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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Whistler in Spring

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As spring creeps in and the days get longer, Whistler turns into a magical blend of snow-capped mountains, sunshine and budding greenery. Whether taking your family with you for a Whistler spring break or for a Whistler spring skiing adventure, the spring season is a fantastic time to check out it out. Prepare for your…

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Get Your Yoga On! The Ultimate Guide to Wanderlust Whistler 2019

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When the warmer weather blows into Whistler this coming August, a different wind – one full of energy, revitalization, and a desire to point you toward your true north – will blow in with it. Partner Yoga in Whistler Its august – time to get…

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Discover the Vallea Lumina in Whistler: An Illuminated Adventure


6We at Forged Axe Throwing are all about unique and exciting experiences that awaken the senses and bring people together, which is why we’re so excited about a tour that is set to be one of Whistler’s best, Vallea Lumina. Whistler has a plethora of reasons to visit, however, the town does have its main…

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The Wet and Wild Guide to Whistler Hot Springs – Updated 2019

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Mother nature blessed British Columbia. We are home to many secret and not-so-secret hot springs sprinkled in our mountains and deep in our forests. For some international travelers, hot springs in BC are one of this provinces main attractions. For other travelers, they are a nice surprise. Here in Whistler, we were lucky enough to…

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Party On! May Long Weekend in Whistler

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Let’s get this over with: the May Long Weekend in Whistler has something of a reputation. Whether that’s a good or bad thing probably depends on where you’re coming from. Is it an amazing weekend to party in Whistler? For sure. Does it sometimes get a little out of control? For sure. If you’re looking…

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Get the Scope | International Axe Throwing Day

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We’ve always thought we axe throwers deserved our own holiday.  And now we have one! International Axe Throwing day is coming up on June 13. For committed axe throwers, it’s a great excuse to celebrate everything they love about the sport. The satisfying thud of the axe into the wood, the thrill of making the…

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Canada Day in Whistler 2019


O, Canada. The country of Tim Horton’s, ice hockey and saying sorry a lot. It’s a great place, and Canadians are pretty proud to be Canadian. And never more than on July 1 – Canada Day. A whole day dedicated to our plaid-wearing, overly-polite nation. Wherever you are in Canada, you’re sure to find parades,…

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The Ultimate Guide to the 4 Lakes of Whistler


Summer in Whistler is hands-down awesome. The sun is shining, the days are long, and you’re in a world-class mecca of outdoor adventure. And one of the most under-rated, but best parts of summer in Whistler is the lakes. The locals know it all too well, when the temperatures start to soar, the only place…

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The Top 10 Whistler Festivals – Updated for 2019

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When it comes to festivities in Whistler, you can be sure of one thing – there’s never a shortage. Whether you’re searching for a kid’s festival, an outdoor festival, a food festival, or even a beer festival (yeah, you heard us – an entire festival dedicated to beer), Whistler has it, and more than that,…

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A Long Weekend in Whistler | Get the Most Out of Your 3 Days Off


Who doesn’t love a long weekend?! A whole extra day to play outside, hang with friends and ignore the emails in your inbox. And here in Whistler, we know how to do a long weekend properly.  Two chairs beside a lake, long weekend What does…

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