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Inspiration for your Next Apres Ski in Whistler

A beer being raised to a mountain in celebration

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Like all the famous Après-ski scenes around the world, Whistler’s scene is vibrant and unique. However, as one of the premier snow destinations, Whistler tends to have a little bit more to offer than other resort towns. In fact, it has quite a bit more to offer. Not only do we offer a broad range of delicious restaurant options that cater to every flavour and every budget, but Whistler also offers a range of activities to entertain you well into the wee hours of the night.  To label all these experiences as an Après-ski  is a bit of a misnomer, because, in all honesty, Whistler’s Après Ski  scene is open year round, catering to those hitting the slopes, and those who prefer sunny days at the bike park.

Before hitting the town after your time on the mountain, we have a few hot tips to dole out on what to do and what not to do for your Après-ski . First, hydrate! Long days on the mountain, through a variety of weather conditions can leave you parched. Always re-hydrate before going on your next adventure, just in case that next adventure turns into something really epic.

A picture of whistler village

Hit Whistler Village for some great Apres Ski celebrations, but don’t forget to put your mountain gear away first!

Second piece of advice is to ditch your gear somewhere safe! While many head straight into the Longhorn to stuff their faces, if you can take a moment to de-robe from your gear and tuck it somewhere safe, you’ll thank us later. Don’t be that guy who is lugging around his full mountain gear at 11 o’clock at night. Plus, you’ll be able to really let loose and not constantly thinking about who’s eyeing your expensive goggles sitting on the table while you’re dancing up a storm.

Thirdly, don’t be that person who loses their wallet in the village, or leaves their jacket at the bar. While Whistler is one of the friendliest towns we know, wallets and jackets seem to go missing at an absurd rate thanks in part to their absent minded and inebriated owners. Need we to resort to keeping wallets on chains again?

Forged axe throwing league

Start some friendly competition during your Apres Ski!

Finally, we encourage everyone to mingle with their neighbours in all Après-ski  activities! Seriously, make some new friends! Whether you are throwing axes, drinking a beer, or going on a night time snowshoe, you can always take a moment to make a new acquaintance. Strike up a conversation, challenge them to a friendly competition, or buy someone a beer – your night will be better for it.

Unlike other resort towns where Après-ski  is limited to drinks, Whistler’s Après Ski scene is packed full of fun and games, with something appropriate for all ages. With everything this town has to offer, there is no reason to slink back to your hostel, hotel or house and sit despondently in front of your fireplace awaiting the next day. Get out and experience what makes Whistler great! If you are looking for a little inspiration, we’ve put together some suggestions for a great night out on the town with both the family friendly and party vibes in mind. So, without further ado, check out our favourite spots for an Après-ski !


Fuel Up!

The first step to all serious Après Ski  activities is fuelling your body with something delicious after a long day of physical activity. Your body needs good food, and it needs it now! Whistler thankfully has tons to offer no matter where you end up. Our town also has something for every budget, because let’s face it, the more you spend on food, the less money there is for new gear. Here are some of our favourite places to hit after a long day outside:


Sushi Village 

Sushi laid out on a plate

A little taste of what Sushi Village in Whistler has to offer

For the hungry who also want atmosphere.

Sushi Village is the place to go immediately after coming off the mountain, and maybe to stay well into the night. It has long been the place to be on Friday and Saturday night, offering you everything you need to get your evening started.  If you have a big group of hungry friends, it makes a great destination to fill up on sushi and drinks. Once you order one round of sake, you are likely to stay for at least one more, and you might just end up shutting the place down. How do we know this? Experience.


Hunter Gather 

A salmon steak and salad on a plate

A gourmet locovore meal prepared by Hunter Gather in Whistler

For the hungry locavores

Locally owned and operated, Hunter Gather is new on the Whistler foodie scene. It’s focused on providing locally sourced options, alongside a delicious Coast Mountain brew. If you are looking for no-fuss, down home, casual food, look no further than Hunter Gather. They have already proven themselves as an expert in smoked meat sammies, but they haven’t forgotten about the vegetarians among us who often feel left out. Despite their newness, we expect these guys to become a celebrated local establishment within no time at all.


The Bearfoot Bistro  

A gourmet meal laid out on a plate

Looking for gourmet opulence, look no further than the Bearfoot Bistro

For the hungry who are classy

If you are feeling fancy and trying to plan the perfect date night Après-ski , check out the folks over at the Bearfoot Bistro, who continue to explore local ingredients with international techniques. The Barefoot has served some of the most delicious food we have ever had, hands down. Every experience there is one to remember, whether you enjoy the services of the sommelier, the designated oyster shucker, or the personal nitrogen ice cream cart. Our advice is to try them all, and always take up the suggestions of the dedicated and knowledgeable wait staff.


El Furniture Warehouse 

People eating on a patio in Whistler

A delicious local tradition in Whistler, hit up El Fernie for the cheapest eats in town

For the hungry who are on a budget

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! Lovingly referred to as El Fernie, this is a long time Whistler tradition. It is consistently packed, and always boisterous. It makes a great budget option without sacrificing taste, service or portion size. If you head here, you are sure to leave satisfied, and probably ready for a little party. Some of our favourites on the menu include the fish tacos, the burgers and the mac and cheese. Don’t forget to add the smoked maple bacon to everything!

Coast Mountain Brewing Co.  

A delicious way to spend an afternoon in Function Junction, two breweries

For the those who are strictly thirsty

Not everyone wants to stuff their face immediately after the hill, but if you find yourself a little bit thirsty, may we recommend our friends at Coast Mountain Brewing? They are always surprising us with their new beers and satisfying us with our old favourites. You can easily spend a few hours at their long table, enjoying flights and getting to know your neighbours. If you are laying plans for a long night out, Coast Mountain Brewing makes a great first stop. It always sets the mood.


And then to the Entertainment!

A great Après-ski should never just end with dinner unless of course that dinner never ends. If you’ve filled up on some delicious food and are ready for an adventure, Whistler still has tons to offer. While many people associate Whistler with a rowdy party scene, so much of what the town has on offer is extremely family friendly. In fact, we would argue some of the best options are perfect for both the bar star and the kiddos. Let’s get into our top recommendations, suitable for all ages.


Village 8 Cinema 

For the exhausted

movie reel

A night at the movies is a perfect way to wind down after day on the mountain in Whistler

We get it; not everyone wants to expend the last molecules of energy after a long day on the mountain. Sometimes, you just need to go to the movies. Grab a bag of popcorn and a bag of candy (which is quite reasonably priced we might add), and get cozy. We especially love our local theatre, because the rooms are small, the screens are big, and the selection is great! It’s located right in the Village, making it easy to get to and easy to fit into right after dinner. Despite all the other entertainment options out there, there is something to be said for a night out at the movies.


A Night at the Callaghan Valley 

two people nordic skiing

Not quite done with the mountain? Hit up nordic skiing at the Callaghan Valley

For the can’t stop, won’t stop outdoor enthusiast

Even though Whistler Blackcomb shuts down in the afternoon, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get outdoors and get active at night. Check out the activities at the Callaghan Valley, because it’s not just for Nordic skiers. On Wednesday nights they are open late so be sure to check out the Valley for some late night snow adventures. Some of the activities on offer are snowshoeing, fat tire biking, base boarding, and obviously both Nordic and cross country skiing. Some of the trails are dog-friendly so that you can take along your favorite four-legged friends for some late night snow adventures.


Forged Axe Throwing 

Forged axe throwing logo over someone sharpening an axe

We love to show people our passion of axe throwing. Come visit us for a great Apres Ski.

For absolutely everyone!

Picture hanging out with friends, learning a new skill, and enjoying a little competition. It can take as little as one hour to become seriously hooked on a new passion of sinking axes into the bullseye. Take it from us, throwing axes is addictive. If you think we are joking, talk to our staff, who throw axes every day but still take part in our weekly league night. Throwing axes is a great Après-ski activity because it’s suitable for everyone and doesn’t require any experience or ability. If you are nervous or don’t think you can hit the target, let us show you how! It’s a great way to start the night off, as we always make sure you leave thoroughly entertained and stoked!