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Axe Throwing – 1 Hour

Quick Details

For groups of 2-3 players players may be grouped with other groups of the similar size in the same lane. If you’re a group of 2-3 but want a private lane you can choose the “Private lane” option, prices start at a 4 person minimum.

*Availability limited. Contact us before dropping by to ensure space and availability.

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Throw Your First Axe in Whistler Today

Axe throwing is an amazing indoor activity in Whistler. No matter the weather outside, you can always throw an axe!

It’s a great opportunity to learn a new skill under the guidance of our experienced coaches. If you’ve been axe throwing before, then we can’t wait to show you our tournaments and games! Bring your friends and family, a stranger you met on the bus, a Bumble date… whoever you want. Grab an axe and get throwing!

In an hour, you learn the basics of safety, one-handed throws, two-handed throws, and games! Our coaches will take you from zero to hero, and you will be hitting bullseyes in no time!

Things to Know Before You Throw

  • You should aim to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session in order to leave time to fill out waivers.
  • All participants are required to have closed-toed shoes on.
  • Our minimum throwing age is 10 years old.
  • All minors (19 years or younger) must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • We are a licensed premises! Which means we do sell beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Don't Think Axe Throwing is for You? It totally is! Here's What Our Customers Had to Say

Throwing sharp objects is fun!!

"Had an amazing time with many wife and kids throwing axes, Krista was amazing and worked with us the whole time to ensure we had a great time, she was funny personable and super nice. From the time we showed up we were greeted with great energy and enthusiasm, I would recommend this to anyone going to whistler to spend and hour and chuck some axes."

– Joakley40 · TripAdvisor
Super fun activity!

"My partner and I did this during our stay in whistler and had the best time! I was curious how we would fill an hour with throwing axes but there was a range of games and trick throws and competitions against another couple which made the hour fly by! I was not very good but the staff were really helpful and patient and gave me so much time and assistance to get my throw right! Such great value for money and all the staff were fun, bubbly and stoked with their jobs! We would definitely do this again!"

– Courtney S. · TripAdvisor
Never thought I would do this...

"My husband and I took our adult daughter and her boyfriend to this activity ( it was their choice). I went along, not being too enthusiastic and... can't believe, I absolutely loved it! Bee was out guide and she did an amazing job teaching us and taking score. This makes all the difference having such a lovely person there. Thank you for this great time!!!"

– Admiro · TripAdvisor
Amazing experience!!

"Last minute decision to fill in the afternoon, my girlfriend and I came across Forged, and it was honestly the most fun we have had. Neither one of us have ever thrown an axe and Conner our instructor was a blast and just made the whole experience. Would definitely come back again!!"

– Mel W. · TripAdvisor
Must see place in Whistler

"Had an absolitely amazing time! Our group of 4 were all pretty new to axe throwing but we had a great time. All the staff were super encouraging and friendly. Joe, our host, was hilarious and led us through a range of games against each other with great skill. The atmosphere and music really enhanced the rustic feel that the place is going for. My group and I all believe that is a must see place in Whistler! 11/10 would definitely come again!"

– Geoffrey L. · TripAdvisor