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Whistler Blackcomb FAQ (Get Answers To All Your Questions)

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Are you thinking about visiting our lovely mountain town of Whistler? Or planning to do a season away from home? Or maybe you’re looking to stay a bit longer than that? Either way…Welcome to our mountain Whistler Blackcomb. It’s truly a beautiful escape from your everyday. 

Although beautiful, does it feel daunting? Sometimes visiting a new place can be a little overwhelming. Have you arrived only to walk around like a deer in the headlights? Here we cover the most frequently asked questions and inquiries about Whistler Blackcomb. 

Learn the ins and outs of Whistler Blackcomb and kick off your vacation (or season!) get with this overview. We also are sure to include additional resources to explore at the end.

Where is Whistler Blackcomb? 

Let’s start with the basics, where is this magical place? The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is located approximately two hours north of Vancouver in Whistler, British Columbia.

It is one of the largest ski resorts in North America. It is also known for getting meters of world-renowned powder so that you can show off your best turns. Whistler Blackcomb has a vast amount of mountain space that people visit from all around the world to explore the never-ending terrain with backcountry skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, etc. 

How to Get to Whistler Blackcomb?

Highway 99, BC, Canada

Highway 99 on the way to Whistler.

If arriving by air, you will land at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) located in Richmond, Vancouver. From there you will work your way north for the two-hour drive on Highway 99, also known as the sea-to-sky highway. It’s called this because you’re going from the coastal city by the ocean into the mountains.

It’s easy to rent a car at the airport (there are also several choices in Vancouver) or catch a bus. Pacific Coach leaves directly from the airport if you would like an easy option for when you get off the plane. 

The drive is a beautiful introduction to the west coast life in Canada. You will be able to take in the views of the ocean, mountains, and sky. If driving up in the winter be sure to have your winter tires on the car, especially if it’s a rental, it’s against the law to not have your winter tires on. Trust us, you need them!

Where Can I Find Whistler Blackcomb Tickets?

If you plan to be sightseeing, biking, skiing or snowboarding on Whistler or Blackcomb mountains you will need to purchase lift tickets. Please visit Whistler’s online shop to buy online. This will save time and you can see the latest deals on offer. 

If you still have any burning questions or need extra assistance, call 1-800-766-0449 or locate guest services at skiers plaza right at the bottom of the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. 

If looking for deals, visit the Whistler Winter 19/20 Facebook group where some people do advertise their day lift tickets up for use. Day passes can be sold to others but seasons passes cannot be sold or shared. 

What’s the Best Time to Visit Whistler, BC? 

Whistler, BC has a certain charm at any time of the year but the most popular and desirable times are either the peak summer season or winter season (we get into these details below). During peak times Whistler is in full gear with all the activities on offer, and both seasons offer a slightly different ambiance.

In terms of saving money and utilizing the “off-season” deals, the shoulder seasons are prime as many tourism companies, restaurants, accommodation and retail offer fantastic deals and discounts. 

What’s Whistler Blackcomb like in the Summer?

A sunny view of the Whistler's Farmers Market

During the beautiful summer season, the Village is always bumping.

Summer’s in Whistler have become just as big as the winters for tourism and activities. Whistler Bike Park, bike riding trails, hiking, sight-seeing, e-biking, camping, barbeques, bears and lakes. These are just some of the things that describe all the activities that you can do in the summer months. Those longer, sunnier days leaves plenty of time to utilize the outdoors.

During August, Whistler plays host to the Crankworx festival that brings around the best mountain bike athletes to compete in various events. Stick around to see the Red Bull Joyride and see the top athletes conquer the large jumps and perform impressive tricks for the crowd. 

What’s Whistler Blackcomb like in the Winter? 

The winter is what transforms Whistler Blackcomb into the place of a magical winter wonderland. Everybody layers up and gears up for the season ahead enjoying the resort and beyond. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snow angels, tubing, tobogganing, holidays, hot chocolates and much more! This is why a lot of people leave their homes to experience the endless opportunities of adventure.  

Experience the fun ski apres at the end of a successful day on the hill. Another great option is to visit the Scandinave spa to experience the hydrotherapy cycles including the warm and tingling hot tubs overlooking the mountain landscape. 

Where Can I Find a Job? 

The perk about Whistler Blackcomb is that jobs are very easy to find especially if your happy with any money-making options — as long as it suits your ski days. One of the best sources in town for looking for a job is checking out the classifieds in Pique NewsMagazine, Whistler’s local newspaper. Many jobs get posted online through platforms like Indeed or Facebook job boards. 

As it’s a small-town vibe it’s also perfectly okay to conquer getting a position the old fashioned way with a printed resume on hand and walking in and out of places to search for opportunities. Much of this town runs on word of mouth, so it’s easier to get hired when you have a good reference on hand. 

Where Can I Find Housing? 

Housing around Whistler Blackcomb is where people get a shock. This will be challenging to tackle if you’re coming out for only a few months. It is strongly advised to figure out your housing ahead of time, or else there’s a large chance you’ll end up somewhere that is not desirable or waiting it out in hostels.

Please, please plan for this one ahead of time. Housing is not cheap, as so many people want to experience this lifestyle it’s important to save some money ahead of time! Be smart, save and plan would be the best advice to offer! 

Where to Find Whistler Blackcomb Trail Maps (Ski, Bike, Valley Trail Options)? 

Trail maps are super easy to get a hold of especially along the village stroll. Whistler Visitor Centre is the place to go if needing a map or to get your questions answered. During the peak seasons, there are always several mountain/village hosts that are available to solve your mountain-related dilemmas. 

All maps are available online (all seasons, all sports). When skiing, biking or hiking, they also have larger trail maps displayed so that you can figure out what fun trail you’re going to tackle next! 

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Whistler, Canada? 

A picture of whistler village

Hit Whistler Village for some great Apres Ski celebrations, but don’t forget to put your mountain gear away first!

If you’re planning to do a season away the best places are the neighbourhoods surrounding Whistler. Discover these via the Whistler Facebook housing page, advertisements and speaking with your new Whistler coworkers. Everything is in close proximity to the village so there is an array of choices! 

If on vacation the hotels and resorts in the village are the best places to be. Lift access is right there, and it avoids all the fuss of getting to and from your hotel. Everything is within walking distance which makes it perfect if you jaunt to the pub, attend an event or hit the slopes.

Airbnb’s are also a great option to look at as you can rent a house for your family, a group of friends or co-workers. Remember to book in advance to see the best options.

Your Burning Questions on Whistler Blackcomb Answered

We hope that this helped to answer some of your burning questions. The great thing about the Whistler community is that it’s easy to seek out advice and assistance if needed. 

Many people are here for the shorter term and have been through a similar experience of arriving and getting their new Whistler-based life sorted. Getting advice from new acquaintances it’s a perfect opportunity to make everlasting friendships! 

Welcome to Whistler Blackcomb you sure will have a blast with the endless list of activities. Experience something outside your comfort zone, develop a new skill, be active, be open, friendly and get silly. This place is about having fun and fun will not be in short supply.