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News & Events In Whistler

Bachelor Party

3 Bachelorette Games for the Ultimate Whistler Stagette

Banner Whistler bachelorette games

Whistler is a dream location for a stagette for more than one reason. From the epic bar and nightclub scene to the stunning scenery and the incredible skiing, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking to celebrate your final weekend of freedom with your bride tribe, Whistler is the place to be.  If you…

Your Detailed Guide to Axe Throwing in Whistler 

axe throwing guide to whistler banner

Axe… throwing? Yup, you heard right. Picturing people throwing axes might make you reminisce on history class and days of warriors and old-fashioned battles, but it’s become North America’s hottest activity in the last few years.  Forged Axe Throwing has been in Whistler for three years and counting. Teaching locals and visitors alike the fine…

Nightlife in Whistler | Tips from the Experts (Updated 2019)

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We know you’ve heard the stories – your friends disappear to Whistler for the ultimate snow covered vacation, but when they come back, it’s not just the skiing and snowboard they can’t stop talking about. They are talking about stories of nearly-naked partiers running through the snow. They are talking about beer after beer after beer…

15 Whistler Must Do’s Beyond the Mountain


Did you know that more people visit Whistler in the summer than the winter? Perhaps they’re finally catching on to what the locals have always known: there’s far more to Whistler than ski slopes. There’s so much in Whistler for the non-skier that you could plan a whole trip without ever buying a lift pass….

You Complete Guide to Tough Mudder Whistler 2019

Banner - Forged Tough Mudder 2019

UPDATE 2020: In January 2020, Tough Mudder was sold to Spartan Races. Stay tuned for updates to the Whistler Event. Whistler in summer is full of tough physical challenges, and even tougher athletes. To be fair, it’s hard not to be inspired to push yourself when there’s all those dramatic peaks around just waiting to…

Say Yes in Whistler! How to Make it an Experience to Remember

Banner - Wedding in Whistler

Word is getting out that Whistler makes a pretty awesome wedding destination. By combining unforgettable natural beauty with luxury facilities and world-class hospitality, Whistler brings a lot to the table. And for those with an adventurous mindset, bringing all your favourite people to experience the greatest outdoor wedding of all time seems like a no…

Forged Axe Throwing Gear Guide

Banner Forged Gear Guide

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre axe throwing outfits in our time…. From inflatable dinosaurs… To these distracting headpieces… To, well…not much at all…. Our guests have tried it all. But if you want to be sure of victory over your friends, you’d better get your hands of some real axe throwing gear….

The Ultimate Guide on Breweries from Whistler to Squamish

Beer guide Banner

  If it were left up to us, there would be a new brewery opening up every week in the Sea-to-Sky country. As it stands now, we count ourselves pretty lucky with the number of thirst quenching breweries currently at our disposal. Starting in Squamish, there is a long road of some of the finest…

How to Plan the Best Bachelor Party in Whistler

A group white water rafting

Banner for bachelor party postIf you need a little inspiration, the following hot tips will help you plan out a memorable bachelor party in the village of Whistler. Whistler has long been a playground for adults, no matter the season….

How to Party in Whistler: Tips from the Experts

Banner for Whistler Nightlife

We know you’ve heard the stories – your friends disappear to Whistler for the ultimate snow-covered vacation, but when they come back, it’s not just the skiing and snowboard they can’t stop talking about. We’re talking stories about nearly-naked partiers running through the snow. We’re talking about beer after beer after beer in a Village…