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Best Restaurants in Whistler | 2021 Edition

Best restaurants in Whistler 2021

What’s one surprising but true fact about Whistler? The best restaurants in Whistler compete with North America’s finest. So to be a foodie in Whistler is an excellent place to be. 

No matter where you are staying or what your budget is, you’ll never get bored of all the places to eat in Whistler. The best Whistler restaurants span the world in terms of taste and cuisine, as well as budgets.

If you love good food as much as we do, we think you’ll appreciate the diversity of Whistler’s restaurants. So whether you are putting on your finest Whistler formal wear or something with an elastic waistband — check out our expanded list of places to eat in whistler 2021.

What Makes Whistler’s Restaurants So Great?  

Just 25 minutes north of Whistler is the Pemberton Valley. This is fertile farmland that produces an abundance of organic produce, some of which ends up in the hands of Whistler’s finest chefs.

For the serious foodie, hit up Pemberton for a Day to get the dirt on where all this good product comes from!

Furthermore, we can’t beat around the bush: there is a lot of money that passes through Whistler each year. Visitors come from across the world to play in this mountain town, and some come prepared to spend big and live large. 

Tourism has created opportunities for restauranteurs to build off the local bounty. At Forged Axe Throwing, we have been lucky enough to get a taste of the best restaurants in Whistler. 

The 6 Best Cocktails in Whistler

We love food, but we also love cocktails. Give us a whiskey sour, a negroni, or a slushie margarita, and we are happy! 

1. Bar Oso

Bar Oso in Whistler

Transported to Spain at Bar Oso

  • 150-4222 Village Square, Whistler
  • $$$

This venue offers Spanish-influenced small plates, tapas, and house-made charcuterie. Hand-crafted cocktails and a carefully curated wine list make a seat at the long, stone bar a prime place to be. If you’re a fan of gin, Bar Oso is a place to go. 

They pride themselves on an original list of gin and tonics, a favourite drink in Spain. A Whistler restaurant with a touch of Spanish flair.

2. Raven’s Room

  • 4299 Blackcomb Way, Whistler
  • $$$

The Raven’s Room is the self-proclaimed premier cocktail bar and eatery in Whistler. Located in the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre, this is the perfect destination for date night or your next business meeting.

Will you dabble with a tequila (aka “Mom Wants the Pool Boy”) concoction or something a little stronger with the White Negroni? You won’t be disappointed by their expansive cocktail, beer, wine, and spirits menu. 

3. The Cure Lounge & Patio

  • 2131 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler
  • $$

For those staying in Creekside, or better yet, Nita Lake Lodge, the Cure is an excellent option for elevated cocktails in Whistler. Nestled into the first floor of Nita Lake, it has one of the best patios in the area.

The Cure offers upscale pub fare from local and sustainable sources, plus an evolving list of innovative cocktails. Not into cocktails? Check out their list of local beer, wine, and cider.

4. Basalt Wine & Salumeria

  • #13 – 4154 Village Green, Whistler
  • $$$$

Basalt is a destination for true foodies and wine lovers. They curate one of the best wine lists in Whistler, with a big focus on sourcing from local wineries. If you prefer spirits, they craft a creative list of craft cocktails, including an always-changing Aperol spritz list.

Paired with the beautiful interior and knowledgeable staff, this is a cocktail bar not to miss in Whistler. We highly recommend sitting at the bar!

5. Alta Bistro

  • 104-4319 Main St, Whistler
  • $$$

This place is a firmly established foodie destination in Whistler, but it’s not just with food that it excels. Alta Bistro offers an outstanding cocktail menu with seasonal and changing ingredients and inspirations. 

The chef highlights local ingredients, and Alta Bistro continues to focus on a sustainable hospitality practice.

6. Ketel One Ice Room at Bearfoot Bistro 

  • 4121 Village Green, Whistler
  • $$$$

Talk about opulence … At Bearfoot Bistro, you can find a Ketel One-sponsored ice room. Inside this literal icebox, you can find over 40 premium vodkas.  

Don’t feel the decadence yet? You enter this space, which is -25 ‘C, with a borrowed Canada Goose jacket. That should help. The idea behind this space, which is the coldest vodka tasting room in the world, is that the coolness allows you to taste the unique vodka flavours as the alcohol ‘heat’ is tampered down. Vodka never tasted so delicious.

The 6 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Whistler

1. Aura 

  • 2131 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler
  • $$$

Aura restaurant has got to be in one of the most beautiful spots in Whistler. Nestled next to the less frequently explored Nita Lake, this restaurant is defined by its casual and local approach. 

While parking is free, free shuttle buses can take you from Whistler Village to Nita Lake Lodge if needed. If you’re intrigued by the processes involved in producing delicate dishes, you’re in luck: Aura has an open concept kitchen so you can ‘eavesdrop’ on the kitchen’s inner workings.

2. Basalt Wine + Salumeria 

  • #13 – 4154 Village Green, Whistler
  • $$$$

Yes, here we are again, but it’s worth another shout-out (and staying for diner). Basalt Wine + Salumeria offers artisanal food accompanied by local and international wine. We love this Whistler restaurant for many reasons. 

The outdoor patio is a draw for people watchers and those wanting to be seen in the Village. In winter, it continues to ooze coziness as Basalt provides heated lamps and blankets. The menus are seasonally inspired and celebrate the West Coast’s best offerings. In addition, Basalt focuses on buying organically grown local produce.

3. Araxi

Dining inside the wine room

Fine dining at its best, Araxi has a little luxury for every one – and great deals in the low season!

  • 4222 Village Square #110, Whistler
  • $$$$$ 

Ask a local for a recommendation for the best restaurant in Whistler, and you’ll probably hear the name Araxi come up multiple times. 

This restaurant was one of the earliest pioneers of authentic farm-to-table dining, so you can be confident that you are receiving local ingredients that support local farmers. 

If you are a fan of seafood, Araxi is a reliable option. Between 3 to 5 pm, freshly shucked oysters are available in Araxi’s very own oyster bar. Plus, the menu features a lot of fresh seafood.

4. Bearfoot Bistro

  • 4121 Village Green, Whistler
  • $$$$

Beyond its special vodka-tasting ice room, Bearfoot Bistro has other fantastic qualities that make it tempting for a foodie and make it one of the best restaurants in Whistler. 

Sometimes you might get to try a rack of wild caribou, or another time pepper-crusted elk carpaccio, or why not some steamed Dungeness crab while you’re at it? The menu choices change daily depending on which local ingredients are available. 

A sommelier is on hand to take the wine-pairing choice out of your hands, so you can continue eating. Or why not try out the champagne sabering on offer? 

5. Hy’s Steakhouse

  • 4308 Main Street, Whistler
  • $$$$

This is a five-star steakhouse staple across Canada, so don’t miss Hy’s Whistler location. Famed across the country for its Bone-in Rib steak and New York Strip, Hy’s also has something to offer for the non-carnivores in your life. Their menu caters to everyone, from date nights to business meetings to intimate celebrations. 

Don’t forget to explore their cocktail menu and their whiskey appreciation menu (it’s available on special request only).

6. The Wildflower

  • 4599 Chateau Blvd Unit 210, Whistler
  • $$$$

Are you looking for the best whistler restaurant? You may have found it at The Wildflower, located in the Fairmount. While the vibe is casual, the food is always fine-dining. They are open for breakfast and dinner, with a special three-course meal available from Thursday to Sunday.

Expect a menu packed with BC’s best, from oysters and seafood to foie gras and duck. Lots of local fare plated to perfection.

5 of Forged Axe’s Affordable Favs

If fine dining is a bit too much for your budget, you can still eat out in style in Whistler. That means heading to our local favorites, which we promise have been tried and tested by us!

1. Breakfast: Purebread

Sweet baked goods on display

There are no places in Whistler that rival the baked treats of Purebread

  • 4338 Main St #122, Whistler & 1040 Millar Creek Rd, Whistler
  • $$

Purebread is our favourite place to indulge in breakfast. Purebread now has three locations, Whistler Village, Function Junction, and Gastown in Vancouver. 

All are notable because their baked goods, which are savory, sweet, or both, are incredibly delicious yet surprisingly affordable. This makes Purebread a gem of a breakfast option for your stay in Whistler.

Sure, you can have brunch at one of the five-star restaurants found in Whistler, but you could also eat a delicious selection of goods from PureBread and all for under $10, including coffee. They bake over 20 different loaves, from your classic baguette to lavender rosemary bread. There are two locations in Whistler, one in the Village and one in Function Junction.

Need more breakfast inspiration?

2. Brunch: Elements Urban Tapas Parlour 

  • #102B, 4359 Main Street Whistler
  • $$

Not everyone can make it up in time for breakfast, so why not participate in a local tradition: brunch? From 9 am to noon, Elements Urban Tapas Parlour offers up innovative and fresh brunch items seven days a week.

Expect breakfast classics, frittata, and of course, breakfast bevies. They have always impressed us, no matter when we have rolled into their intimate dining room. If you miss brunch, you can always hit them for dinner!

Need more brunch options?

3. Lunch: La Cantina

  • 129-4340 Lorimer Rd, Whistler
  • $$

Perfect tacos in Whistler? It is a dream come true!

Who doesn’t like Mexican street cuisine? Tacos start at $2.50- that’s right!- and are a delicious way to have an affordable lunch in Whistler. In our experience, four tacos make a meal, so load up and experiment. 

If you are feeling extra, order their burrito, one of the best in Canada. Beers are available to wash down the tacos or burrito, and a good vibe exudes from this well-priced and delicious Whistler establishment.

4. Dinner: El Furniture Warehouse

Packed patio at El furnie Whistler

The cheapest option is El Fernie, where all food is cheap and in big portions!

  • 4314 Main St, Whistler,
  • $

Google calls this a “hamburger restaurant,” but as one of our favourite places to get dinner – let us tell you it’s so much more. Everything on the menu is $5.95. You read that correctly. You can get three dishes for the price of a cocktail at a fine dining establishment.

You’ll find burgers, poutine, big salad bowls, vegetarian options, and more. You will not leave hungry. The best part? Grab a cocktail, beer, or mixed drink here for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

5. Dessert: COWS Ice Cream

  • 4314 Main St Unit 1, Whistler
  • $$x

Who screams for ice cream? Well, COWS makes it. Located in the Village, why not indulge your sweet tooth with some homemade ice cream that follows an old family recipe all the way from Prince Edward Island. 

We know, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ice cream is PEI. But you will now.

There are 32 varieties out at all times, so go and take a sample of each ice cream before choosing a final scope. Even more impressive? Their waffle cones are made in-house. Go for it. Treat yourself.

There Are Too Many Options – How to Choose?

Hop on a foodie or wine tour of Whistler to try a little of everything

Do you want a real foodie Whistler experience but find the variety and number of options is overwhelming? Well, you can get a professional to organize your food and drink tour for you.

With expertise and experience, Whistler Tasting Tours guides groups around the best places to eat and to drink in Whistler.

There are a number of tours to choose from. 

  • The Finer Things Dinner
  • The Hidden Gems Dinner Tour
  • The whistler Lunch Tour
  • And custom group options….

Are You Hungry Yet?

Whistler is a foodie’s best friend. Whistler’s restaurants rival those of Vancouver, New York, and other destinations. Sweet, savoury, boozy, or bougie there are plenty of places to eat in Whistler.

From the best restaurants in Whistler to the most affordable, you’ll have a tasty time in this mountain town. Whether to complement a bachelorette party or just a family trip to Whistler, it’s impossible to stay away from the gastronomical delights we have in Whistler.