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16 Things to Do in Whistler This Winter – Local’s Edition

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What to do in Whistler in winter? Skiing is great, but sometimes you have to fill in the in between times.

Being bored in Whistler is practically a foreign concept, even when the skies are grey and the temperatures are in the negatives…

Whether you’ve lived in Whistler for decades or are starting your first season, if you’ve got a lease (congratulations on that one!), you’ll want in on all the local’s tips for the best winter ever. 

Whistler is famous for its party scene, but what are the other things to do in Whistler in winter?  There are so many activities going on all the time that trying something new has never been easier. Aside from the slopes and the bar, there is an endless list of things to do in Whistler in winter. 

Things to Do in Whistler in Winter for Locals

  • Trivia Nights at Three Below

Every Wednesday, Three Below (3B) hosts a trivia night where you can win a bar tab, shots and various other prizes. Whether you’re with a group or just a friend, the famous cheap doubles will get you in the spirit to participate. Check out their Facebook Events  to get a leg up on the competition each week!

  • Karaoke 

You aren’t really a local until you’ve been to Crystal’s Karaoke … every week for two months. That’s how good it is, people just keep coming back. Something about belting out throwbacks with all of your friends for hours just can’t be beat. Where else is that your Tuesday night? Crystal also hosts karaoke on Fridays in winter, as well as Black’s does on Thursdays and Pangea Pod on Wednesdays. Lots of places to fine-tune!

  • Bingo at Tapley’s on Tuesdays 

Famous for skeeball, darts and great live entertainment, Tapley’s owns Tuesdays. There is a list of things to do in Whistler in winter at Tapley’s alone! With four rounds of exciting, not-your-grandmother’s-bingo, the room is always full. With a lively host and chances to win shots at every turn, it’s a riot.

Be ready to have Bingo dabber all over your face, and listen up for O69! The best part? The top prize in winter is skis or a snowboard! 

  • Village 8 Movie Date

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Especially when you are it’s cold out and you’ve just thought to yourself “What to do in whistler in winter?”. Take yourself out to watch a hot new movie, treat yourself to popcorn (splurge on the butter pump) and sit back and enjoy.

Village 8 regularly do Whistler’s local deal that includes a movie, popcorn and drink combo for $16.00. One to also look out for is Three Below’s dinner and a movie Whistler local special, where you can grab dinner first then got to a movie of your choice for just $23 – bargain!

  • Scandinave Spa

Everyone thinks luxury and an expensive price tag go hand in hand (and usually they do!). Flash your local Whistler I.D. at the Scandinave Spa on a Tuesday and you’re in for a treat. You can spend a day at the spa for a discounted rate of $39.00.

Enjoy the highly relaxing cycle of a hot bath, a cold plunge and some downtime for the ultimate relax sesh, then…repeat again and again and again (you get the picture) for as long as your heart desires (or until they close!). You’ll be immersed in tranquil surroundings with some well needed quiet time away from the Whistler bubble.

  • Whistler Olympic Park 

Some of the best things to do in Whistler in winter fall on a Wednesday. Each week, head on down to the Whistler Olympic Park for a fun-filled evening under the stars. You can try snowshoeing, nordic skiing, tobogganing and cross-country skiing all for a discounted Whistler local deal price and great fun to do with your friends and fam! Top of your fun by roasting marshmallows by the outdoor fire, yum.

  • Axe Throwing League

Sunday nights are for locals axe throwing! Be it your first or fiftieth time, everyone is welcome to this friendly league. Make friends, sling axes and play in friendly competitions every week (win some for bragging rights, obviously). 

For just $99 you will get 8 weeks of goodness – nightly tournaments, free sling seshes and some great giveaways. What are you waiting for? Find out more here.

  • Ski or Snowboard

We are hoping that this goes without saying… but just in case. GET UP THE MOUNTAIN. We live in the mecca of all ski and snowboard resorts, so make sure 

you are making as much time as possible to be on that mountain. Set some goals for how many days you want to do and try to knock out a mega mountain day- where you get first lifts and try to conquer them all in one day. Don’t forget about Fresh Tracks too!

  • Treeline Aerial

Have you ever dreamed of being in the circus? Hanging from the ceiling like a trapeze 

artist? Well fun fact, you can in Whistler. Treeline aerial in Function Junction offers courses from beginner to advanced in aerial silks and introductory courses to hoop and trapeze. These courses generally last for six weeks and are a great way to make new friends, build up your strength and endurance and find a fun new way to get fit. Mountain by day, circus by night

  • Vallea Lumina

This year when you ask “What to do in whistler in winter?” Whistler has a new winter time activity to check out. After massive summer and fall success, Vallea Lumina will debut its winter version for the first time for the 2019-2020 season. A great staff party or night out with friends, TAG will often hook up locals looking to experience the magical media production on the depths of Cougar Mountain.

  • Climbing at The Core

A great way to stay active and at a convenient location, The Core offers Whistler’s only indoor climbing wall. Keeps you fit, is fun to do with friends (especially if you want to get competitive), and maybe even prepares you for some real rock climbing in the summer! 

Pro Tip: Wednesday is local’s night, mark it in your calendar for cheaper rates!

  • Classes at Meadow

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Whistler’s demographic is pretty fit. There are so many ways to stay active and have fun doing it. Skip the bar and get yourself to a spin class, core crusher, yoga or pilates at Meadow Park. Meadow also has squash courts and basketball hoops to get your competitive on. 

  • Ice Hockey

While you’re over at Meadow Park, you may notice that the rink is almost always in use. It’s most likely the intramural hockey leagues! Thursday nights are for the ladies and there are multiple men’s leagues. Hockey starts early October, but there are lots of drop-in days and nights (link).

Pro Tip: Try the Re-Use it Center for second-hand equipment!

  • Fantasy Football – Bar hop each Sunday 

Whistler is home to many die-hard sports fans, and NFL Sunday is a dream. With a few top-notch locations to watch the games, a Sunday tradition could easily be in the making. Grab your Monday-Friday work friends, start up a fantasy football pool and get ready for a great time October-February. Meet each Sunday at a different bar: Tapley’s, Crystal, Brandy’s, Cinnamon Bear, Longhorn, etc. This will give you quality catch uptime and your sport fix! 

  • Snowmobiling Fam Tour

    A view from a sled in Pemberton

    Guided backcountry sled tours, for beginners and pros alike

Snowmobiling is one of the most epic winter adventures, especially in Whistler’s gorgeous mountains. However, the hefty price tag often keeps people from getting to experience it. Luckily, as a Whistler local, there’s a good chance you will have the opportunity to participate in a “fam tour.”

Local tour operating companies want people to recommend their tours, and who better to recommend than a local who has actually done the tour? TAG and Canadian Wilderness have been known in the past to give out a limited number of “fam” tours, completely for free! It typically means you have to line up super early in the morning to get a spot, but it’s worth it. Keep an eye on their Facebook pages and Whistler Winter Groups (link) for details!

  • Get Out of The Bubble

Feeling bored or unmotivated (unlikely but it happens…)? Whistler is often referred to as a bubble, and sometimes all you need is a day or two out of town. Grab a few friends (including one with a car!) and head down to Vancouver.

See a Canucks game, the Capilano Suspension Bridge or Stanley Park. Go night boarding at Seymour or Grouse or catch a concert. Within 48 hours we guarantee you’ll be craving the Whis Life. Also, nothing beats the Sea to Sky on a clear sunny day.

With this guide, you should never have to wonder what to do in Whistler in winter again! Create a bucket list or promise yourself you’ll try one new thing each week! There are lots of winter deals for locals to take advantage of, so get off the internet and get exploring!