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Between Sun and Snow, Visiting Whistler in Fall


Whistler in October and Whistler in November, it’s a fall wonderland. Nestled between the sun and the snow, Autumn (which comes as a surprise to a lot of visitors)  is the secret jewel of Whistler. With vibrant, Fall colors dotting the treeline, crunchy autumn leaves in bright reds and oranges lining the Village Walk, and a laid-back pace that the Winter crowd wishes they could have Whistler Fall is everything you never knew you needed or wanted.

In Whistler, every season brings wonderful new experiences, unique opportunities, and breathtaking beauty – visiting Whistler in October and Whistler in November are no exception. Not only will you be blessed with glorious, crisp Fall weather without the heaps of snow, but you’ll also have access to hiking, biking, and exploring that you usually wouldn’t in the other key Whistler seasons.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Whistler in November, from weather to adventure, we could list them all. For brevity’s sake though, we’ll only lay out some of our absolute favorite reasons to visit Whistler in the Fall. Check them out below!

Whistler Weather In Fall 

Orange leaves on ground in Fall

Is there anything better than Whistler Fall temperatures?

As Whistler locals, we don’t have anything against the snow (how could we?). But even the Whistler natives can admit that every once in a while, the snow can be a little bit overwhelming – not even just the snow, but the biting temperatures.

That’s why Autumn is ideal. With Whistler in Fall, you can expect temperatures ranging from 8 degrees Celsius (high 30s) to about 20 degrees Celsius (the mid-50s). You’ll likely experience that crisp, cool weather without the crunchy snow under your boots. This is ideal for outdoor activities – you won’t be too hot or too cold. Dress in layers, and you’ll comfortably explore the sights and activities of Whistler without risk of frostbite or heat stroke.

What’s even better than glorious Fall weather? Fantastic Fall foliage. You don’t just get those routine Fall colors in Whistler. You get a glowing, crunchy, mix of vibrant greens, golds, russets, and purples. That, against the backdrop of Blackcomb and Whistler mountain, provides you with the most breathtaking Canadian landscapes you’ve always dreamed of. Want to go sightseeing in Whistler? Fall is best!  Some of the best strolls during fall include Whistler Village, the backcountry trails, and Rainbow Park near Alta Lake.

I Thought Whistler Was a Ski Town, What’s Going on In the Fall? 

True, Whistler has been made famous for its serious slopes and non-stop shred, but there’s so much more to Whistler than that, especially Whistler in October and Whistler in November. Although it’s not peak ski season (yet), Whistler adventure doesn’t stop just because there is no powder. Here is a great summary of the events and activities last Fall – can’t wait to see whats in store for our town this season.


There are tons of exhilaration opportunities, cultural experiences, not to meant the culinary and nightlife possibilities for your to explore. Here are just a few of our absolute favourites.

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities, adventure, and adrenaline don’t stop in the months between summer and winter – quite the opposite! In Fall, most of the adrenaline tours are still going strong (think zip lining, ATV, and helicopter tours), and a lot of the activities you’re after will continue during prime weather conditions.

Bike Park 

Four mountain bikers, on a hill

Lessons are never, ever, a bad idea for Whistler Bike Park

If you can’t stand the idea of visiting Whistler without carving down a mountain, we’ve got good news – the mountain is still open! The Whistler Bike Park, the ultimate gravity-fed, downhill biking experience, is a world-famous bike park that attracts everyone from novice-levels to the downhill bike park pros. The best news? They’re open in the Fall. Without the summer crowd mucking up the access, you’ll likely have a much-less-crowded, more enjoyable experience. You can enjoy the regular season until about mid-October, making the September and early October Autumn months ideal for bike park exploration.


A hand looking at a compas

Its prime hiking in Whistler, from September to November.

We’re going to let you in on one of the best-kept Whistler secrets. The hiking is the absolute best in the Fall. The snow has finally melted away by end of July to early August, and by the time Fall rolls around, the backcountry is wide open for the best hiking of the season. Even better, the fall seasons are prime for leaf-peeping. You’ll get views of Whistler that most people never get to see, as well as access to tons of trails that the summer and winter crowds would never be allowed to explore due to heavy snow or dangerous melting.


Most people don’t consider it, but Fall is also one of the ideal times for some fishing fun in Whistler. Whether you’re a beginner angler or a seasoned pro, you can find what you are after with Whistler Fishing Guides. They have all the tips and tricks, knowledge, providing access to local rivers, remote lakes, and hidden fishing holes. No matter what kind of fishing you’re after, or what type of fish you’re hoping to wrangle, the combination of the crisp, clear weather,  and vibrant colors create the perfect fishing atmosphere. (You also won’t have to deal with ice fishing, which, isn’t always everyone’s cup-of-tea).

Fall Festival Mecca

More than just the adrenaline-rushing and thrill-pumping activities that Whistler continues to offer during the Fall, they also have unique, once-an-Autumn events that you won’t want to miss. From fall-themed festivals to Autumn concert series, there’s no shortage of culture once this sub-season rolls around.

Whistler Village Beer Festival 

Two women in German attire, enjoying beer at Whistler Beer Festival

Enjoy all things beer with the Whistler Beer Festival

If you’re not geared up for the Whistler Beer Festival in Autumn, you’re doing something wrong. Come September 11-16, hundreds of people will flock to this Fall Fest for a six-day festival full of craft beer, tasting events, cask nights, beer battles, and a general food frenzy excitement. No doubt one of the most anticipated cultural events in Whistler, the Village Beer Festival allows beer enthusiasts to mingle, sample, and enjoy a week-long festival full of non-stop entertainment. With over 120 beers from 60 distinct breweries, you can expect a whole week of tasting and beer-ific times.

One of the best parts of the beer festival is you can try axe throwing! Last year we made our debut appearance during the full tasting event, right in the middle of Olympic Plaza with our mobile axe throwing trailer. We gave away free axe throwing to hundreds of people over the two day tasting event. Hoping to make it back there for this year as well.

Whistler Writers’ Festival 

Looking to add a little literary purpose to your Fall vacation? The Whistler Writers’ Festival is an annual Fall event that celebrates the written word. You can meet renowned authors, listen to panels packed with lively conversation, and attend workshops to improve your wordcraft. What’s better? This festival is packed with food, fun, music, and more, offering you and your writing posse the most whistler-fall-fun you could hope for!


A small plate at Whistler Cornucopia

Taste everything Whistler has on offer, Cornucopia

A little later in the Autumn season, but still technically Fall, the annual Cornucopia is one of the last premiere Autumn events that marks the end of a successful season. An 11 day festival of food, drink, and friends, this Cornucopia truly provides you and your crew with a real taste of British Columbia. Expect an unforgettable culinary experience, grand tastings, winery dinners, and richer, delicious experiences! Cornucopia falls from November 8th to 18 this year, so book your accommodations quickly!

There are tons of activities you can partake in Whistler during October and Whistler during November! Winter and Summer seasons are great, but Whistler in October and Whistler in November is when the real magic happens!

Don’t Miss Out on Whistler in Fall

Fall in Whistler is technically considered to be a a shoulder season. While the hoards of travellers might not visit during these off-months, it doesn’t mean Whistler slows down. Fall makes a perfect time to visit Whistler precisely because the crowds aren’t there. There is nothing worse than not getting a seat at that five star restaurant because they are booked solid for the week. Or what about that dream heli-sightseeing trip? There are only so many seats and so many trips a day, in the busier seasons you’ll have to wait your turn. In the Fall, there should be spaces galore!

Plus, because there are fewer tourists, businesses start to use discounts to woo you to their place of business. Hotels, restaurants and tours put together deeply discount packages just to get you there. If your visiting in Fall you’ll benefit from cheap eats and accommodation. The shoulder season is an incredible investment for the budget savvy traveler.