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What to do in Squamish…When it Rains

Banner When it rains in Squamish

Alright, we’ll level with you. Sometimes it rains in Squamish! That’s the price we pay for living in such a beautiful place we guess. But don’t despair. While you might have been dreaming of endless days hiking in the sunshine, there’s still heaps of things to do in Squamish when it rains. 

In fact, if you brave the rain, you’ll likely be treated to a side of Squamish most people don’t see – and get the whole place to yourself! To save you from a rain day of despair, here’s 30 things we love to do in Squamish when it rains.

Indoor Adventures in Squamish 

  • Climb to new heights

    Inside ground Up a climbing gym in Squamish

    With such good outdoor options, you know the indoor climbing gym in Squamish has to be good.

Channel your inner Alex Honnold and scale the heights of indoor climbing gym, Ground Up. With 8000 sq ft of climbing walls reaching up to 40ft  high, and a 100 ft long bouldering wall, you’ll keep yourself occupied for hours.

  • Become a Ninja Warrior

Ever fancied taking on the legendary Ninja Warrior course? Well, now you can! The Squamish Ninja Gym lets you pit yourself against loads of the classic obstacles that you’ve seen on TV. Everyone’s welcome, from kids age 7+, and you can choose how seriously you take it!

  • Jump for joy

Feel like a kid again and learn some aerial skills at Airhouse trampoline centre. With drop-ins for everyone from 3 year olds to adults, their staff will have you flying, spinning, and feeling like a pro in no time. There are also camps available for kids who wanna take their airborne skills further.

  • Pamper yourself

A rainy day is a perfect excuse for some me-time. Treat yourself to a full body massage from a Registered Massage Therapist at one of Squamish’s wellness centres, like Squamish Integrated Health or Sea to Sky Massage.

  • Get your skates on

Make like a hockey pro at Brennan Park Recreation Centre. Squamish’s largest community centre houses an 85 x 200 ft ice arena where you can skate the day away. If getting on the ice isn’t your thing, stop by when the local teams are playing hockey to get a taste of true Canadian culture.

  • Take a dip

Brennan Park is also home to a 25-metre lane pool and a leisure pool. So whether you fancy a workout or a splash-around, they’ve got you covered. There’s even a whirlpool and steam room to chill out afterwards. If you’re really bold, brave the damp and go for a dip in one of the local lakes!

  • Do some sun salutations

Another great way to get active when it’s wet outside is to check out a local yoga class. Not only will you treat your body and mind to a great workout you’ll also meet some lovely locals and hopefully pick up some insider Squamish tips. There are tons of studios to choose from including Shala Yoga, North Yoga and even mountaintop yoga at the Sea to Sky Gondola. 

  • Try your hand at axe throwing

Take a trip beyond Squamish for our favourite rainy day activity – axe throwing (duh!). Just a 30-minute drive north of Squamish, you’ll find Forged Axe Throwing in the trendy Function Junction neighbourhood outside Whistler. Trust us, learning the quintessential Canadian sport is worth the trip. And there are plenty more rainy day activities for kids in Whistler too.

Discover the Local Culture

  • Unearth history at the Britannia Mine Museum

    People on a mining tour in a mine

    Deep in the heart of Britannia Mine, visitors get to experience a taste of what mining entailed in the old days.

Discover the fascinating history of Squamish – which began life as a mining town long ago. Go underground and explore the mines for yourself, and then watch it come to life in a live-action show. The Britannia Mine Museum is a perennial favourite with families who visit Squamish – don’t miss out.

  • Get artistically inspired

The stunning surroundings of Squamish have inspired many artists – both local and visiting. Some of the best are on display at the Sea to Sky Arthouse in Downtown Squamish. You can even take home a print, tote bag, or wood carving of your favourite piece.

  • Learn about local Indigenous cultures

The Squamish people have lived in this beautiful region of the world since time immemorial. Discover the fascinating history, cultures, and legends of the Squamish Nation and their neighbours the Lil’wat Nation, at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre in Whistler.

  •  All aboard!

Long before there were roads to Squamish, there were trains. Explore the replica turn-of-the-century railway town and trains at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. Then test your brainpower against Squamish’s first ever Escape Room – in a vintage rail car!

  • Check out a community event

Squamish is a thriving, active community and there’s always something going on. From concerts to festivals, film screenings to street markets, you’ll find a great way to pass a rainy day on the Squamish Events listing.

  • Squamish Town Hub

Downtown Squamish is a great spot to while away an afternoon eating, drinking, and checking out the local stores. And the Squamish Town Hub is one of our favourites, combining a food truck, ice cream stall and boutique stores. Nearly everything is locally produced and sure to please the whole family.

Enjoy the Local Food and Drink Options

  • Go cafe hopping 

When you simply don’t want to go outside, spend the day watching the rain from inside any (or many) of Squamish’s local coffee shops. Cloudburst Cafe, Counterpart Coffee and Fergie’s Cafe all offer delicious food and drink that gets the local seal of approval.

  • Get your caffeine hit

Coffee lovers have to make a stop of Galileo Coffee Company at Britannia Beach, just south of Squamish. These beloved local coffee roasters make some of the best coffee in the region. Sadly their cafe is currently closed, but you can find their coffee in loads of local shops and cafes.

  • Taste your way through Squamish

Craft drinks culture is going strong in Squamish. Sample all the best local brews by embarking upon your own Craft Tasting Trail. You’ll taste everything from hoppy beers at Backcountry Brewing to cider made with BC apples, to revitalizing local kombucha – and everything in between.

  • Brunch, brunch, brunch!

    a veggie burger on a table at Zephyr Cafe in Squamish

    Hungry? Fuel up with ethical options at Zephyr Cafe on Cleveland

A long brunch is the perfect antidote to the dreary skies, and there’s plenty of choice in Squamish. The Zephyr Cafe offers hearty and healthy vegetarian and vegan options, while the Crapabble Cafe specializes in delicious farm to table dishes. On Sunday’s the Locavore is the place to be for a mimosa-fuelled morning!

  • Wine and dine

There’s no shortage of excellent restaurants in Squamish that will brighten a dreary evening. Pepe’s Chophouse offers a broad menu with delicious dishes to suit everyone’s taste. The Salted Vine is another favourite, with a Pacific Northwest-inspired menu and a focus on sustainable, organic ingredients.

Get Outside Anyway!

  • Hike in the Rain

Honestly, the views round here are so good, they’re still worth seeing in the rain. If you still to trails in the forest you’ll stay out of the worst of the rain. Or if you don’t mind getting wet, hike the Squamish Chief. While the views won’t be panoramic, you will have the usually busy trail all to yourself!

  • Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest

The Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest take advantage of the beautiful Brohm Lake and it’s surrounding forest to provide over 10km fantastic, intermediate hiking trails. And while you’re walking, you can teach yourselves some facts about the local wildlife and forests.

  • Eagle Viewing

    Bald eagle sitting in a snowy tree

    Bald eagles are present all year around, but especially in Winter

During the colder months, Squamish is one of the best places in the world to see bald eagles in the wild. The eagles return in the winter and feed on the enormous salmon populations. You can view eagles from the Eagle Run Viewing Centre, or take an eagle viewing raft trip to get up close and personal.

  • Hit the Gondola

Get high above the valley without getting wet with a trip up the Sea to Sky Gondola! Hopefully, the clouds will break for a moment so you can take in the spectacular view where the ocean meets the mountain. Failing that, you can still enjoy a delicious coffee up in the clouds.

  • Fishing

You’re probably going to get wet anyway, right? So don’t let a bit of rain stop you sampling Squamish’s world-class fishing opportunities. With many species of salmon and trout, and both lake and river fishing available, it’s worth hiring a local guide to make the most of the experience.

  • Trail Running

Squamish is spoilt with incredible trails – and they’re all the better in the rain. The Four Lakes trail at Alice Lake Provincial Park is a good place to start. The 6km trail takes you through dense rainforest with plenty of lakeside views that are just a pretty in the fog.

  • Whitewater Rafting

In the summer, a trip down the Elaho-Squamish River is one of the most exhilarating whitewater adventures in the region. With class 4 rapids and adrenaline-pumping cliff jumping, this is one for the adventurous souls in your party. And rain or shine, you’re guaranteed to end up soaked!

  • ATV tour

Puddles are for jumping in. And jumping in puddles is way more fun on an ATV! Hop aboard and get ready to get muddy as you explore the incredible single track in the backcountry of the Callaghan Valley, just north of Squamish. 

  • Kayaking 

The shimmering turquoise Howe Sound is perhaps the crowning jewel of Squamish. And exploring the sound in a kayak is a classic Canadian adventure not to be missed. You can rent kayaks or traditional Canadian canoes and go exploring, or book a guided kayak tour.

  • Mountain Biking mountain bike

Perhaps the most popular activity for adventurous types in Squamish is mountain biking. And the enormous trail network has something for everyone, from beginners to old hands. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get outrageously muddy and treat yourself to a craft beer when it’s all over.

  • Chase waterfalls

Squamish is surrounded by incredible waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. And something about the atmosphere on a rainy day makes them look even better. Check out Shannon Falls near Squamish, or explore future afield to find Alexander Falls, Crooked Falls or High Falls Creek.

Don’t let the rain ruin your adventures in Squamish!

On the coast of BC, a bit of rain is inevitable every now and then. And we don’t mind – it gives us our lush coastal rainforest and our powder-filled winters. As we said, there’s no reason to let our local weather put you off exploring Squamish. From adrenaline-filled indoor adventures, to fascinating local history, to simply deciding to get wet, there’s tons to do when it rains in Squamish.