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Your Go-To-Guide to the Whistler Bike Park | Now With 2021 Updates!

Whistler bike park 2021 updates

Despite the snow-capped peaks and big powder days, we all know and love, Whistler is making a name as a mountain bike mecca. As soon as the snow melts, the Whistler bike park pops off in a big way during the summer months.

With 80 expertly designed trails and 4,900 vertical feet of downhill, the Whistler bike park in 2021 is the most expensive ever. Whether you are a total newbie buckling up for your first downhill or a pro who digs the technical trails—here is the low down on what’s new at the Whistler bike park in 2021.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the whistler bike park including, lift tickets, park passes; trails and terrain; rentals and, of course, lessons. If you have questions, we’ve got the answers.

All About the Bike Park in Whistler 

The Whistler Bike Park may look daunting, but it’s not just for the pros.

This bike park has 80 expertly crafted trails that span over four distinct mountain zones. From the valley all the way up to the peak, it covers 4,900 vertical feet, all accessed by six gondolas.

In typical Whistler fashion, every skill level is encouraged to give the extreme sport a try. But you need to get a few things squared away first. 

Just like in the ski world, all trails are rated on the skill level required. Green marked trails are for total beginners, Blue for an intermediate skill set, Black Diamond for advanced riders, and Double Black Diamond for experts. Whistler even has a Red level for the pro riders.

If you’ve only cross country biked before, may we recommend a class or two (or three) before you head up the gondola? Make sure you’ve got the basic skills for mountain bike safety now to avoid accidents and injury later.

This is also the perfect time to mention that the minimum age to access the bike park is five years old, but Whistler Blackcomb highly recommends anyone under 13 ride with a guardian.

What about the types of trails and terrain? Download the bike park map before you head up to check out the four distinct areas of the bike park. 


  • Elevation up to 6,069 feet
  • Features: Steeper, longer, rockier
  • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Accessed via Garbanzo Express


  • Elevation up to 3,346 feet
  • Features: Technical, Freeride, and Beginner
  • Level: All skill levels
  • Accessed via Fitzsimmons Express, Whistler Village Gondola


  • Elevation up to 4,730 feet
  • Features: Singletrack area, lush forests and creeks
  • Level: Intermediate, Expert
  • Accessed via Garbanzo Express, Creekside Gondola


  • Elevation up to 7,160 feet
  • Features: Technical, Iconic 5,000-foot vertical descent
  • Level: Advanced riders only
  • Accessed via Whistler Village Gondola, and Peak Express

Hot local tip: if you’re looking for parking, the best value is parking at Creekside, where it’s free! It’s less than a minute from the Creekside Gondola that can take you up to the lifts and the newest area of the bike park.

What is the Whistler Bike Park Hours of Operation?

You’ll also need to know about opening times — which can vary from area to area as well as seasonally. For example, the bike park opens later than the ski hill does, but it also goes later. 

The Peak Zone wasn’t yet open at the time of writing because of pending snowmelt. Another factor? Long weekends and holidays, as the mountain often extends the hours of operation to accommodate the big crowds.

Check out Whistler Blackcomb’s updates for the most accurate opening hours.

Whistler Bike Park Opening Date 2021 (aka Whis-mas)

  • Fitzsimmons: May 31st
  • Garbanzo, Creekside: June 12th 
  • Peak: Pending Snow melt

Whistler Bike Park Closing Date 2021:

  • All Areas: October 11th

What about Whistler’s Hours of Operation?

Depending on area of the bike park and sundown, the Whistler bike park’s hours of operation vary from Spring to Fall.

Fitzsimmons Hours of Operation
May 31 – August 15 10:00am – 8:00pm
August 16 – August 22 10:00am – 7:45pm
August 23 – August 29   10:00am – 7:30pm
August 30 – September 6 10:00am – 7:15pm
September 7 – October 11

10:00am – 5:00pm


Garbanzo and Creekside Hours of Operation
June 12 – August 15 10:00am – 7:00pm
August 16 – August 22 10:00am – 6:45pm  
August 23 – August 29   10:00am – 6:30pm
August 30 – September 6 10:00am – 6:15pm
September 7 – October 11 10:00am – 4:00pm

Whistler Bike Park Lift Tickets and Passes 2021: The Need-to-Know Details

Before you can even think about packing up all your gear (do you even have gear yet?), let’s cover the nitty-gritty of costs.

How much is the bike park ticket going to cost you anyway?

Because the park is lift access, you’ll need to invest in a Whistler Bike Park Day Pass or Seasons Pass to huck yourself and your bike down the mountain.

Bike Park Season Pass

Four mountain bikers, on a hill

How ya’ going to get to the top? Get a Whistler lift ticket before you ride.

Passes go on sale the year before the season opens. For example, in the fall of 2021, Whistler opens up sales for the summer 2022 season. Sign up to the Whistler newsletter to get notifications when the new ticket sales open and lock in the lowest prices. 

You may also want to buy a pass even late in the season, especially if you are planning an extended holiday. A full season pass starts making financial sense after about 15 days on the mountain.

2021 Whistler Bike Park Pass Prices (All Include Holiday Access)

All prices below are for adults aged 19 to 64

Unlimited Bike Park Pass: $855 CAD

10-Day Bike Park Pass: $595 CAD

5-Day Bike Park Pass: $370 CAD 

Twilight Pass: $370 CAD

Bike Park Day Passes

For anyone hitting the bike park for one day or a weekend, you’ll want a bike park ticket. But, trust us, if you are riding for five days or more, you’ll want to snag one of the bike park passes.

With COVID-19, you’ll need to purchase online in advance of arrival. Also, keep a watch on the multi-day tickets as they have a quick expiration date. For example, you’ll have to use the two-day ticket within three days.

2021 Whistler Bike Park Lift Tickets

All prices below are for adults aged 19 to 64

  • 1 Day Ticket: $83 CAD
  • 2 Day Ticket: $166 CAD
  • 3 Day Ticket: $243 CAD
  • 4 Day Ticket: $320 CAD

2021 Extended Play Bike Park Tickets

Available from May 31 to September 6, 2021, and gives access to the park after 3:30 pm to close.

  • Adult: $68 CAD

Update for 2021: The bike park in Whistler is no longer offering Sampler tickets.

Any changes to the Whistler Bike Park Due to COVID-19?

We’ve all gone through some serious changes during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, and so too has the bike park. At the time of writing, British Columbia is (thankfully) starting to open back up to travel and socializing. 

The following are the current regulations for the Whistler Bike Park, but these are prone to change. Please check Whistler Blackcomb’s Commitment to Safety for the most up-to-date changes.

  1. Social Distancing: Around the base and in busy areas, maintain social distance. This includes the lift lines. If you are travelling with a party, you can load with them – but there is no longer mixing of parties allowed.
  2. Face Masks: While not required elsewhere in the province, Whistler Mountain still requires face coverings in certain areas, including loading and unloading chairlifts. Pay attention to signage for mask guidance.
  3. Reduce Capacity: On gondolas and in enclosed spaces like buildings, Whistler has reduced capacity to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Before You Head Up the Mountain: Learn the Basics

Take a class. 


Take a beginner’s class to be on the safe side. Mountain biking, especially downhill mountain biking, it’s a super-fun, super-intense sport, but it’s also super-dangerous if you’re not careful. 

Why do we recommend classes? Let’s read some of the real-life reviews left on the bike parks:

“Not at easy as it sounds the park is huge! The trails are separated into different levels! And easy is not easy! If you are unexperienced like me take a class! Don’t skimp on it! If you don’t want to end up with a broken arm like me! Of course I found out after the ride that there are classes! Downhill mountain biking is dangerous- be prepared! 

Btw I’m not the only one in the village with injuries. The first-aid people were very nice and stayed calm – they are used to it. We had to cut our vacation short because of my broken arm and had a lot more expenses. If you still want to do it, good luck.”

And another report:

“In the three days that we were there, we saw plenty of injuries, so if you are willing to participate, have health insurance, take lessons and do not adventure to the maximum. Also, if your friends encourage you to take more risks, think about your limitations. It is your body, your money, and the party is over when you are in pain, left alone with your thoughts and huge medical bills!”

One final thought:

“Bring your armor or your health insurance.”

Where should you start when you first hit the bike park?

We suggest you go to the orientation centre, which is free for everyone. Here, standby guides can help you get comfortable on your bike. 

Mostly though, we recommend checking out a few of these beginner classes at bikes school before gearing up and flying down the mountain:

Start with the Intro to Park Course 

Kids at a bike park lesson in Whistler

Even kids can (safely) hit the bike park – just give them a few lessons!

The Whistler bike park offers the Intro to the Park Course. It is a two-hour lesson where certified instructors get you up-to-speed on elementary downhill bike control. 

Want to know the proper stance? Good, they’ll teach you. This lesson, available about three times daily, will get you started on easy trails so that you can safely get a feel for the excitement. 

For $199, you’ll get:

  • 3-hour rental (full suspension downhill mountain bike)
  • Full face bike helmet
  • Armour
  • 3-hour lift pass
  • 3-hour group lesson

Get the Down Low on Downhill Riding Skills 

Do you know how to rock roll? Get technical? Jump? Drop?

While you might not be entirely new to mountain biking, you may have never ridden downhill, especially in this specific bike park. 

Luckily, the park offers free and informative online videos that teach you how to handle a bike on the off-road terrain you’ll be riding on. The bike park itself requires a new set of skills that you need to have to fully enjoy the range of trails on the mountain.

Best of all? These videos are free. Find the videos here and learn how to:

  • Corner
  • Jump
  • Drop
  • Ride rock rolls
  • Ride technical

Whistler Bike Park Daily Group Lessons 

If you’re a touch more experienced but still want to learn the basics of the trails, the Whistler bike park offers a group lesson that will help elevate your riding abilities. 

If you need help dialling in corners, practicing pressure control, or just getting confident in your new skills, this is the class you need to take your riding to the next level. 

Options for 20201 include:

  • Progress the Park
  • Elevate the Park
  • GT Women’s Night
  • Men’s Night
  • Instructor TRaining
  • Private Lessons and Guides

What About Whistler Bike Rentals?

Getting gear is the next step in your mountain biking journey, and luckily, there’s plenty of places in Whistler to do that. Check out a few of these shops to get the complete setup. 

Ensure you talk with a gear rental guide to grab all the pieces you need and have them fitted.

Coastal Culture

2010 London Lane

Hours: 9 am-6 pm

Coastal Culture is a local favourite and is one of the top shops to rent all the bike gear you’ll need. 

Whether it’s for a couple of hours, the entire day or even a week or two, they can get you what you need. 

They’re also a full-service bike shop, so if you need some tuning on your own bike, they can help. You can find them at the base of Creekside Gondola.

Evolution Bikes Whistler

8-4122 Village Green

Hours: 9:30am-8pm

This is another great shop for downhill bike rental gear! With tons of options for downhill bikes, professionals to rent them out, and tune-ups after every return, Evolutions is a great resource for bike gear. 

Check out their site online for special reserved prices or see them in person for a more tailored experience.

G1 Rentals

4165 Springs Ln

Hours: 9 am to 8 pm 

G1 Rentals is the closest rental agency to the gondola. If convenience is a factor in your rental decision, hit up G1 for your rental needs. G1 is also Whistler owned and operated rental agency. They have one of the largest selections of demo and high-performance bikes on offer in the area.

Summit Sports

214-4293 Mountain Square

Hours: 9 am to 8 pm 

Another rental agency super close to the gondola, Summit Sports, is located in the Hilton. This rental shop has been serving Whistler since 1987, in all seasons.

They strive for personal service and attention to detail — no matter what kind of bike you seek.

FAQ About the Whistler Bike Park

Q: What are the best downhill trails to hit?

A: Everyone has their favs, but around here we love A-Line and Dirt Merchant for the jumps. And let’s not forget our more technical favs like Schleyer, Detroit Rock City, No Joke and Duffman. Need something flowy? B-Line and Crank it Up are our go-to’s.

Q: How much is it to rent a bike in Whistler?

A: Daily rates usually are around $140 for a basic bike, but you can expect over $160 a day for a premium rental. Longer-term rentals or rentals through your hotel may come with some discounts or perks.

Q: What’s the best bike for Whistler Bike park?

A: Downhill all the way. You’ll want a bike with both front and back suspension. If you are sticking with cruisey valley trails, a trail bike will work perfectly. 

Q: Are E-bikes allowed at the Whistler Bike Park?

A: A highly controversial subject in the resort municipality of Whistler —just ask a local in the lift line for their opinion on the matter. 

The complicated answer is that some e-bikes are allowed in some places. Generally speaking, Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes are not permitted anywhere that cars are not permitted – which means the trails. 

Class 1 pedal-assisted e-bikes are allowed on the Valley Trail, off-road trails, and forest service roads. They are not allowed on all off-road trails through Mount Sproatt, Rainbow Mountain Alpine trails and Emerald Forest Conservation Area.

Electric Adaptive Mountain Bikes are allowed on Valley Trails, Off-road trails where traditional bikes are allowed, and forest service roads. 

Whistler’s e-bike regulations are ever-evolving. Keep up to date with their e-bike policies here.

The Whistler Bike Park in 2021: Cheers to Another Season!

Even with all the changes we’ve witnessed over the last year, we are thankful that the bike park has remained stable. With wide open spaces and acres of trails to hit, social distancing here has never been a problem.

On your summer vacation this year, why not give the bike park in Whistler a go? With an expert helping you choose a rental bike, a pro giving you lessons, and over 80 trails to hit, there is no reason not to.