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News & Events In Whistler


The Forged Guide to the Best Throwing Axes

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Axes date back to medieval times with warriors, hunting, battling and survival. The age-old tool, however, is still around and widely used today in camping, hunting, building, cutting, chopping etc. A more recent (and more fun) development in the axe world has come from simply throwing them! Where Did Axe Throwing Start? Well, there’s a…

Your Detailed Guide to Axe Throwing in Whistler 

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Axe… throwing? Yup, you heard right. Picturing people throwing axes might make you reminisce on history class and days of warriors and old-fashioned battles, but it’s become North America’s hottest activity in the last few years.  Forged Axe Throwing has been in Whistler for three years and counting. Teaching locals and visitors alike the fine…

What’s Happening in Whistler? Where to find your local Whistler Events

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Ever wonder how anyone in this town finds out about local whistler events? You heard about that awesome DJ hitting up Maxx Fish over the weekend, but you missed it. Or maybe that mountain film you have been dying to see a screening of, but you only found out about the event a week too…

A Night for Whistler Locals: Monday Local’s League

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**Update for Fall 2018: Season 6 & The Launch of When spending the season, or the decade living in Whistler, it’s all about getting to know the community. If you’ve landed for the coming winter season, it’s not uncommon to find yourself still here three years later. Whistler is one of the most diverse…