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Top 12 Day Trips from Whistler – An Update

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To get the most out of your family in Whistler, you’ve really got to get out of the Village proper. There are limitless day trips that will take you outside of the Village and into the landscape beyond. While Whistler has plenty to offer families of all ages, there is so much more to see…

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Where to Go and What to See: Sightseeing Whistler


You’ve got a week in Whistler, and you want to see everything. We hate to break it to you (even though we kind of love this about Whistler), there’s way too much beauty to pack into a week or two of travel. To get the intimate local Whistler experience, you literally have to move here…

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The Ultimate Whistler Bucket List | 20 Things to Do in Whistler Before You Die

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It would take a lifetime to take in everything that Whistler has to offer. Whatever the season, there are literally hundreds of ways to spend an unforgettable day. From on mountain adventures to adrenalin pumping experiences, from world-class events to the perfect quiet moment, and from the best parties in Canada to luxurious fine dining,…

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Why Ziplining in Whistler is Awesome


People come to Whistler from all over the world to marvel at its beauty. The towering mountains, the lush old-growth forests, the tumbling white-water rivers, and the charming town: these are all breathtaking parts of the Whistler experience. Whilst many people explore these elements on foot, on skis, on boards or in kayaks, how about…

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Our Top 10 Whistler Activities In Summer


Most people consider Whistler just to be a wintertime excursion spot, and with its frosty weather, powdered mountain slopes, and alpine views, they’re certainly not wrong. What many people forget about Whistler is that it’s one of the best summer vacation spots in Northern America. With hundreds of local, whistler summer activities, glorious weather, and…

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What to do With Kids in Whistler? Get Outdoors!


A holiday to Whistler is the perfect time to encourage the whole family to unplug, switch off, and get outside. There are so many things to do in Whistler with kids, you might not even need to turn the TV on for the whole week! Whether you’ve got toddlers, teens, or anyone in between in…

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The Top 11 Whistler Winter Outdoor Activities


When you think about Whistler – the snowy mountains, the wintery landscape, flakes falling on the Village – it’s not hard to imagine the amount of outdoor, winter activities that are available to you. Sure, there are always the basics skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights – all exciting and fun options. But did you know there…

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Whistler Beer Festival 2019 (A Sneak Peak)


There’s never a bad time for beer aficionados to visit Whistler. But there is one weekend of the year when the village transforms into a true beer-drinkers’ heaven. For a few days, the Whistler Beer Festival takes over the village. With craft breweries from far and wide, the Whistler Beer Festival gives locals and visitors…

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The Big Bad Backpackers Guide to Whistler

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Backpacking through Whistler can be a daunting challenge. While it’s hands down one of the most beautiful places in BC, and a must-do destination, the luxury prices can put some backpackers off Whistler. But they shouldn’t! Whistler is a town built by ski-bums, and their free spirit is still strong here. There are many, many,…

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20 Photos to Convince You to Visit Whistler

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Chances are you’ve already done a little bit of research into visiting Whistler. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s a world-class ski resort, the home of downhill mountain biking, and one of the most popular destinations in Canada. And you might already be working on a Whistler bucket list. But have you seen it for yourself?…

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