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What to do in Whistler in September: Beers and Bikes

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Often, Whistler in September is an overlooked time to visit. Everyone is so fixated on the summer and winter months. However, many people find that spending time in Whistler in September is like finding a diamond in the rough.  

There is still a lot to do in Whistler, BC in September. Your must-do summer activities such as mountain biking, hiking and festivals are still in peak form. 

But, you’ll find a few differences about Whistler in Summer. The crowds, the weather, and the prices are just a few. 

What’s the Weather Like in Whistler in September?

The weather in Whistler during September can be a hard one to predict. Some years, we experience an extended Summer with temperatures in the mid-’20s until just before October. Then in other years it is an early fall and quite wet. 

Compared to August, it will be a mild month temperature-wise. However, rain does become more common, and Whistler sees drizzle around 15 days of the month on average. 

We recommend packing for three seasons if you are going to visit Whistler in September. Don’t let the warm days fool you. The evenings will require a sweater and long pants.

We also suggest a waterproof jacket and shoes if you venture out into the wild.

Luckily, here in Whistler, we don’t let a little rain dampen our spirits. Thanks to access to some of the best-wet weather gear available, hiking or biking in the wet environment is actually enjoyable.  

If you find that you prefer to stay indoors when it is raining, we have some fun Whistler rainy day activities for you to check out that will also keep you dry. 

Is Whistler Busy in September?

You might have heard of “shoulder season” when people talk about visiting Whistler. This term refers to when the resort is at its quietest times, in the Spring and Fall. Although, let’s be honest. Spring is increasingly just as popular as the peak of winter.

True shoulder season now means fall, from September through to November. You can expect it to be quieter around the village and on the stroll. Which means you’ll have an easier time getting dinner reservations and booking tours. 

If you are a downhill biker, the bike park line gets a lot shorter. 

What’s Whistler’s Bike Park Like in September?

A mountian landscape, with the Whistler bike park and a biker in the forefront

Don’t sleep on the Whistler Bike Park in September. Its better all around, especially for learning.

Speaking of the bike park, September is truly the best of both worlds. 

After a dry and dusty summer, the trails get tackier with the wet weather, the loam returns to those loose chutes. Plus, as we mentioned, that hot frustrating bike park lineup gets shorter. 

Just keep in mind that the hours for the bike park change in September. The lifts still open at 10 am; however, they shut at 5 pm from the 6th of September onward.

Day ticket prices in September are as follows:

  • $49 for children aged five to 12 years old
  • $76 for youth aged 13 – 18
  • $76 seniors 65 years
  • $84 for adults

Visiting the Whistler Bike Park in September is the perfect time for beginners to get in and try it.  There are not as many people on the trails, more lesson availability, and better overall conditions. 

You can learn more about the bike park here

Whistler in September 2022: The Best Events and Festivals

Just because the Summer is over doesn’t mean that the best events are over as well. There are plenty of good times still to be had. 

RBC GranFondo Whistler

Two whistler locals enjoy the Whistler beer festival in September

Whistler Village Beer Festival is filled with the best craft beers from the region

Known as the original and the best race in Whistler, the RBC GranFondo is a traffic-free road bike race starting in Vancouver, cycling along the Sea to Sky Highway and finishing in Whistler.

The race is held on the 10th of September, focusing on promoting green travel. There are many reasons why this race is so famous. One of them being the endless bragging rights.

There are three categories available to race. Medio is a 55km course, the Gran Fondo is a 122km course, and for those looking to push it, there is the 152km Forte. 

Whistler Beer Festival

Of course, Whistler has a beer festival. So get ready for six days of beer-fuelled fun from September 13 to 18, 2022. 

Head down to Whistler Olympic Plaza on September 17th and 18th to enjoy Whistler Beer Festival and be in awe as you choose between 60 breweries and cideries to fill your cup. 

Tickets start at $100 per person for the two days. This year has been rumoured to be bigger with more space, bigger music acts and an even better overall vibe. 

What Activities are Open in Whistler in September?

Still not sure what to do in Whistler in September? There are so many activities and experiences available in Whistler that it can be hard to choose how to spend your time. So here are our favourite go-to activities. 

Ziptrek Eco Tours

One of Whistler’s most famous outdoor activities that run year-round, ziplining is an exhilarating experience that can cater to the whole family. 

For those looking for the whole experience, Ziptrek offers an Eagle Tour made up of their biggest and fastest lines. Then, for families and the timider, there is the Bear Course. 

If you are interested in doing one monster line, check out the Sasquatch, the longest zipline in North America. 

ATV Tours

Canadian Wilderness offers unique and thrilling ATV tours that allow you to explore the Whistler valley mountains. 

Their Call of the Wild tour is perfect for confident beginners and intermediate drivers keen to take on a mix of moderate terrain. The 4km single-track trail will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

They also have other tours for those looking to take it easy or kick it up a notch with their Wild Wild West tour. 

Axe Throwing

September in Whistler can be a wet experience. Escape the rain and throw some axes at Forged Axe Throwing in Function Junction. 

Your host will show you how to wield your axe like an actual lumberjack, have you compete in some family-friendly games, and show you some trick shots. 

Forged is fully licensed for groups looking to make this one of their organised activities. We are also a god send for parents looking to escape for an hour. We are now licensed and serving cold brews to celebrate your bullseye. 

Whistler Escape Rooms

The original Whistler adventure room, Escape! Whistler gives you a real-life gaming experience that is fun for everyone. 

There are six rooms varying in themes and difficulty to choose from that will either have you and your team bonding or not. 

You have 45 minutes to escape, a walkie-talkie to ask for a lifeline and some of the most unique puzzles that only teamwork will beat. Can you escape?

September is Whistler’s Best Kept Secret

There is a lot of truth in the local Whistler saying of “Fall time, All time,” and September is the month that captures that. 

From beer festivals to bike park laps with no lineups, the positives to visiting Whistler in September outweighs any rain that you might experience during your stay. If you want to beat the heat, skip the crowds, and still experience the best of Whistler, book your stay for September.