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Top 7 Axe Throwing Places in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland (2024 Updates)

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Key Takeaways:

If you’re in a rush:

  • Axe throwing has become a popular recreational activity in Vancouver
  • Venues offer trained, enthusiastic staff to ensure safety and teach throwing techniques.
  • The activity fits a wide range of events, including corporate functions, parties, date nights, and casual gatherings.
  • Forged Axe Throwing has locations in Victoria and Whistler
  • Urban Axe Throwing has one location in Port Coquitlam
  • Bad Axe Throwing has one location in Surrey

Introduction: Explore the thrill of axe throwing in Vancouver—a unique and exciting pastime perfect for various social occasions.

This post details the rise of axe throwing as an activity in Vancouver. It outlines what beginners can expect, including safety instructions and basic techniques taught by passionate staff. The venues cater to various groups and occasions such as corporate events, birthdays, and even first dates, highlighting the versatility and appeal of axe throwing. Venues are equipped with expert staff, ensuring a fun and safe experience for all participants.

You might think that skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking are the only go-to pastimes for those living in BC, but axe throwing in Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler is all the rave, too.

Axe throwing has taken the recreational sporting industry by storm over the past 10 years. It has you covered if you need to host an exciting corporate party, a new social league to join, or a way to fill a rainy afternoon. 

Look at where we started now we’re here! 

Yeah, competitive and social axe throwing is a thing now. Forged has a Victoria Axe Throwing venue and a Whistler Axe Throwing venue. The trend is spreading fast! 

What To Expect Going for Your First Time

Every axe-throwing establishment will have fun, knowledgeable staff who love their jobs. The sport attracts a specific type of person to host the activity. 

Even if you’ve never picked up an axe, you’ll leave being able to throw one (no guarantees on accuracy!). Staff will walk you through safety precautions and methods of throwing. 

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, let the games begin! Whether you’re looking for a competitive evening or just want to chill, the staff will introduce you to games that cater to your needs.

Axe Throwing is Perfect for…

Do you need an excuse to convince some friends and family to throw some axes? Here are the most common groups we see come through the door at Forged: 

Corporate Events

This is not just your average, boring corporate getaway. Leave the speeches and whiteboard behind and have people excited to come to your corporate event. Great to host fundraising or pitch some ideas between hucking some axes. 


Axe throwing for an hour is perfect for partygoers looking to hang out and still enjoy an activity. Indoor axe throwing also means you won’t have your plans ruined by the weather.

Staff Parties

Maybe one of the best ways to bring your team together and blow off steam, Axe throwing’s social aspect will have your team bonding and not just chatting about spreadsheets and deadlines.

First Dates

Want to show off to your new sweetie? What better way than to display your skills with an axe? We do have to warn you, though, that some talent is needed for lodging an axe perfectly, so you might want to practice before you put your throwing on show. 

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

This one is kind of a no-brainer. You’ll get the vibes high and the party started with some friendly axe-throwing games. Here at Forged, we have a fully licensed bar and are next door to a brewery, so you can double up with your stops.

Where Can I Throw Axes in and Around Vancouver?

All you need for axe throwing is a unit, a few passionate coaches, and a bunch of axes. Since it’s a simple concept, venues have been popping up with the rustic, lumberjack theme, each with a unique touch. 

Read on to find some of the best axe throwing in Vancouver and surrounding areas. 

1. Forged Axe Throwing, Whistler 

Forged Axe Throwing league night

No caption needed….

Whistler is one of the most epic places to visit in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and as of 2016, you can throw axes. Forged Axe Throwing (that’s us!) opened its doors in a one-of-a-kind space and has since doubled its size and targets. 

Surrounded by breweries, coffee shops, and mountains, axe throwing at Forged is a perfect activity if you’re in Whistler for a stag, looking for a fun activity, or want to get involved in a league. 

Forged also has a mobile cart you can hire that will come to you. The portable setup frequents events in town like Whistler Village Beer Festival and lets you try the sport for free.

The staff at Forged are what make it a fantastic experience. Fun, energetic, and knowledgeable, our team creates an experience for everyone to remember.

  • Hours: 7 days a week, 12 pm to 8 pm
  • Address: 1208 Alpha Lake Road Unit 1 
  • Drop-in Rates: Monday to Thursday, $37.99 per person
  • League Rates: League is your best value if you’re a local or if you drop by now and then. $99 for eight weeks, including playoffs, Monday and Wednesday nights
  • Private Event Rates: Three-hour venue buyout starting at $2,499 for the group
  • You always get a coach to teach you all the throws, run games, and make sure you get the most out of your time. They’re more like party hosts and will cater to what your group is looking for (beginner, competitive, etc.)

2. Fraser River Lodge, Fraser Valley

The team at Fraser Valley offers custom experiences for each event and works in partnership with Fraser River Lodge. 

They can host you at the beautiful lodge or come to your backyard.  

Starting as a passion project with a mission to “reconnect with our rustic coastal roots and bring our woods closer to home,” this axe throwing experience in Vancouver is more than just a fun way to do it.

Fraser River Lodge is an excellent getaway from the city that offers a variety of activities. Axe throwing is only one of many weekend experiences you can choose while there.

  • Hours: Vary based on personal bookings
  • Address: 7984 McDonald Road, Agassiz
  • Notes: Private, outdoor, and mobile events
  • Rates: Rates vary and can be arranged at the time of booking
  • Can host at other partner locations as well

3. Bad Axe Throwing, Surrey

a group of people posing for a photo

Out in the Fraser Valley? Check out Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing was the second brand in the franchise after BATL and the first of the two to set up shop in B.C. Don’t let their name fool you, thoughùthis is some of the best axe throwing in Vancouver. 

Surrey is lucky enough to be the home of Bad Axe Throwing and has even been frequented by celebrities Hugh Jackman, Charlie Hunnman, and Charles Barkley. 

Bad Axe is great because you can walk in without an appointment. Even throw by yourself if you want, as there is no minimum group size. Just check the website a few hours beforehand as the walk-in hours can change (Hugh might have the place booked out!).

  • Hours: Open 8 am to 11 pm daily
  • Address: 8132 130 St Unit 109
  • Notes: Bring your own food/drink
  • Rates: 
    • Drop-in rates: $26.98/pp/45 mins
    • Large group rate: minimum of 30 people, $40/pp, 1.5 hours
    • HERO rates apply for active military, nurses, firefighters, etc.

4. Academie Duello, Downtown Vancouver

Like the above Fraser River Lodge, AcademieDuello is run by the same team. If you’re living in Vancouver and have wondered, “Is there any axe throwing near me?” AcademieDuello is your go-to. 

If you’re into history and the weapons of the times, AcademieDuello is the spot for you. Explore sword fighting, duelling, archery, warrior battles and, of course, axe throwing. 

They host organised classes, so it’s best to inquire ahead of time. 

  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 2-6 pm, 4-8 pm Saturday and Sunday
    • Warrior museum on-site open Monday-Friday 11-5 pm
  • Address: 412 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, at the Academie Centre for Swordplay
  • Rate: Private bookings available, prices starting from $35-100 per person, depending on the number of people.
  • Notes: Sessions are a minimum of one hour and can accommodate up to 100 people 
  • Offers courses to learn all of the above activities to earn certification 

5. Forged Axe Throwing Victoria

bellingham axe near vancouver, throwing stalls lit up

Doing something a little different, Bellingham Axe is lit.

Forged has expanded to the island and we’re bringing our unique style of axe throwing fun with us! Join the team for birthdays, special events, corporate get togethers, join or league, or participate in a tournament! Lots of things are coming up so stay tuned to BC’s newest axe throwing venue. 

  • Hours: Open 7 days a week from 1pm
  • Address: 586 Johnson St
  • Notes: Licensed in February 2024
  • Rates: 
    • Drop-in rates: $29/pp/60 mins
    • Large group rate: Contact for rates
    • League rates: $59

6. Urban Axe Throwing, Port Coquitlam

Urban Axe Throwing is a rustic space that turns into an epic afternoon in Port Coquitlam. Hosting eight-week leagues played every Monday night, Urban Axe is your go-to if you can’t get enough of the sport. 

Just $95 will get you a minimum of 40 throws each Monday with a convenient 7 pm start time. They have a variety of leagues to suit your skill level and desires, including a regular, big axe and dual style league. 

Urban Axe has a simple reservation system to book online or sign up for the league. The league takes over Monday nights, but the rest of the week is free for walk-ins, private events, and venue buy-outs.

  • Hours: 2-10 pm Monday – Saturday and 12-8 pm on Sundays
  • Address: Unit 104 1611 Broadway Street
  • Notes: Bring your own snacks and drinks
  • Rates: Walk-ins for 1-6 people start at only $27.99/hour per person
  • Private Event Rates: If you want the place to yourself and 30 or more people, rates start at $840/hr
  • No walk-ins on holidays 

7. Axe and Grind

“There is a lumberjack in us all” is the motto of the Axe and Grind team, and you know what?  We agree. 

Not only is Axe and Grind registered with WATL, but they are also a part of the World Knife Throwing League. So if you want to change it up and throw some knives, they have you covered. 

The Axe and Grind league consists of four games every week on a designated night, and after seven games, you will compete in a double-elimination playoff. Their fall league runs from August until October, or you can sign up now for their winter league. 

  • Hours: Monday – Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 9pm
  • Address: 910 Government Street Victoria and 225 Terminal Avenue Nanaimo
  • Rates: 
    • Drop-in rates: $25.25/pp/60 mins
    • Private group rate: $500 for up to 35 people 
    • League rates: $155 pp for eight-week season

What To Bring for Axe Throwing

Depending on the venue, some axe-throwing venues allow you to bring your own food and drink. Other venues, like Forged Axe Throwing, have fully licensed bars and bar snacks. 

There are also a few guidelines to ensure everyone has the best time possible and stays safe. After all, you’re hucking around pretty strong weapons!

  • Closed-toed shoes are a must—That makes sense, right? Flip-flops and axes don’t mix
  • Snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic—if the venue has a licence, you cannot bring your own alcohol; if they don’t, you still can’t)
  • A plaid shirt if you really want to get in the spirit
  • Comfortable, athletic clothes—It’s a simple concept but requires mobility, so you want to be able to get a full range of motion 

Prices for most venue walk-ins are per person, per hour. You’ll get coaching, a lane with a target, and all the axes. An hour of axe-throwing is a ton of time to perfect your skills! 

Most recreational venues, as you read, also have leagues for the avid thrower. Leagues give you the best value for the most axe throwing and are a great way to let off steam!

Even though you can usually just walk in, it’s best to call the venue ahead to avoid disappointment, as buy-outs are common across all axe-throwing facilities (for good reason!) 

Axe Throwing Is Taking Over

Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate team building, a rainy day, date night, or time to get back into some competition, axe throwing is the activity of the decade!

It’s a guaranteed good time no matter who you are throwing with and is super addictive—just look at the growth of leagues across North America. 

So if you’re into axe throwing in Vancouver or looking to try it while on a Whistler holiday, make sure to drop into Forged Axe Throwing and see what all the fuss is about.