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Forged in the News | Summer Round Up 2019

Summer News Roundup 2019

Have you heard the news this summer? Forged is making waves as one of the best activities in Whistler, BC. We have earned ourselves a bit of a reputation – locally, nationally, and abroad. We have collected close to 600 five star reviews on Trip Advisor and are currently rated 4.9/5 on Google. It’s not hard to see why so many people are talking about us. 

This summer we made it into some pretty exciting news pieces, podcasts, travel vlogs, and itineraries. If you have plans to come to Whistler this year, you might want to take a look at what others are saying. 

Leave it to those that have traveled before you to lay out the path before you.

Without further ado, here is our Summer News Round-Up of Forged. Whether you are a dog-lover, a globe-trotter, a foodie, or a family of six, you’ll find we’ve been recommended by the best in the industry.

The Idyllic Lakeside Getaways of Canada 

Nita Lake lodge, view from the lake

Get out of the village and experience the quieter, more peaceful side of Whistler.

How to plan a luxurious getaway in the country with the most lakes in the world

The Washington Post

For international travels explicitly looking for the perfect Canadian lakeside vacation, Whistler tops the list of Canadian destinations according to the Washington Post. Although Whistler boasts a total of five lakes to paddle, swim, and play in, Nita Lake holds unique appeal.

If it weren’t for the skiing and mountain biking, you’d be forgiven if you never left the shores of Nita Lake. Stay at Nita Lake Lodge, relax at its award-winning space, and dine in at their on-site restaurants. 

Still, you may wish to see what else Whistler has to offer the lake-bound traveler. Head south on the Valley Trail to experience a taste of Whistler like a local. That means Forged Axe Throwing and Functional Pies, according to The Washington Post. Head North along the same trail system to hit the slopes, experience fine dining, and wander through the Village.

On Trend: Three local axe-throwing outfits carving out a niche

BC Business

It’s nice to get a shout out from BC Business, especially when we are named one of the three axe throwing venues to watch in the province of BC. We are especially excited about this piece because it came out right before we celebrated World Axe Throwing Day. 

If you missed our 2019 celebrations, don’t miss out next year! Come for a free introduction to the sport of axe throwing, one hell of an afternoon of activities, plus a few surprises!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Whistler for a Pawfect Getaway

Trivago Magazine

Pack up your pooch and head for the mountains to one of these dreamy pet-friendly Whistler resorts.

As a very pooch friendly establishment, we pride ourselves in knowing where to send our furry guests in terms of accommodation. Whistler might be one of the best destinations for dog owners because of the dozens of options. From budget-friendly hotels to high-end resorts, this town has more than a few options for you and your four-legged friend.

Trivago gave us a shout out on their list of the most dog-friendly places in Whistler because we are also SUPER dog-friendly. If you’ve never been to Forged Axe Throwing before, we can confirm you’re likely to run into a pup or two on-premises. Check out our Instagram for more dog-lovin’ action.

Why Whistler’s a Top Wellness Destination for 2019 

Shine Magazine

Shine Magazine named Whistler a must-visit destination for all things wellness in 2019. With the never-ending adventures, we aren’t one to argue. From hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, gourmet dining, spa treatments, lake days, and ziplining – we are a hotbed of activities to fill your soul.

While most people might not consider axe throwing a “wellness” activity, let’s tell you our opinion. Axe throwing is a game of physical and mental dexterity. It’s a bit of friendly competition, and we’ve witnessed it turn even the biggest skeptics into full-blown addicts. It also a sure-fire cure for rainy-day blues. Axe throwing is basically what Canadians do for wellness, to work out our frustrations and negativity. We can personally attest to its rejuvenating qualities.

James Anderson on Whistler Sport Of Forged Axe Throwing

James Anderson with axes

A perfect shot James!

Travel Writers Radio

Forged cofounder sat down with Travel Writers Radio to talk about the wild world of competitive axe throwing. If you missed it, James goes deep into our back story, and the reason why we exist in Whistler today. 

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty about how our games are set up, he covers the game specifics: how to score, what kind of axes are acceptable, as well as a number of the finer points of the game.

As per James, “Its a modern sport. Everyone can compete. We’ve had players ranging from 10 years old to 89 years old. It’s accessible for everyone.” 

Whistler Indoor Activities: 8 Favourites From A Local

Go Far Grow Close

While we love the international attention, it means so much more when we get a recommendation from a local. Local recommendations mean you aren’t a tourist trap. We have achieved approval in the eyes of the people that live here. 

When it comes to indoor activities, we consistently top the list of options in Whistler. Go Far Grow Close used his personal experience living in Whistler during the rainy months to create the perfect (and budget-friendly) list of activities to do when it’s wet outside. We are happy to report we made the cut! 

As per Go Far Grow Close, 

“I have done this a couple of times with my whole family (14-22 years old) and we have loved it. It is very challenging to throw the axe, hit the target, and also have it stick in the target. There are different techniques and challenges like two handed throws, one handed throws, and two axes in two different hands, just to name a few. You have your own guide for the hour who teaches you technique, comes up with and monitors games, and generally makes sure that you are having a lot of fun. If you are ready to get in touch with your inner lumberjack, then you are ready for axe throwing.

Summer Ski Towns Worth Visiting Once the Snow Melts

A view across the Nita lake in Whistler

Go where the locals go to cool down in summer.

Hit the Slopes for Mountainside Adventure, Fewer Crowds and Low Rates in the Off Season

News Week

When Newsweek gives you kudos, you stand up and listen. And yes, we absolutely agree with them when they talk about Whistler as an excellent summer-ski destination. We also agree that hitting up Forged Axe Throwing for International Axe Throwing Day is an excellent new ski-town experience in summer.

Nature-loving travellers who love to explore cool mountain towns during the summer months will have a lot of food for thought browsing through this article. If Whistler, BC; Telluride, Colorado, and Breckenridge, Colorado aren’t on your summer ski resort bucket list, you might want to reconsider.

Foodie’s Guide to Whistler

Mind Food

If you have been following along with Forged Axe Throwing over the years, you’ll notice we get out a lot. We have a lot of favourite breakfast joints, a few brunch suggestions, and are a great resource on budget-friendly dinners in the Village. 

Mind Food loves a good meal just as much as we do, and put together an excellent resource for the foodies visiting Whistler this year. Function Junction, our local neighbourhood, may look a bit industrial – but it still gets the attention of the Mind Food crowd. Why not take on the Whistler foodie itinerary they outline? Hit Functional Pies for an epic East Coast-style pizza pie, then visit Forged Axe Throwing for an afternoon of friendly competition?

Calling all Lumberjacks: It’s Time to Try Axe Throwing

Lumberjack with suspenders, and beard, looking into the camera

Grab your plaid shirt, your axe, and trim your beard. This is the ultimate list for the lumberjack.

Explore Magazine

Many Canadians have picked up a copy of Explore Magazine to get inspired by the many awesome adventures this country has to offer. This summer, we got lucky, and we made it into their publication! They highlighted our venue in celebration of International Axe Throwing Day. 

Thanks for the spotlight, and allowing us the opportunity to talk about our favourite local non-profit Zero Ceiling and the Whistler Community Services Society. On June 13th, we highlighted the excellent work they are doing for our community, all while celebrating the sport of axe throwing. 

We’ll let James take it away, “As well as showing our regulars and first-timers a good time on June 13th, we also wanted to use the day to give back to our community. It’s important to encourage more people to talk about mental health. Here at Forged, we are always keen to bring different communities together and promote inclusivity. The open house, like our local’s league, will be a good opportunity to bring people together and have fun, while supporting Zero Ceiling and Whistler Community Services Society.”

Did you see Forged in the news this summer? Or maybe you wrote your own blog (or vlog) about your trip to Whistler. Hit us up! We’d love to see the videos, photos, and stories about your recent experiences. 

Let’s leave off on a high note, a raving five-star review left over the summer of 2019

Last-minute decision to fill in the afternoon, my girlfriend and I came across Forged, and it was honestly the most fun we have had. Neither one of us have ever thrown an axe and Conner our instructor was a blast and just made the whole experience. Would definitely come back again!! – Mel W.

Now cheers to that!