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The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day in Whistler: An Itinerary

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If we understand anything at Forged Axe Throwing, we understand what it takes to make the perfect date. The number of people who have come through our doors, thrown some axes, and fallen in love – it’s incredible really. There is just something about the smell of wood, sharp objects and the sense of competition that really strikes the heart chords.

Two people snuggling in the snow

There is nothing like Whistler on Valentines Day

With this in mind, we thought we take all our deep-seeded knowledge about love, adventure, and Whistler, and put together the perfect itinerary for you for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s coming up soon and you don’t want to be stuck without a plan.

Putting together the perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day in Whistler is easier than you thought, and we don’t follow gender stereotypes either – this plan goes for both the ladies and the gents. If you take a little bit of time to plan, there are even some Whistler Valentine’s Day deals floating around for special dinners, accommodations, or romantic-ski retreats.

Our dream Valentines Day Itinerary is jammed packed, maybe a little too packed, but it’s best to have a few options on the table. For example, maybe your special someone is allergic to horses, so planning a romantic horse and carriage tour is an absolutely awful idea. So, we’ve laid it all on the table and offered a smorgasbord of suggestions suitable for just about everyone.

Starting with, of course, breakfast.

The Perfect Valentines Breakfast: 9AM 

Heart drawn in the snow

An early start for a big Valentine’s day adventure

In order to pack in a full day of love, we have to start early. Sleeping in is for tomorrow, so get up and get going with a perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast in the Village. Don’t forget if you are headed to Whistler from Vancouver, give yourself about one to two hours to get here.

When we think about a romantic breakfast, we immediately think about a French patisserie. The French know a thing or two about romance, so we should probably take a few notes. Although Whistler is notable not in France, we still have a few great suggestions for a perfect French-inspired spot to start your day.

Crepe Montagne

Who could say no to stacks on stacks of crepes? Whatever your poison, Crepe Montage are sure to please with savory or sweet varieties. Plus, the obligatory whip cream and strawberries don’t hurt.


Sweet baked goods on display

There are no places in Whistler that rival the baked treats of Purebread

Bread is so good for the heart and soul, which is why we have a deep love affair going with PureBread. Purebread has locations in the Village and in Function Junction (if you are driving up from Vancouver for the big day). They even have gluten-free options.





Heart-Racing Adventure Time: 10 AM

If you are coming to Whistler for a romantic day, its highly likely that you already have a big sense of adventure. What better way to share that adventure with your sexy someone than to plan it into the day? While everyone comes here to hit the hill, that can wait until tomorrow. Why not try something a little out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day?

Dog Sled 

Dog sledding

The perfect Canadian backcountry activity, a great adventure for a date.

The top pick for a romantic adventure in our books is a dog sled ride through the Whistler wilderness. Blackcomb Dog Sled is the quintessential romantic Whistler experience, because a sled perfectly fits two people. You can even each take turns mushing through the mountains if you are feeling more adventurous.




The Coca-Cola Tube Park is not just for children and families. It’s a safe bet for couples looking for some laughs. It’s memorable, to say the least watching your partner shoot down the slopes on a big inflatable tube. It also makes for great instagrammable posts. It’s extremely affordable, even if you are footing the entire bill (which you are, because that’s the way Valentines Day works, right?).

Bungee Jump 

Bungee jumping in Whistler

Don’t be shy, take a leap of faith at Whistler Bungee with a loved one!

Not for the faint of heart, but one which will forever bond you to your partner. Did you know that Whistler Bungee not only operates 365 days a year but also allows tandem jumping? Have you ever heard of anything as unforgettable as a bungee jump with the person you love, on Valentines Day? A great way to make a good impression.

Picnic Lunch: Noon 

We hope you have read this schedule in advance because you should have packed a picnic lunch today. After getting settled after the uniquely romantic Whistler adventure of the morning, it’s time for lunch. Dress accordingly, because we are staying outside and nibbling on a gourmet picnic lunch prepared in advance by some of our favourite chefs.

Hunter Gather 

Hunter Gather staff holding a plate

Hunter Gather makes a good sandwich, also a great picnic

Recently the recipient of the 2017 Best New Whistler Business, Hunter Gather makes a mean picnic as well. Call in advance for easy pickup, but if you forget they usually have a selection of excellent picnic options on hand as well. Some of our favourites include the chilli and soups – perfect for warming you up on a chilly winter day.



Portobello Market Fresh Bakery

If you prefer a bit more of a do-it-yourself picnic, catering to the favourite foods of your favourite person, check out Portobello located in the Fairmont. Gourmet goods, hot and cold, served all day long from their deli counter. Bonus, they make specialty Belgian Hot Chocolate! 

Now, where would we recommend to host this picnic? If you haven’t decided to make a pit stop on your dog sled ride, there are some pretty picturesque locations to seek out. May we suggest one of the many lakeside parks (Rainbow Lake we are looking at you!), or why not hit the gondola and take your picnic right to the top of the mountain?

Warm Up with an Indoor Activity: 1 PM 

As we mentioned in the intro, we have witnessed quite a few dates come through our doors. So many dates that we have started to consider ourselves a bit of an expert on the subject, coaching couples as they hit the bullseye, literally speaking of course.

Why not head down to Function Junction for Valentines Day afternoon? There is more to Function than may meet the eye. Our friendly staff at Forged Axe Throwing will demonstrate the technique, style, and energy required for ax throwing, to you and your beautiful guest. We’ll get a little friendly competition going, to see who exactly will pay for the next drink. After a lovely, but chilly morning outside, we also guarantee to warm you right back up, heart and soul!

Give us a call to book your spot in advance, or book online. We tend to fill up quickly especially on romantic holidays.

Ax throwing is usually a two-hour experience, which with all that activity can leave people a little thirsty. We highly recommend taking your date to not one, but both of Whistler’s breweries, conveniently located right beside us in Function Junction. Get a flight to Coast Mountain Brewery, sample their excellent sours and funky IPAs; then hit up Whistler Brewery for their brewery tour, which includes free samples!

A Deeply Romantic Dining Experience: 7 PM

After a few afternoon love-brews, we imagine it’s time for what every Valentine’s Day is all about – the romantic dinner. Now is the time to take advantage of being in Whistler, and the vast array of fine-dining options available. Why cheap-out for Valentine’s day? Splurge, and give your loved one the dinner of a lifetime.

Many restaurants even put together a Whistler Valentines Day Package, so it doesn’t hurt to call in advance to see what is on offer. No matter where you end up for dinner, on Valentine’s day, reservations are highly recommended.

Araxi Restaurant + Oyster Bar

Dining inside the wine room

Fine dining at its best, Araxi has a little luxury for everyone

A perfect dinner to demonstrate what Pacific Northwest cuisine has on offer, and a Whistler fine-dining staple. Araxi will surely book up well in advance, but if you can get in for Valentine’s dinner, your date will be thoroughly impressed. The executive chef, Quang Dang and his brigade will pull out all the stops for a memorable candlelit dinner.




Decadent courses filled with fresh seafood and excellent game meats. Why not go all out with foie gras, lobster, and filet mignon at RimRock? The atmosphere is casual, yet refined, and the staff continues to win awards on a yearly basis for their level of service.

Bearfoot Bistro 

The Bearfoot of our all-time favourite romantic dining experiences, the setting, the food and the staff are top notch in our books. Linger over excitedly prepared seasonal courses, sample the world’s finest Vodkas in the Ketel One Ice room, and if you are really getting into the swing of things, why no finish off with a Champagne Sabering in the Wine Cellar? A night your date will never, ever forget.


Phew, what a day packed full of love, adventure, and everything Whistler. If you weren’t in love before this big day started, you must be by now. We’ll leave the schedule open for the rest of the night, as we are sure you’ll enjoy some quiet time to snuggle with your sweety.