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Ziplining in Whistler | Winter Edition

Banner Zipline in Whistler in Winter

You may think that winter in Whistler is just for the skiers and snowboarders out there. After all, it does has a pretty unbeatable reputation as the biggest (and best) ski resort in North America. But you might be surprised to learn how many epic winter activities there are for those who aren’t inclined to strap some wood to their feet and slide down a hill. And winter ziplining has to be one of our very favourite Whistler winter activities.

Why? Because you get to enjoy all epic views, a heart-thumping adrenalin rush and an unforgettable experience, without having to do any hard work.  There can’t be a better way to take in the breathtaking views of mountains, lakes and rivers than when you’re flying through the air like a bird. Plus, whoever you’re visiting Whistler with, ziplining is guaranteed to put a smile on their face: from young families to bachelor parties, family reunions to corporate retreats. Once you’ve braved the leap into the unknown together, you’ll share the amazing memories forever. And if it leaves you wanting more, why not try some of our other favourite group activities in Whistler?

While ziplining is in Whistler is awesome at any time of year, we think it’s particularly special in winter. When the rivers are frozen and the trees dusted in snow, soaring above the silent valley in an experience like no other. So here’s our guide to everything you need to know to choose the perfect winter Whistler zipline adventure.

What To Bring When you Zipline in Winter 

Small child wearing parka in winter

Its not about dressing to impress on a zipline – its dress to stay warm

Now that we’ve convinced you that ziplining is a must-do Whistler winter activity, it’s time to get ready to go. The most important thing to remember is that winter is, well, cold. And flying through the winter air can be even colder! So make sure you wrap up warm for your adventure. Think full ski gear: thermals, ski socks, layers, ski jacket and pants, and nice warm winter boots. Bring a hat and gloves too, to keep you toasty warm as you fly over the forests and rivers.

The other absolute must-bring item is your camera! The views from a zipline are like no other, and the selfies are even more special. Make sure you bring a wrist strap too – we’ve heard a few sad stories of unlucky iPhones falling from the skies. If you’re worried about losing your camera, zipline tour operators normally offer GoPro rentals, so you can attach the camera to your helmet, turn it on, and just enjoy the ride.

Ziptrek Ecotours – Winter Zipline Adventures For the Whole Family

You’ve taken the Peak 2 Peak between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Are you ready to fly between them? Founded in 2002, Ziptrek Ecotours know a thing or two about creating epic ziplines adventures. Over the years, they’ve worked out the perfect formula for an unforgettable day out for the whole family. Based right on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb, Ziptrek’s tours will give you a whole new perspective on the mountains you’ve come to know and love. And with loads of different tours to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Bear Tour – For everyone 

The family-friendly Bear Tour is perfect for younger children or those whose knees start to knock when they think of flying through the forest. The friendly, experienced Ziptrek guides will help calm your nerves as you clip into the first of five ziplines through the forest. And once you’re soaring through the air, you’re certain to forget those jitters as you take in the rushing water of Fitzsimmon’s Creek below you, and the giant old-growth cedars zipping past you. The five ziplines range between 400 – 1100 ft, so you’ll get plenty of time to look around and enjoy the views. In between ziplines, you’ll stroll through the magnificent rainforest on boardwalks and suspension bridges, as your guide teaches you about the unique and fascinating ecology of our mountains.

Eagle Tour – For thrillseekers 

Ziptrek Winter zipline in Whister

Your view from one of the tree top landing pads….. are you ready?

For those who want a serious adrenalin rush, the Eagle Tour is made for you. You’ll need to get quite a bit higher to take advantage of the thrilling descents here. Take the Whistler Village Gondola up to Olympic midstation with your guide, before clipping into the zipline at a whopping 1000m elevation. Your legs might be feeling a bit wobbly, but take the plunge and you won’t regret it. Flying high above the valley, take in panoramic views of Whistler’s mountains, lakes, and picture-perfect village. If you’re feeling brave, you can even go for a spin – Ziptrek’s harnesses will let you flip upside down if you dare. There are five ziplines included in this tour too, and the longest is a huge 2400 ft. That’s plenty of time to get the perfect airborne selfie and take in the views.


Mammoth Tour – The ultimate adventure

If you’re looking for the ultimate zipline adventure, choose the Mammoth tour. That’s a huge 10 ziplines in total, combining all the adventure of the Bear and the Eagle tour. Plus, you’ll get to take a mid-adventure break and warm up with delicious refreshments in their rustic mountaintop cabin. The perfect choice for those who just can’t get enough of the feeling of flying.

Treetrek Canopy Tour – The chilled out choice

If you’re looking for something a little more mellow, Ziptrek have got you covered with the Treetrek Tour. For those who want to explore our beautiful rainforest, without having to fly through the trees, the Treetrek is a great choice. Tour the forest from on high, with suspension bridges, stairways and boardwalks. Learn from your local guide about the plants, animals and ecology of this ancient part of the world, while stopping to take plenty of photos of the stunning views in every direction.

Things You Need to Know About Ziptrek Winter Ziplines 

Ziptrek zipline whistler - winter view

A view from the top of snow crusted trees – a one of a kind experience!

Before you book your winter zipline with Ziptrek, here are a few things to bear in mind:


  • Ziptrek zipline prices start at $99 for children and $119 for adults
  • All guests must be between 65 lbs and 275 lbs to take part in the Bear Tour. For all the other tours, minimum weight is 75 lbs There is a chance for smaller children to fly tandem with a guide on the Bear Tour, just ask your guide.
  • Kids must be at least 6 years old to take part, and anyone under 15 will need to be with an adult
  • All tours do include some physical exertion – walking, climbing stairs, and being outside in the cold for a couple of hours.
  • Tours run from around 9am every day – you can check on the website or call guest service for exact times.
  • Most tours take between 2 – 4 hours, so prepared to be outside for a while!

Superfly Ziplines – One Seriously Epic Winter Adventure

Two people zipline with Superfly in Whistler in Winter

With the longest zipline in the world – you can’t beat the views

Superfly Ziplines decided to keep it simple when they built their ziplines in Whistler. One epic tour, four epic ziplines and countless memories to last a lifetime. Based on Cougar Mountain, a short 15-minute drive from Whistler village, Superfly Ziplines take you out into the backcountry and show you Whistler as you’ve never seen it before. After meeting your fun-loving guide, you’ll be whisked to the top of Rainbow mountain in a winter offroad vehicle – an adventure in itself. Take in the views on the ride, and try not to think too hard about how high you’re going up the mountain! You might start to doubt your decision as you wait on the platform to launch on the first zipline. It certainly looks like a long way down to the valley.

But luckily, you won’t need to do anything as your guide straps you into your harness, hitches you to the line and lets you fly. Once you’ve got used to the fact that you’re soaring 600 ft above the valley floor, take your time to soak in the views. You’ve got plenty of it, as the line is a massive 1.2km long. Did we mention this one isn’t for the faint-hearted?

By the time you come into land, you’ll wish you were back out in the valley, looking back at Whistler and Blackcomb, taking in the pristine winter wonderland around you. But don’t worry – there are three more ziplines to come, each just as memorable in their own way. Your fear banished, you can sit back and enjoy the ride as you fly across valleys and through forests.

Things You Need to Know About Superfly Ziplines  

Superfly guest ziplining in Winter

Cold yet? Dress for subzero temperatures when flying through the trees

Make sure you’re all clued up before you head out on your Superfly adventure:

  • Winter zipline prices start at $109 for children and $149 for adults
  • Minimum weight is 60 lbs, and maximum weight is 250 lbs. That includes all your winter gear!
  • Kids must be at least 7 years old, and everyone under 16 must have a guardian with them
  • Tours run every hour from 9am – 4pm and last around 3 hours. If you choose a Twilight tour (3pm and 4pm), you’ll get a nice little discount
  • You need to check in at Whistler village, and a free shuttle will take you up to Cougar Mountain for your adventure.


The Best Ways to Warm Up after your Winter Zipline

Once the adrenalin has worn off, you might start to feel the cold a little at the end of your zipline experience. But there are plenty of ways to warm up in Whistler. Why not try:

  • Whistler’s best hot chocolate at Blenz Coffee. Made with real melted chocolate, and winner of the official Best Hot Chocolate award for 7 years, it’s sure to warm your soul (and your toes)
  • Relaxing at the Scandinave spa. Sink into the soothing outdoor hot pools and feel yourself relax as you relive your action-packed day. There are plenty of other awesome spas in Whistler too, if you’re looking for something a little different
  • A local brew? A pint of delicious craft beer is sure to bring the feeling back to your fingers. The local breweries offer some great comforting winter beers, like the Chestnut Ale from Whistler Brewing Company. Besides, who said apres was just for apres-ski?
  • Can’t face leaving the hotel again? Check into the hot tub and warm up while you tell your friends all about your unforgettable day

Ziplining in winter is a pretty memorable experience. Even if you’re not a ski bum or an adrenalin junkie, you’ll sure be glad you took to the treetops and found out what it feels like to fly like a bird. Just beware: you might get hooked!