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News & Events In Whistler


The Forged Guide to the Best Throwing Axes

Banner best throwing axe

Axes date back to medieval times with warriors, hunting, battling and survival. The age-old tool, however, is still around and widely used today in camping, hunting, building, cutting, chopping etc. A more recent (and more fun) development in the axe world has come from simply throwing them! Where Did Axe Throwing Start? Well, there’s a…

Best Restaurants in Whistler | 2019 Edition

Banner Best Restaurants in Whistler 2019

You came to Whistler thinking it’s just a ski town…..Actually, it offers so much more than just the slopes. It’s proximity to fertile farmland and a steady stream of visitors and locals with cash to spend means that it long been a respected foodie destination. The best restaurants in Whistler now compete with North America’s…

Why You Need to Stay in Whistler Creekside


Once upon a time, there was a mountain armed with one six-person gondola, two T-Bars, a single chairlift, a handful of ski runs and a day lodge. This little neighbourhood was as basic as they come, but not for long… As word got out that this ski mountain had some of the best terrains the…

Whistler Beer Festival 2019 (A Sneak Peak)

Banner Whistler beer festival

There’s never a bad time for beer aficionados to visit Whistler. But there is one weekend of the year when the village transforms into a true beer-drinkers’ heaven. For a few days, the Whistler Beer Festival takes over the village. With craft breweries from far and wide, the Whistler Beer Festival gives locals and visitors…

Whistler’s Favourite Mountain Biking Apres Bars


The Apres, a time to sit back, relax and tell the tales of the shredded berms and sick whips of the day. Wait just a minute, you may say, that’s not what you talk about at the Apres-Ski! Well, move over winter and snow, the tradition of the Apres has migrated to the world of…

A Foodie Extravaganza (24 hrs) Vancouver to Whistler

Banner - Foodie Tour from Vancouver to Whistler

We know how to adventure in Whistler, but all those adventures make us pretty damn hungry. Which is probably why Whistler has become a foodie paradise over the last few decades. Whistler now boasts everything from fresh, vegan snacks, to five-course fine dining and a whole world in between. Whistler’s restaurants are world-class. They benefit…

Where to Eat with Kids? Family Friendly Restaurants in Whistler

Banner Family friendly restaurants in Whistler

Whistler is a great place to bring the kids: there’s endless outdoor adventure, a pedestrian-friendly village and tons of rainy day activities. But after any big day of family adventure, it can be a struggle to find somewhere to eat that keeps everyone happy. Luckily, there are more than enough family friendly restaurants in Whistler…

Chopped by Lumberjacks – The Best Firewood in Whistler

Having a good supply of firewood when in Whistler is a no-brainer. If you are camping (and there is no fire-ban on) campsite dinner, conversations and star-gazing are perfect partners to a warm campfire. Need inspiration for your next camping trip to Whistler? We’ve got you covered here. If you are fortunate enough to be…

Welcome to Whistler Bites: The Best Restaurant Deals in Whistler

Banner for Whistler Bites

While you might come to Whistler for the mountains, it’s pretty likely you’ll stay for the food. With everything from the quintessential après burger and beer to award-winning fine wining and dining, you’re sure to leave Whistler feeling satisfied. But it’s fair to say that not every restaurant in Whistler suits the average traveller’s budget….

Where to Eat, Drink & Be Merry at Whistler Cornucopia 2018

Forged Banner Cornucopua

Cornucopia in Whistler is an annual food and drink festival based in our beautiful mountain town. It lasts 11 days, and this year’s Cornucopia Whistler runs from November 8-18th. With over 90 food and drink events taking place over this festive period, figuring out what’s a hit and what’s a miss from the Cornucopia schedule…