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Party in Whistler this Weekend! (All the Details)

Banner Whistlers party weekend!

Whistler may be world-renowned (and for good reason) for its skiing and snowboarding, but anyone who has been to the little piece of winter paradise knows that the fun carries on long after the last lift shuts. Whistler’s party scene is something that helps keep the people coming back year after year!

Like many ski resorts, Whistler has a huge apres scene that will take you well into the early hours of the next morning. Work hard, ski and play hard is how most locals like to live. So, if you’re looking to get the full Whistler party experience, look no further. From the best spots to have a beer to a full blown Whistler party bus experience, we’re here to help.

Where to Pre-Drink in Whistler (Before the Party)

The nightclubs don’t kick off until the later hours of the night, but there is certainly no shortage of adult beverages to drink beforehand. 

One of the many reasons Whistler is so incredible is the convenience. You have everything you need within five seconds of your ride-out. The location of your accommodation likely allows you to walk or grab a quick free shuttle to the lifts, so no need to worry about who’s driving. 

If you’d like to go home and change out of your gear, you’ll be able to. That being said, anyone who’s been to a Whistler party will tell you that the common attire at any bar between 3 PM-6 PM is goggles on the head and ski boots on the feet. 

The Best Apres In Whistler

  • Longhorn Saloon

Commonly referred to as “Longies,” this bar and grill is literally at the base of Whistler mountain. It’s impossible to miss (and hear). With DJ’s spinning the hottest hits, champagne guns spraying the dancing party-goers and outdoor fireplaces and heating, Longhorn’s patio is always a hot spot for an apres. For obvious reasons, no minors past noon. 

Local’s Tip: Try the famous bulldog drink!

  • Dublin Gate Irish Pub

Meeting at “Dub” is a great choice to finish your day (and start your night). With daily happy hours, an outdoor firepit and an ideal location, Dublin has a great vibe. A local favourite, Dublin serves great appies to share and is often noted as having the best beer selection. Right across from the gondola in the village, Dublin is a win. 

  • Garibaldi Lift Co (GLC)

A bit more of a chilled vibe, GLC’s patio is excellent for ski-watching as it is situated right in the ride-out of Whistler mountain. With their famous triple-shot “buckets,” GLC is a great place to get the party started.

Local’s Tip: Catch the mountainside fire and ice show every Sunday night. Watch skiers and snowboarders jump through flaming hoops while you sip an ice-cold beer.  

  • Tapley’s Pub

A bit off the beaten track (by this we mean a four-minute walk rather than two), Tapley’s is the local’s go-to spot. With darts, skeeball, and a big-screen TV everywhere you look, Tapley’s is the sports lover’s dream. Share a jug or a platter of pub food around the outdoor fire, watch the game or play one of your own. It’s the local’s living room!

After the Apres, But Before Heading “Underground” 

You’ll hear locals refer to “going underground” (often in an “I’m not going underground tonight” context that is shortly disproved). We mean it in a literal sense; the nightclubs are all downstairs. These places typically get busy around 10 PM and stay at capacity until 2 AM, the legal time they must stop serving alcohol. 

To bridge the gap between apres and underground, give these bars a try. 

Local’s Tip: BC law requires two pieces of identification. A government-issued photo ID in addition to an ID with your name and signature (e.g. a credit card). To get the best experience, politely provide your ID whether you’re fresh 19 or well into your 30’s.

Beacon Hill burger

Beacon Hill’s got what you need for late night fare.

  • The Beacon

Well-known for it’s excellent “people-watching patio,” the Beacon is smack dab in the middle of the village. It has happy hours, local craft beer and a pool table. 

  • Crystal Lounge

Crystal is a local favourite, with darts, a pool table, decently priced shots and lots of board games. Home to the rowdiest karaoke in town on Tuesdays, trivia and open mic throughout the week, Crystal is a hot spot. 

  • Brickworks

Featuring daily deals and a jukebox style music player (linked to Spotify), Brickworks is a great place to kick back with friends for a few doubles before hitting the dance floors. 

  • El Fernie’s 

AKA El Furniture Warehouse, this chain boasts $5.95 food all day, every day. A great place to get some food in you before your big night continues. Lots of locals and good vibes. 

  • Tapley’s (again)

As we mentioned, it’s the local’s living room, The place is always busy. The game is on, the beer is flowing, and everyone you’ve ever met in Whistler is there. 

Where to Find the Hottest Party in Town

Whistler publishes an excellent, free newspaper called The Pique that can be found at many pubs, local retailers and grocery stores. Grab a copy and flip towards the back to take a “peek” at everything that’s going on each day of the week. Or, check out the online version here.

On any given weekend, all of the clubs are packed and a great time. If you’re in town on a Friday or Saturday, you can’t go wrong with your pick. If you come during the week, each club own’s a night, often coupled with a pre-drink event. 

Image of inside Moe Joes during a big night out.

Parties to rival our college Days at Moe Joes – the perfect destination for a stagette

  • Sunday: Moe Joe’s (beside Tapley’s) hosts a glow party every Sunday, and is a local go-to. Unlimited glow sticks, face painting and an all-round good time, get there early.
  • Monday: Moe Joe’s now graciously hosts Maxxfish Mondays, as Maxxfish is no longer in operation. Case of the Mondays is a well-known DJ that spins tracks into the early AM. Catch Monday night football or Crystal’s trivia for your pre.
  • Tuesday: Tuesdays are wild. Between Swedish Apres at Cinnamon Bear, an early apres party from 3-6 PM, karaoke at Crystal and Bingo at Tapley’s, you have a variety of options. The biggest advice we can give you is to go early. 9 PM karaoke? Get there for 7. Tommy’s Tuesday’s kick-off at Tommy Africa’s after with great drink features and a swanky post-renovation feel in the club.
  • Wednesday: Bill’s Industry Night. Buffalo Bill’s is the place to be on a Wednesday. That’s where everyone will be! Bonus: Bill’s has pool tables and arcade games for a more chill vibe. It’s also right beside Fat Tony’s, the go-to pizza place for after the bar, open until 3 AM.
  • Thursday: Garf(inkel)s. How can you spot a tourist? You hear the full name of the club. Moe’s, Tommy’s, Taps, Maxx, Dub, – etc. Garfinkel’s is only ever referred to as Garfs (saves time doesn’t it?) and is the place to be on a Thursday with all of the locals.

Whistler often hosts world-renowned DJ’s and artists. Following the above nightclub’s Facebook pages is a great way to be in the know for ticketed events, themed parties (plentiful) and the can’t miss parties. Whistler locals are also big party animals, and share the most exciting events via a Facebook community. 

Local’s Tip: Not really into the nightclub scene, but 1 AM sounds childish to stop drinking? Brandy’s at the Keg is the only “above ground” bar that serves until 2 AM. Packed with HD TV’s, it’s another great local’s hangout. The staff of surrounding bars that finish their clean up and are done by 1:40 AM often run over for the last call, so expect it to be packed until 2 AM. 

Experience Them All in One Night: Bar Hop

Can’t decide where to go? Don’t want to wait in line or pay cover? Booking a bar hop is the perfect way to meet locals and other party tourists, and take the stress out of planning your night. There’s nothing worse than paying a hefty cover and deciding it’s not your vibe after ten minutes. Bar Hop will give you a taste of all the best places to party. 

For only $65 each, you and your crew can join Friday, Saturday or even Wednesday night bar hops. Starting early so you don’t have time to fall asleep, bar hop is an epic time. With five drink tickets, complimentary cover, line-skipping and even an end of the night slice of pizza, the price tag is well worth it and is way more cost-effective than jumping around the clubs on your own. 

Put the Party on Wheels

Coming from out of town or looking to celebrate big? A Whistler party bus is an unforgettable option for a big group looking for a great time. Seasons Event Group offers several options from limos to RV’s to luxury coach buses and will do all the planning for you. 

You can get an instant quote for your group size and what you’re looking for. Costs range largely from $60/hour to $500+.They’ll even help coordinate your partying (all of the clubs we mention above have table and bottle service options). 

If you’ve got a crew of 20 who love the EDM scene, check out Moonlight Limos party bus limo. With laser lights, an aux cord and direct airport pickup, the party starts as soon as you board. They service the entire sea-to-sky area.

While drinking alcohol in a vehicle is strictly prohibited by law in BC, you can book a bus with a dance pole. So, leave the booze to the apres, pre-drink and nightclub and practise your moves on the bus. 

Whistler’s Party Scene is Legit, Don’t Miss It

Whistler is a magical place, anyone who has been there will tell you the same. If you think you can handle it, the apres to nightclub scene is lively every, single day. If you really want to party, think about coming for MLK weekend, the busiest weekend in Whistler. Get ready to party like you are in college (college kids and all!).