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The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Whistler, Canada

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The things to do in Whistler, Canada are endless. Whistler is a limitless source of inspiration for those with an adventurous spirit.

This is your go-to list of everything awesome in Whistler. If you have FOMO, here are the things to do in Whistler that you won’t want to miss out on. Better yet, because Whistler is a year-round resort town, we are keeping this list packed full of year round activities. That means no suggestion for skiing, when you are visiting in July. 

This is a tested list of outdoor adventures, dining options, arts and culture activities, and a little something for your health and wellness. We guarantee this mountain town has something for you.

Outdoor Things to Do in Whistler, BC

Here is the list of year-round outdoor activities that will provide you with a fabulous experience. 

  • Ziplining

Join Ziptrek Eco-tours on a zipline adventure and learn about this area’s ecosystem. Both educational and exhilarating you will not want to miss out on this adventure. Offered all year-round and is sure to deliver. Superfly is another zipline company that offers lines around cougar mountain, a different feel nestled in the forests around Cougar Mountain, but still just as much adventure. 

  • Year-Round Fishing

Whistler offers the perfect destination for year-round fishing. Opportunities to travel with the local and experienced guides to help find the hidden fishing spots. If you’re a person really into fishing this is the dream spot as any time of year is a great time to fish, if you’re just getting started what better way to start than in the scenery of your dreams.

  • Mountain Skills Academy Tours

Be sure to check this out as they offer various tours throughout the year. Everything from via Ferrata tours which is a mixture of hiking and climbing, rock climbing, glacier tours, hikes, and backcountry exploration. Learn more about the mountains and how to play safely in the changing conditions. 

  • Whistler Bungee

Are you ready to take on a 50ft jump off a bridge that overlooks the Cheakamus river? Then check out Whistler Bungee located 20 minutes south of the village. Whether you decide to jump in the summer or winter, it’s a beautiful setting for the jump to take place. Don’t worry they have photographers on hand to capture each special moment of your jump for proof. 

  • Whistler Heli-Tours

All year round, Whistler Blackcomb Heli-Tours offers a unique experience to see what secrets this vast landscape has to show. Through the summer you can sightsee with some bonus activities (think yoga on a mountain top). In the winter, these heli-tours help powder hounds find their flow. Sign up for the fresh track tours and get your powder laps in. 

Indoor Things to Do in Whistler, BC

  • Forged Axe-Throwing

Located in Function Junction experience the art of axe throwing. Learn the top tips to score a bullseye every time. A fabulous activity if you’re looking for something for a larger group as it’s a ton of fun and very cost-friendly. Be sure to wear your plaid to immerse yourself in a truly Canadian experience. 

  • Escape Room

Race against the clock as you work your way through clues to escape the room. This is the place to test your teamwork skills. Escape room is an interactive activity located at the base of the Hilton. Such a fun activity and something different to do on your Whistler vacation! 

  • Indoor Rock Climbing

Weather not looking that agreeable? Visit the Core located in the main village for some indoor rock climbing. A super fun activity to do when it’s a rainy day out with your friends or family. If nobody is comfortable to belay, you can for sure hire an instructor to spend an hour belaying your climbs. 

  • Whistler Village 8 Cinema

Located on the village stroll stop by the cinema to catch that film you have been eager to see. Tip: Book online if you know it’s a movie everyone wants to see, it gets really busy as it’s the only cinema in town. Grab that buttered up popcorn and sweets for a little movie snack. 

  • Ice Skating 

If you’re looking to get a few skating laps in, visit the Meadow Park Sports Centre. An  activity to do all year round and especially in the winter. Be sure to check out their website for the drop in rates and/or special rates on offer. Once a month they offer a disco skate! From early December to late March there is outdoor skating available at the Olympic plaza. 

Drink & Dine Things to Do in Whistler Village & Beyond

  • Rimrock Cafe

One of the best restaurants in town, be ready to be swept off your feet with delicious fine dining. Be sure to book ahead for this one as they book up quickly especially around the holidays. The servers are very knowledgeable about food and wine. This restaurant is based in Creekside. 

  • Creekbread

Another restaurant located in creekside, is the famous Creekbread. This is a delicious pizza place as it uses only local ingredients. Pizzas can also be made vegetarian- friendly, vegan and gluten-free so that all can enjoy. The pizzas are extra yummy as they are fired up in a wood-fired stove that brings that rustic flavour to the place. 

  • Whistler Brewing Company

The Whistler Brewing Company located in Function Junction is a great place to visit if you’re a beer lover. Take one of their brewery tours to learn about how the beer is made, and try one of their latest flavours. The brewery has a really fun and cozy atmosphere with live music on certain days of the week. They also offer gluten-free beer, cider and wine as alternatives. 

  • Elements

Be sure to check out Elements, this is a fantastic breakfast/brunch place located in the Summit Boutique Lodge. This is voted Whistler’s best breakfast place as they are known for their innovation and delicious tastes. All their food is sourced locally. Check out their website to find out times open as they tweak hours during shoulder season, meaning between the winter and summer months. 

Arts and Culture Things to Do in Whistler

  • Audain Art Museum

The  Audain Art Museum showcases the art of British Columbia. It’s such a beautifully designed museum on the outside and inside. This is a great way to soak up the local art and culture of Whistler and the rest of British Columbia. There is always a rotating exhibit as well to keep fresh and interesting!  

  • Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre

This is listed as an award-winning aboriginal museum that showcases the living cultures of Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations. Experience the exhibits, art, food and language.  Through the winter they offer a First Nations Winter feast to allow you to immerse yourself into a deeper understanding of the culture. 

Wellness Things To Do Around Whistler

  • Scandinave Spa

The best spa in Whistler is none other than the Scandinave Spa located just north of the main village. Immerse yourself into the serene silence and tranquility. Let the hydrotherapy cycle of hot and cold soothe your soul. 

  • Yoga

Yogacare located in the main village is a fantastic yoga studio, a place to rest and unwind. Once you sign up for your first class you can even book online, which offers that flexibility especially when your in holiday mode. The class has a nice atmosphere for all yoga abilities. Namaste. 

  • Be Beauty Spa

Looking to treat and pamper yourself? Located in Whistler Village Be Beauty is an excellent place to book a manicure/pedicure, brow shape, and/or some tanning time. Run by a plethora of professionals they do take care of their customers very well, and guaranteed you will walk away happy with their service. 

Check out more on wellness activities in Whistler! 

Bonus! Free Things To Do

Many of the activities mentioned above do include some sort of cost but just remember the magic of Whistler is it’s outdoors. The outdoors are free to look at and participate in. 

If you’re into hiking there are many hikes in the Whistler region to explore. Check out the Ancient Cedars, Cheakamus Lake, Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk, and Wedge. Do your research to find out what sort of fitness level you need to be for certain hikes. 

If you already have your bike or touring gear then the world is your oyster. Whistler is home to some of the best terrain in the world. Send it! 

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A Never Ending To-Do List, But that’s Okay

There you have it, the Ultimate List of Things to Do in Whistler, Canada. Get out there and explore! This place is about disconnecting from technology and soaking up what this outdoor culture has to offer, which is a lot. 

Take a moment and put down the camera. Look at the views in front of you. Take a  breath in the fresh crisp air and take a moment to escape one reality for another.