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Our Top 10 Whistler Activities In Summer

Summer activities banner

Most people consider Whistler just to be a wintertime excursion spot, and with its frosty weather, powdered mountain slopes, and alpine views, they’re certainly not wrong. What many people forget about Whistler is that it’s one of the best summer vacation spots in Northern America. With hundreds of local, whistler summer activities, glorious weather, and plenty of opportunities to both adventure and unwind, Whistler is the ideal location for your summer vacation.  

Summer on a lake in Whistler

A relaxing activity to do on a hot summer day in Whistler, paddling the river of Golden Dreams

One of the No.1 reasons that Whistler is a great summer vacation spot is because of its fabulous summer weather. Plus the many whistler summer events and activities. In the summer months — from about May to the beginning of September — you can anticipate the Whistler Village temperatures to hover at about 17 C (62 F) to about 27C (80F). Perfect to spend it outside attending the events on almost every single week.

What’s this mean for you? You can pack T-shirts, shorts, light shirts, and sweaters (of course, if you plan to do any alpine hiking, ensure you bring layers at the temperatures that high up are subject to change). The weather will be relatively reliable, too. In a study that gathered the average temperatures of Whistler weather from about 1981- 2010, summer months reflect temperatures of about 16-24 degrees Celsius on the high end (62-75 degrees Fahrenheit).

Our Top Ten Whistler Summer Activities

We had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10 – like we said, there’s plenty to do.  Check out a few of our favourite summertime activities – but be warned, you may be tempted to stick around the whole summer to fit them all in.


Woman with a cup of coffee camping

What better way to wake up, than outdoors?

One of the most popular summer activities in Whistler is camping. From close-by public sites to remote, backcountry alpine spots, Whistler has it all. If you’re looking for free camping sites, check out Sproatt Alpine Trail, Madeley Lake, and the Whistler Train Wreck spot. All of these locations are fairly accessible, won’t require a ton prior experience, and won’t cost you a dime. Another great thing about Whistler? There are Provincial campgrounds a-plenty. From Nairn Falls Provincial Park,  Callaghan Lake Provincial Park, and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Want something a bit less rugged? There are plenty of RV campsites to enjoy, too! Keep reading about Whistler Camping options here.

Bike Park

Whistler is known across the globe for its epic Bike Park. Situated on Whistler Mountain, you and your pals can take a lift ride up the slopes over and over to power back down the Mountain. From beginner tracks to expert level courses, Whistler Bike Park has something for everyone. With nearly 70 trails that span four distinct mountain zones, you and your crew can shred down the number one lift-access downhill bike park in the world. Want more details? Check them out here.

Patio Beers 

A beer being raised to a mountain in celebration

Patio, beers, and summer vibes

If your adventuring spirit ever needs a break – or a beer, that is –Whistler is well-equipped to handle this. With hundreds of spots in Whistler Village to pop into for a quick bite and beverage, it’ll be hard to pick.

Check out spots like The Longhorn Saloon and Grill – this spot faces Whistler Mountain, giving you the ultimate summer view. Basalt, a wine bar, salumeria, and restaurant also has a fantastic patio if you’re looking for something a touch fancier. If you’re looking for something in the Upper Village, consider giving Merlin’s Pub, Portobello, or El Furniture Warehouse.

Axe Throwing

We’re not trying to throw in a shameless plug here or anything — axe throwing is a perfectly appropriate summer activity that your whole crew will get a kick out of. From Summer season of league to goofy group activities, Forged Axe is ready to help you unleash your inner lumberjack. Season 8 of League is bound to be killer with the addition of If you’re a first-timer or a practiced thrower, we’re the spot for you. We offer group events, party booking, casual drop-ins, and more!

Come down to Function Junction to check us out!

Treetop Adventures 

Child swinging on tree top adventure

A great activity for adults and kids alike, the Treetops Aventure is a perfect outdoor activity

If you’re looking to explore Whistler from a different perspective, why not try it from high atop the trees. Whistler Tree Adventure Tours is the perfect summer activity for you and your crew, especially if you’re hoping to adventure from a different point of view way.

Conquer tightropes, teeter across planks, battle swinging logs, and zip down a custom network of trails built by Whistler’s finest treetop engineers. Starting at about $39 per person, you and your family can customize your treetop package to optimize your experience.

White Water Rafting 

People in white water raft around whistler

Wedge Rafting is the place to be when you want to get wet and wild!

Nothing says summer like facing the high-speed, exhilarating white water rapids of the glacier melted waters of the Green, Lower Cheakamus, Elaho, and Squamish Rivers. Paddle hard or hold on tight as you and your crew explore with top-rated guides who navigate you rapidly (but safely) through the rapids. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping, crazy good time as you explore the rivers of Whistler, starting at about $119 per person with Wedge Rafting.

Bungee Jumping

This summer activity isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for eye-popping adventure, bungee jumping right off a bridge over the glacial-fed Cheakamus River.  Whistler Bungee is British Columbia’s highest year-round bungee jumping venue featuring a 50 meter (160 ft) drop from the bridge to the river. Close to Whistler Village, it’s a quick trip to your ultimate adventure. Surrounded by rugged basalt column cliffs, alpine forest, and rushing river below you, this bungee jumping excursion is everything you could want for your exciting summer adventure.

ATV Tours 

RZR from The Adventure Group

A side-by-side or an ATV tour? Both offer backcountry Whistler experiences

If you’re looking to explore Whistle with a bit of pizzazz, consider checking out the ATV tours offered throughout Whistler.

Far more exhilarating than just a regular walking tour through the mountains, the ATV tours allow you and your crew to ride side-by-side as you zip through the backcountry, climb up the Blackcomb mountain, and rip along old logging roads. This all-terrain tour is guaranteed to get your heart-pumping, so make sure you’re ready for an exciting adventure like you’ve never experienced. Starting from about $95, you can optimize your touring package to your heart’s content.


Canoe, Kayak, and SUP 

When all else fails, take to the water for your latest adventure. With plenty of glacier-fed rivers and alpine lakes to go around, you can have your pick of gorgeous spots to get your kayak, canoe, or SUP on. You’ll have tons of choices when it comes to how you plan to watercraft.

You can join a class to hone your skills, follow a water-led tour to adventure, or just rent your own watercraft and explore on your own time. All of this is available from Whistler Eco Tours starting at about $37 per hour.

Peak 2 Peak Gondola 

Peak to peak gondola

Want to see everything but only have a day, the Peak 2 Peak makes it easy.

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola is a must for anyone who is spending time in Whistler looking for a stunning, birds-eye-view of beautiful British Columbia. You can ride the special, glass-bottom boats for a peek into the Alpine forest surround Whistler, dine on the rooftop of the world with views of towering ski slopes, and even learn how the gondola works by watching the machinery in action that operates this record-breaking lift.

Prices range from about $29 to about $58, depending on your age and the access to the lift you want. During the summer, you have options to attend the Mountain Top Summer Feast dinners that are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

More Than Just Outdoor Adventures

Everything on this list is pretty outdoor centric. After all, Whistler is an outdoor mecca. People don’t come here to stay inside, they come here to experience real backcountry and breathtaking landscapes. whistler summer activities are about being outdoors, until you need some respite from the sun or it starts to rain.

Summer in whistler may also take a much gentler turn, you don’t necessarily have to be ripping down the mountain to get a true taste of what the town has to offer. Many people come here for a bit of relaxation, even if they squeeze it in between all their extreme adventures. What does Whistler have to offer for the down times? 

Woman getting a massage

Rain or sore muscles is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a relaxing massage

Why not spend some time at one of the many spa services in town. The most notable is the Scandinave Spa, located just north of the Village. Not only does it have the traditional massage treatments available, for one flat rate you can access their outside baths all day long. Cycle through hot and cold pools, nestled in the forests and open to the blue sky. It’s a lovely way to unwind after a day on the trails.

Another simple pleasure is just walking through the main Village. Whistler was developed entirely focused on providing a perfect pedestrian experience. There are no cars in the Village, which is probably why the atmosphere is so idyllic. Some of the most prestigious brands have set up shop along the stroll, there are also many four and five star restaurants scattered throughout, if you just happen to get hungry.

Whistler in summer might just be our favourite place to be. Everyone’s got a smile on their face, a beautiful bronze tan, and end up exhausted by the end of the day by spending it outdoors in the sun. If you’ve only come to whistler in Winter, you’re missing out on all the whistler summer events

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