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Party On! May Long Weekend in Whistler

Banner may long weekend in Whistler

Let’s get this over with: the May Long Weekend in Whistler has something of a reputation. Whether that’s a good or bad thing probably depends on where you’re coming from. Is it an amazing weekend to party in Whistler? For sure. Does it sometimes get a little out of control? For sure. If you’re looking for a healthy, relaxing retreat, this may not be the weekend for you. But if you’re keen to experience the best of Whistler’s adventure and party scenes, all in one, there are few better times to visit. 

women dancing at a club in Whistler.

The more accurate question, is what not to expect.

What to Expect this Weekend?  

The Whistler party scene is at it’s best in May. The weather is beautiful, summer is on its way, and everyone is enjoying the long days and warm nights. It’s the perfect time for a patio party. And once the patio party is over, it’s inevitable that the party will carry on into the night. It’s also the quiet season, where locals have a chance to slow down and enjoy the sunshine before busy summer kicks off. That means they’re all making the most of the party scene. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like a ski town party scene.

GO Fest 

There’s another side to the May Long Weekend in Whistler too. The huge outdoors festival, GO Fest, visits Whistler over the May Long weekend every year. It’s a celebration of everything outdoors. Sample new activities like paddleboarding, yoga and mountain biking. Watch free live concerts in Whistler’s outdoor plazas. Get inspired to go outside at the Adventure Film Series. One thing’s for sure – GO Fest will get you stoked for the summer, and help you plan some epic adventures.

4 Tips to Survive the May Long Weekend in Whistler

Whistler-ites know a thing or two about partying. So take it from us, if you want to still be standing on Monday evening, it’s worth making some wise choices when you’re planning your trip. We’ve got a few fail-safe locals tips that will, at the very least, help you make it to the end of the weekend intact.


  1. Go luxurious


First, choose your accommodation wisely. A hotel pool will go a long way towards making you feel human again the next day. There are tons of luxurious hotels and condos in Whistler that will take the edge off a brutal hangover with in-room amenities, on-site spas and huge breakfasts. If you can’t afford that, why not book a hostel and then plan a trip to one of Whistler’s many spas for a little R&R?

  1. Get some grub inside you

Another great way to help out your future-self is to plan a big pre-party dinner. Whistler is foodie heaven, so it won’t be hard to find something delicious: from sushi to pasta to steak to enormous burgers. Maybe even get some vegetables inside you too? Go on, it can’t hurt. Check out our full list of the best restaurants in Whistler for some tasty inspiration. 

a breakfast setting at the Stones Edge

One of the classier breakfast options in Whistler, the Stone’s edge

  1. Brunch, brunch, brunch 

On the topic of delicious food, a good brunch is vital to surviving the weekend intact. Start the weekend with a boozy brunch at a classic Whistler haunt like Earls or Stonesedge. And then start your recovery right with a hearty, healthy choice like Fifi’s Bistro. Or if that doesn’t work, try the hair of the dog. Locals swear the Caesar is an instant hangover cure, and there’s plenty of great ones around Whistler to test that theory.

  1. Don’t let the hangover win

It can be tempting to wallow in bed all day after a big night out partying in Whistler. But locals know that’s not the way. Get up, get out, and get active. Plan a hike (ideally including a dip in a lake). Get your skis on and let the cold air work its magic. Or hop on your bike and sweat it out. Whatever you choose, you’ll be very, very glad you did it.

Best Places to Party this May Long Weekend

Apres options are endless in Whistler. But for something really special, here’s a few of our best ideas for an epic Whistler party weekend.

  • Whistler Club Crawl

For newbies to the Whistler party scene, the Whistler Club Crawl is a great way to discover what the town has to offer. A ticket will get you access to four or five of Whistler’s best venues. From casual early evening drinks, right through the night, the Club Crawl will keep you entertained and show of Whistler’s rowdier side. You’ll also meet tons of like-minded people who you may or may not remember the next morning. Regardless, you’ll be sure to have a great time with them as you hop between Whistler’s best patios, bars and clubs.

  • Longhorn’s Patio

    Longhorn pub patio. Woman spraying champagne on the crowd

    Did someone say champagne water gun?

Is there any more iconic Whistler party than the Longhorn’s patio party? The legendary slopeside bar has been delivering memorable nights in Whistler for longer than you’ve been alive. Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll actually remember anything you do at Longhorn’s, we can guarantee you’ll have a seriously good time. Get there early to secure a prime spot on the patio (like, by 2pm). Scarf a burger and before long you’ll find yourself dancing on a table, sloshing beer all over your friends. Ah, Longhorn’s, we do love you.

  • Tapley’s Sunday Sessions

If you’ve made it through to Sunday night, congratulations. You’ll notice the locals out in force tonight, and the best place to party with them is Tapley’s Pub. There’s live local bands, cheap drinks deals and a fair number of intoxicated ski bums. Which is no bad thing. Whistler locals know how to party and I’m pretty sure they can teach you a thing or two. A trip to Tapley’s is a Whistler rite of passage, so make sure to leave something in the tank for Sunday night. 

Image of inside Moe Joes during a big night out.

Parties to rival our college Days at Moe Joes – the perfect destination for a stagetee

  • Moe Joe’s

Whistler has plenty of clubs that keep the party going long into the night. Garfinkels, Maxx Fish and Buffalo Bills are all solid choices for when you need to move on from the patio. But Moe Joe’s perhaps has some of the best weekend offerings. Saturday night is Ladies Night, so if you’re here for a bachelorette or a girls weekend, it’s a must. Then Sunday is the infamous Glow Party, with psychedelic vibes and Whistler’s best house and electro beats. If you make it through both nights, well, you’re braver than us.

Make the Most out of the Weekend – 4 Options


  • Spring Skiing 


The May long weekend in 2019 falls just before Whistler mountain closes for skiing. That means tickets are cheap, the weather is warm, and the gapers are out in full swing. You can expect fun, slushy skiing in t-shirts and shorts. By this time of year, no one is taking themselves seriously and the whole mountain feels like an endless party. Bring a crazy outfit and enjoy the late opening times, short lift lines and silly skiing. 

Top fo the world on Whistler Blackcomb

Shred this with a Whistler bike pass!


  • Mountain Biking  


The Whistler Mountain Bike Park won’t quite be open by May long weekend. But there’s still tons of great mountain biking to try out around Whistler. For beginners, head to Lost Lake and rent bikes to try out their cross-country trails. Or for more experienced riders, there are tons of other classic trails around Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton that will be in perfect condition in May.


  • Axe Throwing


If that’s all sounding a bit like hard work, why not try axe throwing instead? It’s way less tiring but just as fun as all that mountain stuff, and you’ll probably be better at it. Head down to see us at Forged and we’ll show you the ropes. Our staff might also let you in on some of their favourite Whistler party tips. Or at the very least, they’ll sympathize with your pain when you show up looking ragged on Monday morning. We’ve all been there.


  • Bungee Jump 


Is it possible to scare yourself out of a hangover? We’re not sure, but when you take a leap from Whistler Bungee bridge you’ll be sure to find out. You’ll plunge 160ft towards the rushing Cheakamus river, gracefully or otherwise. We wouldn’t recommend this after a big brunch (that’s just asking for trouble). But we can’t deny it’s one of the most memorable experiences in Whistler, and a hangover is no excuse to miss it.

A wild party on a ski resort

The party starts right after the hill !

May Long Weekend: The Best of Whistler’s Party Scene  

So what to expect on May Long Weekend? Expect parties you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Expect to dance on a table in ski boots. Expect to meet crazy locals and make new friends. Expect to sample the best of Whistler’s all-season adventure.  Expect to have some regrets the next morning. And expect to make an annual pilgrimage to live like a ski bum for a couple of the days every year from now on.