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All Your Questions About Axe Throwing – Answered

a close up of a tool

So, you’re interested in throwing axes. What about it drew you in? Was it the novelty? Was it the idea of hurling something dangerous at a slab of wood? Was it because someone challenged you? 

No matter the reason you ended up on this page, we’re glad you’re here. 

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about axe throwing. An axe throwing 101 if you will…

What Is Axe Throwing? 

The easiest way to explain axe throwing is simply aiming and hurling an axe at a target. 

The better way to explain axe throwing: Unleash your inner lumberjack with the most Canadian experience you’ll have in Whistler. 

Put on your flannel and arrive with your throwing crew. When it’s your turn to throw, grab an axe–not a giant axe, not a little axe, but a perfect throwing-sized axe. One that feels like it was meant to be in your hand: regulation throwing weight, not too sharp but just sharp enough. You’ll know it when you hold it. You’ll feel powerful. 

Then you’ll walk across the 2 slashing its spot in the target. Don’t worry if you’re new to the sport; we have experienced throwers on hand to give you a few pointers. 

Is Axe Throwing Fun?

We’re Forged Axe Throwing. Of course we think it’s fun! Why else would we have created an entire company and experience around the sport? 

Axe throwing is so much fun that sometimes people decide to make a career out of it. Ask our experienced throwers all about it!

Whether you’re competitive, just hanging around to have a good time, are on a first date or perhaps your last, axe throwing is what you make of it. 

Where To Go Axe Throwing?

The best place to go axe throwing is at Forged Axe Throwing–duh. Whether you’re in Whistler or not, that’s still our answer! If you’re outside Whistler, though, your best bet will have to be the trusty ol’ Google machine.

Where Can I Find Axe Throwing with Beer Near me? It's league night stop by to check out the competition

Once again, Forged Axe Throwing in Whistler is your answer to that question. Forged is a licensed premises, meaning we sell beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

If you don’t feel like drinking in the same place you’re throwing, you can always visit one of the two nearby breweries. 

Unfortunately, if you show up to your throwing session intoxicated, you won’t be able to participate due to safety reasons. A person under the influence with access to an axe? No, thank you. 

Is Axe Throwing Easy?

This is a layered question. While everyone can axe throw successfully, it’s not easy until you understand how to throw the axe properly. 

While throwing the axe is simple, it is tough to get the blade to latch onto the target and actually stick. If you want to know the secret to the throw, you can always ask one of our experienced throwers, who would be more than happy to help you elevate your skills. 

How Long Does Axe Throwing Take?

Axe throwing sessions can go on for as long or short as you’d like. At Forged Axe Throwing, we offer a 1-hour session for groups of all sizes and a three-hour axe throwing bonanza for up to 110 players. 

Is Axe Throwing a Sport?

Axe throwing is a sport! It’s an event held in most lumberjack competitions – yes, those are real – and has its own rules and regulations upheld by two leagues: the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) and the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). 

Is Axe Throwing in the Olympics?

Unfortunately, axe throwing is not yet recognized as an Olympic sport. Maybe one day! 

What’s an Axe Throwing League? 

Axe throwing leagues are for those who try out an axe throwing session and realise they love the sport so much that they want to keep coming back. It’s also for throwers who want to sharpen their skills and compete against other enthusiasts. 

At Forged Axe Throwing, we offer a Locals League, which gives you free drop-in sessions to practice, nightly tournaments, seven league sessions, giveaways, and the best part: the opportunity to make new friends who are also into axe throwing! 

Every week, spend some time in a friendly competition. League night is the place to improve your skills, show off as a professional axe throwing machine, and then demolish the competition.

Can You Use Any Axe for Throwing?

Two people getting ready to throw axes

Standard regulation axe in use during a round at Forged Axe Throwing.

Much like in sports such as soccer and baseball, which have regulation balls, axe throwing axes come in regulation sizes. The leagues use two main axes: small for usual rounds and big for “tiebreakers.” Generally, axe throwing targets are made from cottonwood, poplar, or pine. At Forged Axe Throwing, targets get used so often that they are typically replaced once or twice a day. Old targets are then repurposed as firewood. 

Speaking of which…. are you looking for some of the cheapest firewood in town?

What Are the Best Throwing Axes?

The best throwing axes are those that feel comfortable in hand. 

According to the NATF, the axe head must weigh between 1.25 and 1.75 pounds, the axe handle must be made of wood and be at least 13 inches long, and have a maximum of four inches of blade. 

According to the WATF, axes should have a head weight of up to 2 pounds max, handles must be at least 12 inches and can be made of wood, steel, composite fibres, or fibreglass, and must have a maximum blade length of 4.75 inches. 

Is Axe Throwing Dangerous? Is it Safe?

Axe throwing is dangerous when not done correctly. Going to an axe throwing venue is the safest way to do it. Heck, we do it so safely at Forged Axe Throwing that you can even bring your dog along! Of course, as long as they’re well behaved and on a leash. 

How to Build an Axe Throwing Target 

If you need some extra practice space and want to build an axe throwing target at home, you will need some wood. 

You can either start with plywood or go true lumberjack style and chop a round out of a tree. You’ll also need some paint to spray on your target. 

Here’s an informational video showing you how to create a plywood target, and here’s a longer video demonstrating how to make a basic target out of a tree! Please use dead trees, no need to destroy a living one.

What Are You Waiting for?

Although making your own target may sound tempting, we suggest skipping the work and coming in just for the fun. We require you to wear closed-toe shoes and be over 10 years old. Those under 10 can hang out at Forged Axe Throwing with you but will be unable to participate in the activity. 

We’re open Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 7:15 pm, and we look forward to watching you throw down your skills with us soon!