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Get Your Yoga On! The Ultimate Guide to Wanderlust Whistler 2019

Banner Yoga Wanderlust 2019

When the warmer weather blows into Whistler this coming August, a different wind – one full of energy, revitalization, and a desire to point you toward your true north – will blow in with it.

Partner Yoga in Whistler

Its august – time to get serious about Yoga in Whistler

We’re talking, of course, about Wanderlust Festival 2019. A yoga-centric event which graces Whistler every summer when the snow finally melts away, and the yogis come out to play.

Wanderlust Festival, Whistler is a four-day celebration event that seeks to usher in transformation, peace of mind, and a beautiful outlook on your life’s journey, all while aiming to help you find your best self. Wanderlust Yoga, in Whistler draws thousands of yogis from every nook and cranny of the globe to join together, unplug, unwind, and get in touch with their purpose and their practice.

Hundreds of classes taught by world-renowned yogis in every style you can imagine: invigorating vinyasa, relaxing yin, paddle-board yoga, hammock yoga, aerial yoga, and more – are stretched out over the festival. Structured in a way to allow you to learn from the world’s best at your own pace and in whichever way you choose to flow.

If you haven’t noticed, August in Whistler is the ultimate place to be, Crankworx 2019, Wanderlust 2019, and more – there are too many festivals to choose from.

Everything You Need to Know about the Wanderlust Festival 2019

If surrounding yourself with the world’s most insightful and skilled yogis in a snow-capped surroundings sounds like your kind of festival; then we’ve got the full rundown on festival details for you. This is what you need to know about the Whistler Wanderlust Festival, 2019.

The festival will take place from August 2 to August 5 and offers you four full days of yoga classes, musical events, workshops, delicious food, insight, and most importantly, the meditative opportunity to help you connect with your best self. To get you all the information you need for this mind, body, soul, and spirit celebration, we thought we’d answer a few questions you might have about the Wanderlust Festival.

  • Do I have to buy a ticket for the entire festival? 

That’s the beautiful thing about Wanderlust – the ticket price depends on you! With so many events, workshops, and classes, you can build the formula that works best for you. It’s a choose-your-adventure-kind-of festival.

Full Wanderlust ticket and pass breakdown here.

Yoga class in Whistler

Join thousands of other yogis for a full immersion.

General Admission: $376 CDN

One of the most popular tickets that’s purchased is the general admission festival ticket for all three days. Enjoy music, activities and a speakeasy event everyday Friday to Sunday. Scheduling up to three activities per day – that includes yoga, meditation, hiking, hooping, and more. You’re able to attend all musical events with this ticket!

Premium Pass: $3700.00 CDN

This pass gets you unlimited activities per day plus accommodation for two people. All of your music events will be included with this ticket, as well as access to in-demand classes, premium tickets, concierge services, and access to exclusive dining options! The big bonus is getting a one bedroom suite in town, which due to the popularity of this festival sells out quickly.

2-Day Pass: $161 CDN and 1-Day Pass: $96 CDN

Day Tickets are available for all things Wanderlust Yoga, in Whistler as well if you’re not able to join the party for more than an afternoon. These tickets will get you access to three activities and range in price depending on how many days you are looking for.

Immersions: Price Varies

Special event tickets are available for purchase if you’d like to just attend a single immersive event. For example, you can buy a ticket Clarity, Courage, Truth, Power: An Immersion with Cheryl Strayed for $205.00 or Yoga Nidra and Manifesting Your Best Life Immersion with Tracee Stanley for $100.00 Check out all of your options here.

  • Is this a women-only festival?

No way! Wanderlust Whistler welcomes everyone to participate in finding their true north, achieving balance, and having a wonderful time surrounded by thousands of yogis on a similar path.

  • If I’m not good at yoga or I’m a beginner will I be out of place at this festival?

Yoga class, view from the floor

All walks of life are welcome to participate.

The wonderful thing about Wanderlust is that, while it’s yoga-focused, there’s so much more to offer than yoga classes. When we say plenty of activities, we’re not kidding. There are tons of meditation workshops, performances, music events, dancing performances, hooping workshops, hiking, and more! There’s something for everyone at this festival.

  • Is this the only Wanderlust Festival I can attend?

Luckily, there are plenty of Wanderlust Festival events year-round. If you attend the Whistler Wanderlust and feel the urge for more shavasana in your life, we recommend not only getting an early start for next year’s Whistler registration but also checking out some of the other locations the event is held.

  • Wait, I’m driving. Does Wanderlust have parking?

Purchase a day or a full festival pass, but either way, all parking must be purchased at an onsite pay station and are limited to one vehicle. If you’re staying at one of Whistler’s many lovely hotels or lodges, talk to them about parking onsite and resources to take you to the festival.

Wanderlust Events, More than Just Yoga 

Now that we’ve gotten the basic details out of the way, let’s talk about the endless heart opening possibilities for you while you’re here. Check out some – or all, if you’re ambitious – of these awesome events! Here are some of the highlights but the complete list of yoga activities is here.

  • Featured Yoga Teachers 
Yoga Pose in front of blue sky

Take advantage of world class teachers at Whistler Wanderlust 2019

The beautiful thing about the Whistler Wanderlust Festival is that there are dozens of world-renowned (can we say celebrity?) guides who gather to spread the love to you and thousands of other yogis.
This festival will feature guides like Guru Jagat, Eoin Finn and Annie Langlois.

  • Partner Inversions

If you’re looking to get into something a little different, or even if you’re super familiar with partner-based acro-yoga, this is the perfect class for you. Using the power of partnership, this class focuses on building structural awareness for inversions and arm balances. Work with your partner, build a stronger connection, and polish your practice together! 

  • Aerial Yoga

You thought we were going to tell you about a single aerial yoga class, didn’t you? Oh boy, are you’re wrong. There’s an entire list of Aerial classes offered throughout the four-day festival. There are intro classes, slow gentle-flow classes, hammock yoga, power flows, and much, much more. If you’re looking to enhance and renew your yoga experience, check out some of these aerial class options!

  • SUP Yoga 
Sup yoga at sunset

Image a sunset SUP yoga class in Whistler….

If there is one thing that says Whistler, it’s SUP yoga. There are too many class options here to pick just one from the listings of Wanderlust Yoga in Whistler. This festival goes far beyond just providing you with one SUP yoga class. Instead, they gift you with up to ten different options per day! Looking to get into SUP yoga for the first time? Check out the SUP Yoga: The Essentials Class. Want to relax, restore, and renew on the water? There’s a SUP Yoga class for that, too. The options are endless. So endless, you’ll be faced with the ultimate decision – how many SUP classes can you fit into your schedule?

There are tons more on offer, but just not enough space here to cover all the options. Giving you the low-down on every single yoga-session would keep you here for hours (not that we mind) – therefore check out the complete list of yoga events, workshops, and classes here. Good luck picking, choosing, and scheduling!

  • Music for the Yogis

When it comes down to the music events at Wanderlust, you’ll probably also have a hard time choosing what you’ll want to see – luckily, your tickets likely include access to all of them. So, if you can summon the energy after a day full of yoga classes and workshops, you’ll be able to experience a beautiful, musical festival, too.

The music events will feature artists Broken Social Scene and Nahko and Medicine for the People. Don’t forget about the silent disco! Be sure to explore the full listing of musical options before you go.

If you’ve purchased a three-day pass, you bought yourself an all-access pass to every musical performance!

Après Activities for Wanderlust 2019

Want a little Wanderlust break or an after-festival event? We have lots of suggestions, and we think you might like the first one.

  • Forged Axe 

Finding your true north is all about meeting new experiences head-on, and we think that throwing axes with us, Forged Axe, could be that new experience you’re looking for.  Its oddly therapeutic, watching an axe spin through the air and sinking into the target. Join us, whether by yourself or with a group of new-yogi-friends for an afternoon of axe throwing, recharging, and tons of fun! Give us a call or book online to schedule and unleash your inner lumberjack!

  • The Adventure Group 
The Adventure Group Ziplining

After a long day of yoga…. ziplining anyone?

If you’ve read any of other blog posts, you know we’re big fans of TAG – also known as The Adventure Group. Partner with TAG after your yoga festival events are done for a ton more of outdoor adventure! Since you’ll be here in August, you’ll want to check out their summer activities, like ziplining, whitewater rafting, Heli-sightseeing, and rzr tours. TAG can accommodate groups just like Forged Axe can, so they’ll be happy to take on your entire Wanderlust 2019 yoga crew!

If we have one recommendation to all the yogis headed to Whistler this August – book in advance. Many of the Wanderlust 2019 events have a limited capacity (and at the time of writing in April were already full!). Accommodation and post-yoga activities will also tend to fill up – so plan now. Planning now will mean you’ll be super ready to jump into all the activities when you get here.