 2019

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O, Canada. The country of Tim Horton’s, ice hockey and saying sorry a lot. It’s a great place, and Canadians are pretty proud to be Canadian. And never more than on July 1 – Canada Day. A whole day dedicated to our plaid-wearing, overly-polite nation. Wherever you are in Canada, you’re sure to find parades,…

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Where to Find Weed in Whistler | Its Complicated

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Everyone in Whistler is asking, “Where can I buy weed in Whistler?” Yes, recreational use of cannabis is legal all across Canada, but in Whistler, the supply is well…. Dry. There are no dispensaries in the town, with locals and visitors alike wondering why they don’t have the same access as everywhere else in the…

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