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6 Outdoor Spots to Practice Yoga | A Wanderlust, Whistler Crash Course

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Whistler has long drawn outdoor enthusiasts from around the world for its skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. But in recent years, it’s become a mecca for a more mindful kind of visitor too. Yoga in Whistler is booming, and it’s easy to see why.

In Whistler, people are passionate, in love with nature, and determined to live the best life possible. Which is probably why so many people in Whistler practice yoga. It’s also the perfect antidote to a big day in the mountains, giving our tired muscles a chance to recover from all that adrenaline-fuelled adventure.

We’d highly recommend fitting in some yoga while you’re in Whistler. The fresh mountain air and the stunning mountain views make it the perfect place to take your practice to the next level. You can choose to practice in one of our favourite outdoor spots for yoga in Whistler. Or head down to a class at one of our great, local studios. Or if you want the full Whistler yoga experience, book a ticket to Wanderlust Whistler – a four-day festival and celebration of mindfulness and wellness that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and truly alive.

A Wanderlust, Whistler Crash Course 

A wall of ivy, with an illuminated sign saying breathe in the middle

Deep breathing in the forests of Whistler

Thinking about coming to Wanderlust Whistler? Here’s what you need to know about the ultimate Whistler yoga experience.

What: Wanderlust is an all-around wellness experience. Over four days, there’s classes, speakers, and music, all chosen to provide an inspiring, life-affirming experience for guests. There’s classes with esteemed yogis from around the world, who will push your practice to the next level

But there’s far more too. Take part in guided hikes and runs to explore Whistler, hear from fascinating speakers on mindfulness, and sample some of Whistler’s best farm-to-table food. You can also add adventure experiences like whitewater rafting, and dance the night away to live bands from around the world.

When: August 1-4, 2019

Tickets: A three-day pass for the whole festival costs $375, or one-day tickets start at $95 (depending on the day). Or, if you want the ultimate Wanderlust experience, check out the Premium packages, which include accommodation and VIP activities and experiences. You can buy Wanderlust Whistler tickets online now

If you want to know more, check out our complete guide to Wanderlust Whistler from 2018

6 Outdoor Spots in Whistler to Practice Yoga 

You might be tempted to spend all your time at Wanderlust attending classes and events. But that way, you could miss the beauty of this amazing corner of the world. While Wanderlust does include some outdoor yoga classes, we’d definitely recommend heading down to at least one of these great yoga spots in Whistler too. You’ll notice we’ve included a lot of lakes, and that’s because they really are one of the best bits of Whistler in summer (find out why).

Pro tip: Get up early and head to any of these spots for sunrise. You’ll find solitude, calm, and unforgettable views.

Lost Lake Beach

This much-loved spot is only a few minutes from Whistler village on a bike or the free public transit bus. While you’ll find it buzzing with activity in the afternoon, mornings at Lost Lake are quiet. If you’re there before 9am, chances are you’ll only see a handful of like-minded, outdoorsy souls, mostly trail runners and mountain bikers

There’s a wide sandy beach and a big, grassy park for you to lay down your mat. The lake itself is nestled in the forest, with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks soaring above the trees. Once your practice is over, take a dip: Lost Lake is never too chilly, and the view looks even better from the middle of the lake.

Rainbow Park

Another great Whistler park, with arguably even better views, is Rainbow Park. On the far shore of Alta Lake, Rainbow Park is far removed from the bustle of the village. You can get there by cycling for 15 minutes on the Valley Trail from Whistler or Creekside. The large, open park is a favourite with locals for its stunning views and volleyball courts during the day

But there’s plenty of space for some asanas. And it’s hard not to get into the flow here. The views stretch for miles, a whole mountain range unfolding around you. And front and centre are Whistler and Blackcomb, the mountains that made this town. Looking out at them across the lake, you’ll quickly understand why the first residents of Whistler decided to make their homes here

Green Lake Park 

Free Camping near Whistler Green Lake

Green Lake yoga anyone?

To really get to know Whistler, you need to leave the village and explore further afield. And Green Lake is one spot you shouldn’t miss. The largest (and coldest) lake in Whistler stretches miles before it turns into the rapids of the Green River. It gets its name from its stunning turquoise colour, which shifts every day as seasons and conditions change.

The park at Green Lake is small, and much quieter than many others. But the best place to practice yoga is on the docks. While they may add a little extra challenge to your poses, you’ll feel totally serene, floating on the crystal clear water. You can reach Green Lake by taking the #30 bus from Whistler village or cycling/walking on the valley trail.

Russet Lake

Want to combine yoga with some first-class Whistler adventure? Plan a trip to Russet Lake, and bring your mat. This one takes a bit of getting to, but it’s worth it. Russet Lake is an alpine lake behind the summit of Whistler mountain. There are a few hiking trails to get there, all of them well worth the adventure in their own right: our favourite is the High Note Trail from Whistler peak.

And once you’re there, you’ll see why we recommend it. You’re truly in the mountains here. Dramatic peaks and glaciers tower around you, reminding you just how small we are. The setting is sure to help you get in the right headspace for some mindful practice. And after the hike, your body will thank you for it

Stand-Up Paddleboard 

A group of women on a lake in Whistler standup paddleboard yoga.

You haven’t been to Whistler if you didn’t do yoga on a paddleboard.

Do you find that yoga just isn’t hard enough on solid ground? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you. Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Whistler, and with good reason. Nothing sharpens your focus on perfecting your asanas like the threat of falling into an ice-cold lake.

All jokes aside, stand-up paddleboard yoga is a lot of fun. Not to mention, there’s something really special about practicing in the middle of a lake, surrounded by beautiful views and still water. There are plenty of SUP yoga classes in Whistler for those who are intrigued, and the instructors will help you get to grips with this new approach to your favourite sport.

Rebagliati Park

If you’re looking for a quiet spot near Whistler village to fit in some yoga, head down to Rebagliati Park. This little-known spot is often overlooked for bigger parks in Whistler, but it’s a hidden gem. Just off the valley trail between Whistler Village and Upper Village, Rebagliati Park is perched on the shore of Fitzsimmons Creek and surrounded by ancient forest.

You’ll practice with the gentle sound of the creek, and the local wildlife, as your soundtrack. It’s hard to believe this park is so close to Whistler, and that so few people seem to find it. And when your practice is over, you can follow the valley trail to Upper Village and explore the weekend Farmer’s Market, or try out one of our favourite brunch spots.

Looking for a Class? 3 Whistler Yoga Studios 

If you’re looking for some guidance from an expert, make sure to check out some of Whistler’s yoga studios before you leave.

  • Y Yoga

Located in the trendy Function Junction neighbourhood, 15 minutes south of the village, Y Yoga has something from everyone. From hot to restorative, power yoga to core-specific training, you’ll find something to suit your mood and needs.

Y Yoga also offer tons of beginner-friendly classes, so if you’re looking to explore yoga for the first time, this is a great place to start. The studio itself is big, bright, and airy, and the teachers friendly and welcoming.

  • Yogacara 

    A session at yogacara in Whistler

    Yogacara is a beloved yoga studio in the Sea to Sky.

Conveniently located right in the heart of Whistler village, Yogacara is another locals favourite. Offering a wide range of traditional yoga classes and a packed schedule, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs. And if there isn’t, you can even book a private class!

Choose from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini and Hatha Core classes, depending on what you feel you need. Yogacara has a 15 person maximum in every class, which guarantees you plenty of input from your teacher and an intimate, comfortable class.

  • Powerfulosophy

A relative newcomer to Whistler’s yoga scene, Powerfulosophy has picked up a dedicated following of locals. As you can probably tell from the name, power yoga is their thing. Expect to leave this one a little sweaty – the room is heated and the poses are challenging. They combine traditional yoga with fitness elements to create an amazing workout (don’t blame us if you’re sore the next day!)

Based out of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler (in Upper Village), Powerfulosophy offers classes once per day. The small studio means small classes and lots of personal attention from the teachers, who are pretty damn awesome!

Yoga and Whistler |  A Match Made in Yogi Heaven

Whether you’ve planned a trip to Wanderlust, or simply want to keep up your practice while you’re on vacation, you’ll love practicing yoga in Whistler. It’s the perfect way to tune in to the power of nature, and head home feeling ready to take on the world.