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Where to Find Weed in Whistler | 2020 Update (Still Complicated)

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One year into legal weed in Canada and you still can’t legally get it in Whistler. What gives? Everyone in Whistler is asking, “Where can I buy weed in Whistler?” 

Yes, recreational use of cannabis is legal all across Canada, but in Whistler, the supply is well…. Dry. 

There are no legal sources dispensaries in town. Both locals and visitors alike are wondering why they don’t have the same access as everywhere else in the country. A Whistler bud shop doesn’t exist.

You’re reading this because you are just as confused. Firstly, you know it’s legal in Canada to buy and use recreational bud. Second, you know British Columbia is the place to get the good stuff. Third, you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t Whistler supposed to be a party ski-town?” All of these assumptions are true. But when it comes to weed, this town is officially dry.

What Gives, Why Doesn’t Whistler Have a Marijuana Dispensary?

Bag of weed, with image of leaf on it

Cannabis near me? Not in Whistler

The local lawmakers in our small mountain town are playing it easy for the time being. Before opening the floodgates to anyone wanting to sling pot from their back porch, the municipality wants to be slow and selective with their approach. 

Other cities, including Vancouver and Squamish to the south, have opted for a more liberal approach to dispensaries. Even before legalization. 

From what we know thus far, Whistler is taking a “watch and see” approach. They want to be careful with where and when they allow this recreational substance into their small mountain town.

As per the Resort Municipality of Whistler, when asked why isn’t there a Whistler bud shop yet?

“The RMOW has to consider how cannabis retail will impact the resort community. The RMOW has been receiving a high volume of inquiries from prospective retailers, so initially prohibiting this new land use through the zoning bylaw provides the RMOW with time to consider if and how it should be introduced into the community.”

Resort Municipalities have to concern themselves with more than just running a town. 

Appearance plays a big part in day-to-day life here. Hence, the delay in selling weed in Whistler. Just like everything else here, when cannabis does come here you can be sure it’s going to be a high-quality, upscale, Whistler dispensary. 

So, that’s it.  We have to wait.

So, Where Can You Buy Weed in Whistler Today?

We know you are wandering around looking for the Village cannabis dispensary. But you are out of luck.

Officially you can’t buy weed anywhere in Whistler today. There are no dispensaries, no retail cannabis stores here. There are, however,  many options between Vancouver and the mountain. Plus a new licensed dispensary in Pemberton.

Cannabis Retail Stories in Squamish: 

Sky High Cannabis

38054 2nd Ave, Squamish

The new kid on the block, and centrally located just off Cleveland Ave. in downtown Squamish. Sky High carries favourite strains like Girl Scout Cookies, and Bubba Kush plus interesting strain innovations as well. They sell a line of topicals and bath bombs, infused with cannabinoids that may have health benefits. Looking for CBD? Check out their high-CBD oral tinctures. From pre-rolls to potency, Sky High is a great pit stop on route to Whistler.

99 North

2020 UPDATE: 99 North is closed thanks to the provincial Community Safety Unit.

37768 2nd Ave in Squamish

The longest standing, and much loved little medical dispensary in Squamish. It’s been around long enough to know what crowd pleasers to carry, and how to provide the one-on-one support medical patients need. Sign up is easy, no matter your health concern. Everyone who visits 99 North comes away with a smile on their face, and their medicine in hand. It’s possibly one of the friendliest and cutest pot shops in BC.

Grass Roots Medicinal

2020 UPDATE: Grass Roots Medicinal is currently closed and under investigation by the provincial Community Safety Unit.

40437 Tantalus Road Unit 11 Squamish, BC

GrassRoots is a dispensary focusing entirely on medical marijuana patients. Come with proof of a cannabis prescription, or a prescription for an approved health concern (anxiety medication for example), and you can sign up as a patient.  Their showroom is filled top to bottom with glass cases stacked with premium, high-quality products. If you are looking for a flower, concentrate or locally sourced treats, this is the perfect spot to hit. Their staff are also highly trained to help you find the perfect product for what ails you.

Cannabis Retail Stories Pemberton

Another option is to head North from Whistler. Pemberton is an idyllic mountain town with farms, backcountry access, and now – weed. Why not take a Pemberton day trip on your quest to get green?

GP Cannabis

7423 Frontier Street 

Pemberton’s online licensed cannabis supply is a local favourite. GP Cannabis stocks all legal cannabis, in just about every flavor you can imagine. Only a 20 minute drive from Whistler Village, take a quick road trip here to restock, and to restock legally. Their store is beautiful inside and out, and the staff gets top customer service ratings everywhere it counts.

Cannabis Near Me (Online Options)

Screen shot from BC cannabis

The future is here – you can now legally buy BC bud online.

The future is here – you can now legally buy BC bud online.

Okay, so maybe taking a road trip to Squamish or Pembertson isn’t an option. The best part about legal cannabis in Canada is that you can go shopping for bud online. That’s right, the government of BC sells marijuana! Keep in mind that all other online retailers in the province are not regulated or approved, but the government-run option is a safe bet.

Visit their online shop and get ready to be amazed at a world with open access to government weed!

Hot Tips for Ordering Online

  • All orders shipped through Canada Post
  • Flat Shipping fee of $8.00
  • Government issued ID required to pick up the package

Obviously, we can’t ignore the fact that there are many more illicit means of getting weed in Whistler. Websites like Leafly and Weedmaps make it extremely easy to find the closest weed dealer near you at any time of the day. 

These resources don’t differentiate between those condoned by the local authorities or even those that follow federal regulation. Some of their options may not even be open anymore (Grass Roots Medicinal and 99 North still appear at the time of writing). 

If you search Whistler on Weedmaps a handful of places pop up. From high-end VIP services to local deliveries, there is a booming black market in our town.  These places, while illegal, likely exist because there are no whistler bud shops or legal whistler dispensaries.

If you choose to shop on the Black Market, remember there is no consumer protection. Products might not be tested for toxins, they might be mislabeled, and you can’t really go to the authorities for customer service complaints. Buyer beware.

Are You an International Visitor to Whistler?

a close up of a cannabis flower and jars

Looking for legal weed in Whistler. Buy online!

Here is what you need to know:

The rules for weed in Canada are generally pretty consistent from one coast to the other. There are minor provincial variations, and as Whistlerites have discovered, local ones. But, to get you started on where and when you can smoke weed in Whistler here are the basic laws.

  • You must be 19 years old in BC to buy or use marijuana.
  • You can only have 30 grams of marijuana on your person at any time.
  • You can only have 1000 grams of marijuana in your house at any time.
  • You cannot smoke or vape marijuana near schools, provincial parks, in cars or other motorized vehicles.
  • You CAN smoke in a motorhome (RV, vans, etc included) so long as it’s a residence.
  • You cannot smoke within 6 meters of a doorway or within a public building.

Where Can You Smoke Weed in Whistler? 

Trying to find a space to smoke isn’t easy in Whistler

As we said, there are often restrictions on where you can smoke marijuana, depending on where you live. Whistler, even with a lack of pot shops, is no different. Whistler maintains a strict set of guidelines for smoking anything within the town – summarized here:

Weed in Whistler is Illegal When:

  • Smoked inside a motor vehicle 
  • Smoked before operating motor vehicle
  • Smoked while participating in recreational activities such as skiing, mountain biking or watersports.
  • Used in a way that is unsafe or could have adverse health effects.
  • Used in a way that is disrespectful, which means don’t smoke in front of children.
  • Discarded as litter (don’t throw your joints on the ground).
  • Purchased on the black market.
  • Smoked within 10 meters of the perimeter of an outdoor customer service area
  • Smoked within a 10-meters of a window, door, or vent of a building. 
  • Used on the Valley Trail
  • Used on public areas (e.g., Town Square, Village Common, Village Square, and Mountain Square) or on the Village Stroll.

A good rule of thumb is if you can’t drink there, you likely can’t smoke marijuana there either. The local legislators have also asked that weed smokers stay away from the following areas (25 meters):

  • Playgrounds
  • School property
  • Sports fields
  • Beaches
  • Food concessions
  • Picnic areas
  • Skateboard parks
  • The Valley Trail
  • Transit stops or transit shelters

Importantly we also think it prudent to highlight that many hotels and the mountain itself have their own sets to rules around smoking weed on their property.

Remember: you cannot smoke anything – tobacco, cannabis, etc – anywhere on Whistler Blackcomb property. This includes the buildings, the restaurants, the pistes, the gondolas, EVERYWHERE…

Check with your hotel to see if they have a designated smoking section, where you can use upon your visit.

How Much Does Weed Cost in Whistler? 

Officially? Weed costs nothing in Whistler because there is nowhere to buy it!

However, if you are new to buying marijuana and are traveling from abroad, you might want to know what to expect once you get here.

Squamish Prices

  • Per gram: $10.00 and up
  • Preroll: $6.00 and Up
    Vape Cartridge: $50.00 and up
  • Edible: $10.00 per piece and up

Pemberton Prices:

  • Per gram: $10.00 and up
  • Preroll: $9.00 and Up
    Vape Cartridge: $35.00 and up
  • Edible: NA

BC Government Prices

  • Per gram: $6.99 and up
  • Preroll: $4.99 and Up
  • Vape Cartridge: $44.99 and up
  • Edible: $5.99 per piece and up

What About A Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Whistler?

AUGUST 2019 UPDATE: Whistler Holistic Medicine is no longer in operation. 

For patients looking to purchase medical grade cannabis, it is difficult to find a doctor in the Sea to Sky corridor who will willingly write a prescription. 

Whistler Holistic Medicine located in Function Junction provides access to Medical Doctors specializing in cannabis based medicine prescriptions, and patient educators to assist with which products and strains would be the most beneficial to your symptoms. Simply fill out a Health History Questionnaire at Whistler Holistic Medicine to be contacted for an appointment covered by MSP.

Whistler Marijuana a Waiting Game

For now, us locals will have to wait to get our hands on anything locally. But, we can plan ahead and order online or drive down to visit the shops in Squamish. Hopefully, within the next year, officials in Whistler will have a plan in place, and at least a handful of stores scheduled to open.

After all, it could be argued that cannabis is a much safer substance of choice when compared to Alcohol. Unlike some of the epic misadventures we’ve all witnessed of drunk partygoers around the village, nobody has ever flown into a stoned rage. 

Check back for updates over the next year as we keep close tabs on what is going on for Whistler marijuana,  including Whistler dispensaries, legal challenges, and events.


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