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Whistler Turkey Sale | A Locals Guide


It’s just around the corner! One of the best events of the year! Whistler folk finally get the awesome deals on ski gear, we’ve been waiting for at the Whistler Turkey Sale. But is the Whistler Turkey Sale worth it?

Potentially, we get to save hundreds of dollars to winter ski gear for the coming snow season. We work hard, play hard, but sometimes this lifestyle becomes difficult to afford.I t’s sales like the annual Turkey Sale in Whistler that keep us on the mountain with some of the best gear there is to offer. 

Don’t understand our point of view? Familiarize yourself with Whistler Culture, it’s worth it.

The legendary Whistler Turkey Sale is a four-day event over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend that has all the winter and ski gear to offer at the best prices of the year. Is the turkey sale worth going to? Hundred percent yes, especially if it’s your first season this winter wonderland this is the place to get kitted out with your skis, boards, booths, apparel, and other accessories. 

Overview of the Whistler Turkey Sale

Ski helmet sitting on a car, in snow

Time to gear up and getting pumped for Whistler’s opening day.

The annual turkey sale takes place on October 11th to October 14th located at the Blackcomb Day lodge in Whistler’s Upper Village/at the base of Blackcomb. 

All of the top name brands for ski and snowboard equipment is available to see under one roof with huge preseason savings and discounts to offer. It’s a little overwhelming how much gear is available but just allow yourself to have some time to wander around and take in what’s on offer. 

Here is the breakdown of times per day:

  • Friday, October 11th (12pm-9pm) Locals and Pass Holders
  • Saturday, October 12th (9am-6pm)
  • Sunday, October 13th (9am-6pm)
  • Monday, October 14th (10am-5pm)

Attention first-year arrivals. The first day of the turkey sale is Whistler Blackcomb’s day to show gratitude to the local community by offering exclusive access to locals and pass holders. Day two, three, and four of the sale are open to everyone. If you are a local or current pass holder try to make the first day if you can! You get the chance to see the gear first, and get the good stuff.

It’s not only the turkey sale but all through the village most of the local retailers, accommodation, and restaurants offer additional deals and discounts. It is a great time to visit Whistler and enjoy this thanksgiving fall weekend.

 Listen up Whistler locals, know the secrets

14 Tips for Whistler’s Turkey Sale

Here is a locals guide on how to survive the turkey sale and if you are in desperate need of gear pay attention folks

  1. Try to go in the first couple days, you may risk losing out on what you want the later in the weekend you go
  2. If you have signed up for a season pass it’s worth taking this weekend to go pick it up from guest services and save yourself from the madness when the mountain opens. 
  3. Make a wishlist on what you are after, so that it’s less overwhelming when you do enter into the sale
  4. If your size is out of stock, they do replenish sizes through the weekend so it’s worth coming back the next day to check
  5. Have a rough budget you would like to stick to, it helps so you don’t get carried away, get what you need
  6. Buy some decent mittens/gloves for the mountain!
  7. Make sure your ski or snowboard boots are comfortable and a good fit; you’re going to be way happier! 
  8. Know your sizes and make sure you get your feet checked with boot fittings; believe me, there’s nothing worse than if a ski boot actually doesn’t fit you properly you will have a miserable winter
  9. Go with friends and/or family makes the experience much more enjoyable
  10. Go for a coffee break , the extra kick of caffeine is needed
  11. Carry extra cash, there are machines available but they are expensive.
  12. Be respectful and courteous, there are always the ones at sales that get a bit too close for comfort and snag what you were just looking at
  13. Save up some extra dollars before the sale!
  14. There’s a likely chance it will be rainy weather so definitely check this article out to get some ideas about what to do in Whistler when it rains.

Miss the Turkey Sale? Other Opportunities for Best Deals on Gear

Woman wearing helmet, snowboarding

Helmet, goggles, skis, and boots – get the deals at the annual Turkey Sale

If you do miss the turkey sale there are other opportunities for finding deals. Most of the retailers during this time do offer sweet discounts in the shop, and there are always deals throughout the winter on last year’s gear/models if they have stock left. 

If you are a newbie to Whistler you will become very familiar with the online facebook forums/groups. These are a great source to find the best deals. The Whistler Buy and Sell facebook group blows up near the time of ski season. It’s worth keeping an eye on because people that are getting new gear will be looking to sell their old stuff. 

You can find some amazing gems within that facebook group. People post photos, description of the item and cost. Always try to negotiate the price so that you receive the best deal for the item. 

There are a few things you really shouldn’t cheap out on, first of which is a helmet. Whistler Blackcomb highly recommends wearing a helmet, and it is a requirement in the parks. Protect your head because concussions are no joke, pretty much everyone that’s been here for at least a couple seasons has experienced varying degrees of head injury and concussion. 

Check out the Whistler Reuse It Centre located just north of the main village. People donate their clothes and gear there available for others to buy at very cheap prices. Dependant on the time of year you can hundred percent hit the jackpot with that place! 

Prepare for Opening Day in Whistler – Gear Addition

If you do buy skis, snowboard or boots you may need to find somebody to do some tweaking and maintenance. Ask around for deals, and some shops will offer locals discounts to wax skis or have your boots fitted. 

Do not wait to do this when the mountain opens. Everybody leaves it to late, so there is more chance of a longer wait. Check out an in-depth guide to the Whistler ski season for a few more tips on getting started.

Boot fitting is very important to have a happy first day on the mountain, versus a miserable one. You are bound to make this mistake at some point in your mountain career. Feet can hurt or become cold from tight boots. There are several options for boots out there now that are a lot more comfortable and made to be modified to your foot. 

Boots really should be professionally fitted to avoid this problem and there’s plenty of services around town to choose from. Your feet are going to feel a bit worn down the first few days of skiing but if your feet are still in pain get the boots tweaked to provide you with more comfort. You shouldn’t have to ski in pain! 

That lesson applies to any outdoor activities in Whistler if your going to be here for the long term takes the time to learn about the maintenance of your outdoor gear. This will result in gear lasting longer and you saving your money to constantly have to replace. 

Whistler Turkey Sale Worth it?

There you have it folks a locals guide to the turkey sale with tips and tricks to conquer the sale, and most importantly save your money. The turkey sale is worth it, even just for the experience. 

It’s a great chance to see what’s on the market gear-wise, and see what other people are gravitating towards. Keep your tips up!