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3 Bachelorette Games for the Ultimate Whistler Stagette

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Whistler is a dream location for a stagette for more than one reason. From the epic bar and nightclub scene to the stunning scenery and the incredible skiing, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking to celebrate your final weekend of freedom with your bride tribe, Whistler is the place to be. 

If you and your girls are ready to ball out, Christmas and New Years Eve are magical but expensive and busy. January is amazing for skiing but also hosts high costs and low temperatures. If you’re looking to get some more bang for your buck, consider off-season. 

Spring skiing in April or May let you rock more fun outfits on the mountain, and September and October offer views to die for with the changing leaves (cue: photoshoot!). Both off-seasons offer great deals and let you experience some of Whistler’s best for less. 

Hot Tips for the Perfect Bachelorette Party

We see lots of bachelorette parties come through Whistler, so we’ve seen it all. Matching outfits, themed get-ups and lots of shots are typically consistent with an awesome weekend. If you’re the organized type and like to plan, we’ve got three games for you to try out. Warning: the games include a decent amount of adult-beverage consumption, so make sure your party is up for this!

If you’re still in the planning stages, we can help you out with where to stay and a few tips for budgeting. If you’re looking to get adventurous and really experience Whistler, we’ve got ideas for that too! 

Pro Tip: Buy a disposable camera for each member of the bridal party. They’ll make for a hilarious scrapbook for the bride!

If your girls are ready to party and everyone likes a good drink, read on.

Game #1: Bachelorette Bingo

Incorporating the basic premise of bingo is a great bachelorette game and can get the friendly competition going and also stir up a lot of laughs. We recommend passing this task to an excel-savvy bridesmaid.

Try creating a 5×4 grid (B R I D E instead of B I N G O) with the tasks below. A 4×5 creates 20 tasks, and we’ve given you 30! It’s more fun when people have different challenges to check off. Play for a line, an X or the whole card and feel free to come up with your own unique ideas. These will get you started.

Bachelorette Party group

Make the Bachelorette Party in Whistler one to remember.

  1. Do a shot ski. Boomerang encouraged!
  2. Order in an accent
  3. Get the bartender’s number
  4. Give the bartender your number
  5. Do a shot of fireball
  6. Buy a round
  7. Get a photo with a server
  8. Do a muff diver (BONUS: out of a stranger’s lap!)
  9. Get happy birthday sung to you
  10. Successfully ice someone
  11. Buy a random person a drink
  12. Meet an Australian
  13. Meet someone who speaks fluent Spanish
  14. Find someone with the same name as you
  15. Let the bartender choose your shot
  16. Shout “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE” in a crowded bar (BONUS: If you hear “OI, OI, OI!” back)
  17. Find someone with the same name as the groom. Selfie. 
  18. Do a shoey (chug from your shoe)
  19. Do a pickleback
  20. Switch outfits while out
  21. Go 1 hour without checking your phone 
  22. Request a song successfully 
  23. Make a toast
  24. Order a drink and switch with someone
  25. Find someone with the same hometown as you
  26. Make up a name and a backstory. Convince someone
  27. Do the salsa
  28. Ask for the manager and give positive feedback
  29. Play an arcade game
  30. Pop a bottle of champagne (Bonus if you get a champagne gun at The Longhorn Saloon) 


Game #2: On The Mountain Pub Crawl 

A woman skiing, looking into the camera

Grab your gals and head up the mountain for a big day of adventure.

If your crew is into the snow, Whistler is a top resort in the world. While we don’t recommend excessive drinking while skiing, a few drinks throughout your day on the mountain is a must on a stagette! 

We’ve come up with the best places to hit and the best way of doing it. 

Stop 1: Dublin Gate for breakfast and mimosas

Local’s Tip: If you’re all keen skiers or riders, consider doing Fresh Tracks to start your morning extra early with an all you can eat buffet breakfast and the first lines of the day.

Stop 2: Jump on Fitzsimmons Chair from the village (in between the gondolas). This takes you to Garbanzo Chair. Upload Garbo, then follow the sign right down to Chickpea hut. You’ll be able to smell the cinnamon rolls from the chair, and they let you add a shot of baileys! A great way to ease into your morning. 

Stop 3: Ski some runs. Seriously, you won’t regret it!

Stop 4: Snack time! Grab a bit and a beer at Roundhouse at the top of Whistler mountain. 

Stop 5: Umbrella bar. A recent addition to Whistler mountain just out the back of Roundhouse, the bar offers stunning views and ice-cold refreshments. Umbrella bar is the epitome of a drink with views. 

Stop 6: Ready for a long run? Ski all the way down past Emerald Chair and follow signs for Creekside. Have a beer at Dusty’s, the epic apres bar in Creekside. Upload the Creekside Gondola, then up Red Chair* 

*This is a long run for intermediate and better skiers/riders, not for your babe that’s trying a board for the first time. 

Stop 7: After uploading Red Chair, jump on the Peak 2 Peak to take you across to Blackcomb Mountain. Get off and head straight into Rendezvous for a beer. 

Stop 8: Prep for another long run and follow signs for Blackcomb Base and Upper Village. Grab a drink and lunch at Merlin’s, a vintage-style apres bar that is known for its caesars. 

Stop 9: Upload on the new Blackcomb Gondola and get off at mid-station. Make your way over to the bottom of Jersey Cream and grab a refreshment at Glacier. 

Stop 10: Ride out to Whistler village and either keep the apres going or go for an apres nap!

Game #3: Bachelorette (Photo) Scavenger Hunt 

Nothing is more fun than running around a beautiful place on a mission with your girlfriends, right? We’ve taken some classic scavenger hunt ideas and put a Whistler spin on them. Divide your tribe into teams of whatever you desire, and see who can make it back to your hotel first with all 20 items/photos! Or, set a meeting time and see who has the most.

This is a great day-time activity before you start drinking, but can also be a hell of a time if you start the morning with some mimosas.

Hint: Everything is within the range of Whistler Village. You can make your starting point at the gondolas, grocery store, lululemon-anything central!

We’ve left some of the items fairly vague so that you have to do some digging to figure out where to find them! Hint: ask any local bartender or employee.  

  1. Take a photo with someone (not in your group) with a mountain range tattoo (trust us, there are plenty)

    A wild party on a ski resort

    The party starts right after the hill !

  2. Get a business card from a local with the same name as someone in your group
  3. Take a group photo at the Olympic Rings 
  4. Take a photo of your fries in a miniature bucket (ask around to figure out who serves their fries like this!)
  5. Get a WHIS LIFE tattoo (bonus points if you all apply them!)
  6. Take a photo of your best score in Skee Ball
  7. Have a bulldog (share if you’d like) and bring photo evidence!
  8. Take a photo at the only “above ground” pub that’s open until 2 AM
  9. Visit the big teddy bear outside the arguably best chocolate shop in town 
  10. Take a photo with a massive cow
  11. If you’re not feeling particularly strong, this wooden cutout will help you fake it. Flex those bis!
  12. Settle in for a board game and a beer at…???? Photo!
  13. Take a photo on the patio of the newest member of the Gibbons family (bought by Gibbons in January 2020)
  14. The big inukshuk is the first thing that welcomes people to Whistler Village. Pose with it!
  15. A Misty Mountain sticker
  16. A coaster from a bar of your choice (must be unique to already visited bars)
  17. A photo of a working, running train (size doesn’t matter!)
  18. A pamphlet on something you’d love to do with your girlfriends 
  19. A golf ball 
  20. Help keep Whistler clean- grab a piece of garbage, abandoned can, etc. 

A Whistler Bachelorette to Remember

There you go! You can modify and add your own ideas to any of these bachelorette games in Whistler to fit your group. The scavenger hunt is specifically designed to take you around Whistler village, which is a great way to explore and get acquainted with your surroundings. The on-mountain pub crawl gives you an easy route for an epic day of skiing while allowing you to hit all the best local apres spots. 

The Bachelorette Bingo is totally customizable and can be done all around the village at a variety of bars. Whistler is a dream vacation and the only thing that makes it better is experiencing it with the girls who will be standing next to you on your big day. Take some of the stress off filling the days off of the bride and maid of honour and save our Whistler bachelorette games!