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What To Do in Whistler This Weekend (20 Ideas)

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World-renowned for its outdoor activities, Whistler is a place adventurous people flock to each year to find adventure and are rarely left unsatisfied. Twelve months of the year there is always something to discover in the heart of the Whistler mountains. Excellent for a group getaway, here are the obvious and the not-so-obvious things to do in Whistler with your friends this weekend. 

3 Things To Do in Whistler in Winter 

A view from a sled in Pemberton

Guided backcountry sled tours, for beginners and pros alike

  1. Ski & snowboard. It’s pretty much impossible to write a list of what to do in Whistler and not include it’s most famous activity. Skiing or snowboarding in Whistler is a snow bunny’s dream. One of the best resorts in the world and the largest in North America, it’s one to check off your bucket list. Check out how to make the most of a ski trip in Whistler or even where to start with Whistler’s endless backcountry
  2. Snowmobile. Wanting to get out and explore the snow and the backcountry but not keen on skiing or boarding (or maybe you seriously can’t get enough)? Try snowmobiling! A great way to get into the backcountry without extensive training or experience (your guides have got this). If you are looking to be in the snow as much as possible, you can even book a tour for when your shred day is over.
  3. Skate. There are lots of options for skating in Whistler from indoor to the lake to Olympic Plaza. Organizing a game of pick up hockey on Green Lake is about one of the most Canadian things you can do. The lake must be really frozen before this becomes an option, but when it is, bring your shovels and your hot chocolate the most picturesque pick-up game you’ve ever played in.

Locals Tip: The Callaghan Valley is a great place to explore more of what winter in Whistler has to offer. 

10 Things To Do In Whistler in Summer

RZR from The Adventure Group

A side-by-side or an ATV tour? Both offer backcountry Whistler experiences

  1. ATV or Off-Road. There are endless options to get up the mountain in summer, and via ATV is one of our favourites. Nothing beats ripping around on a powerful machine on a beautiful day. With no experience necessary and tours to suit everyone’s skills, this is a great group activity. Try driving your own ATV or opt for a Razor Buggy Tour, more like driving a car. The Adventure Group offers tours every day in the summer.
    • Local’s Tip: ATV tours are awesome the day after it rains, be prepared to get muddy!
  2. Mountain Biking (or Trail Biking). In addition to being one of the greatest ski resorts in North America, Whistler is home to one of the best and most sought after bike parks. The downhill scene is incredible (planning a trip during Crankworx is definitely a bucket list trip) and you can get amongst it. Rentals and lessons are available to anyone. If downhill isn’t your thing, the Valley Trail can be your best friend on a regular bike.
  3. Golf (or Driving Range).Whistler is home to three beautiful golf courses, Nicklaus North, Fairmont and Whistler Golf Course. Practise your short game surrounded by stunning mountains and putt your way to beautiful lake-side lunches. More often than not, have a bear try to join your game. Not into a full 18? Whistler Golf Course has a driving range and rents clubs for all skill levels.
  4. Frolf (Frisbee Golf). So maybe golf is really not your thing, frisbee golf may be your answer. A great group activity to get you outside, and it’s free. You need your own discs which are available locally, but other than that the course is yours to discover. Just up the valley trail from Spruce Grove Park, the course features over 20 “holes.” Be prepared to do lots of walking and a bit of weed whacking.
  5. Play Beach Volleyball at Rainbow Park. A local favourite, Rainbow Park has arguably one of the best views in Whistler. With a large green space, three beach volleyball courts, lots of parking and a regular food truck, Rainbow Park is the summer dream. Grab your crew, your picnic blankets and even your portable BBQ for an awesome day in the sun. Easily accessible by the valley trail as well.
  6. Float the River of Golden Dreams. If you’ve made your way to Rainbow, you’re already at the starting point of one of the most epic summer adventures Whistler has to offer. A must-do for any local, the four-five hour float down the winding river is a right of passage into local life. Commonly done on inflatable “Explorers,” get ready for the best day ever. Bring snacks, water and zip lock bags to protect your phone. Find out everything you need to know about the ROGD here.
  7. White Water Rafting. If your crew is up for an adrenaline-inducing activity, white water rafting is a top pick for what to do in Whistler. No experience necessary and they’ll gear you up in wetsuits, so don’t worry about the flowing glacial water. Rafting is an exciting, intense experience that will get the heart racing. Experienced guides will take you through the rushing rapids for a ride you’ll never forget.

    Whistler blackcomb gondola

    Nothing but mountains and blueskies

  8. Peak to Peak and the Suspension Bridge. While the Peak to Peak is open most of the year, the suspension bridge is taken down in the winter (it gets in the way of one of the best chairs!), and it’s very cold in the winter. Going up in the summer on a sunny day is a dream, as you can also jump on some of the ski chairs. The largest free-standing cable of its kind, the Peak to Peak is a humbling experience for tourists and locals alike.
    • Local’s Tip: Buy your tickets online ahead of time to save.
  9. Hike High Note Trail. If you’re going to go up Whistler mountain to do Peak to Peak, you may as while make a day of it. High Note Trail is accessible by Peak chair which is an experience in itself. Overlooking stunning turquoise lakes and looping around to terrain you ski down in winter, High Note is a challenging hike. Conquer High Note or try it the easier counterpart, aptly called Half Note trail.
  10. Hike Everywhere and Anywhere. Whistler and surrounding areas are home to some of the most stunning hikes in the world. While the snow makes some of them challenging or impossible, summer and fall are incredible times to climb mountains. A feeling of accomplishment and views that never get old are waiting. Check out our favourite hikes here.

7 Things To Do in Whistler Year-Round 

  1. Forged Axe Throwing. Want to stay inside? Forged Axe Throwing is a fantastic group activity in Function Junction, the bustling industrial area of Whistler. The party hosts at forged will teach you all the techniques on how to literally chuck an axe, then pit you against one another (friendly or not-so-friendly competition-your choice). You can rent a lane for an hour or even book out the whole place. Check out what to expect at Forged. (Hint: a great time and great after-axe beer recommendations).
  2. Escape Room.Think your group makes a great team? Test yourselves, your problem solving and your creative thinking in a 45-minute escape room adventure. With four different themes and levels of difficulty to choose from, it’s a great team-building (or maybe team destroying) activity, especially on a rainy day when you want to be inside. You’ll have to work together and think outside the box to literally, get out!
  3. Get Social With Whistler’s Party Scene. Whistler is home to one of the best apres ski scenes there are, keeping the fun going long after the lifts shut. With multiple nightclubs, pubs and bars all within walking distance of each other, the locals come alive at night. World-renowned DJ’s often frequent Whistler (to spin and to ski!) and there is always something going on underground. To get the full scoop on the social scene, check out where to party this weekend.
  4. Scandinave Spa. Trying to figure out what to do in Whistler when you engaged in the social scene and now your head is slightly pounding? How about an escape that specializes in relaxation and literally doesn’t allow anyone to talk to you? The Scandinave Spa is the epicentre of relaxation and a top-rated activity to do in Whistler. Cold plunges will fix the hangover and the sauna will help you sweat it out. Treat yourself and try everything Scandinave has to offer, like a Swedish massage.
  5. Vallea Lumia Multimedia Experience. New to winter as of 2019, Vallea Lumina is an incredible multimedia story-telling experience in the depths of Cougar Mountain. Millions of twinkling lights guide you through a moving story, told through narration, lights, music and animations. A truly unique adventure that you can now experience year-round. The beauty of the twinkling lights reflecting off the snow is next to nothing. You’ll want to come back and do it in summer as well1
  6. Bungee Jump. If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too? Well in this case, absolutely! Just 15 minutes south of Whistler (transportation can be included) you can jump off a bridge over Cheakamus River and live to tell the tale. Check this one of your bucket list with your friends as it is year-round, accessible (watch them toss a wheelchair!) and wicked time.
  7. Zipline. Although you can zip through the forests all summer long, Superfly is an incredible winter experience too and a unique one at that. Bundle up and fly through the air over the snow-topped trees surrounded by stunning glacial peaks. If the thought of how cold that wind might be scares you, stick to the summer tours!

Next time you think you’re going to be bored, try one of these epic things to do in Whistler. With several free options, indoor and outdoor and no experience required, there are really no excuses!