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Discover the Vallea Lumina in Whistler: An Illuminated Adventure


6We at Forged Axe Throwing are all about unique and exciting experiences that awaken the senses and bring people together, which is why we’re so excited about a tour that is set to be one of Whistler’s best, Vallea Lumina. Whistler has a plethora of reasons to visit, however, the town does have its main attractions, and this newcomer is sure to be one of them.

Step into an otherworldly adventure when you take a forest trail walk like you’ve never experienced before. As if you landed on another planet or stepped through your screen and into a fantasy movie, you’ll find a world of captivating light shows, exciting structures, and an intriguing storyline.

Vallea Lumina 2019 meaning valley of light in Italian) uses multimedia sources to bring you a night-time outing that is family-friendly and fun for all ages. Once the sun has gone down and all natural light disappears from the sky, Cougar Mountain’s old-growth forest is magically illuminated revealing hidden wonders via magnificent feats of light, architecture and unique sounds and effects.

As you walk along the enchanted path, follow a decades-old mystery of two lost hikers. The intriguing storyline is brought to life through wonderful shows that include hologram figures, music, sound effects, theatrical lighting and interactive activities. You can watch a video clip of the magic in action here.

What to Expect On Your Night Time Lumina Adventure  

Families wandering through woods in fog

A magical adventure deep into the woods of Whistler

Vallea Lumina is set to open for the summer of 2019 on June 7th. The walks start at sundown each day, and head out every 20 minutes. Last call is around 11 PM.

Vallea Lumina is located about ten minutes north of Whistler at The Adventure Group’s Cougar Mountain base. This self-guided illuminated walk is approximately 1.5km long and lasts about 50 to 70 minutes with complimentary shuttle service being offered to transport visitors between Whistler Village and Cougar Mountain (there is no parking at Cougar Mountain base).

You can catch the complimentary shuttle at the Blackcomb Day Lodge or the Gondola Transit Exchange. Tour times vary according to sundown and run every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $39.99 for adults, $34.99 for youth and are free for children five years and younger.

For shuttle information and to purchase tickets, click here.

It’s good to keep in mind that the temperature will be cooler as it drops at night and it’s a good idea to bring some extra layers. Bug repellent, a water bottle, and closed-toed shoes are also recommended. Note: there are no bathrooms on the trail, hit them up before you head out. 

Lanterns lighting forest

A dream-like space to spend an evening.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with welcoming warm fires, music, activities, washrooms and a concession stand that sells snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. As mentioned earlier, the walk is self-guided (there are park rangers along the way should you need assistance) and normally takes about an hour to complete.

The trail does consist of some steep stair sections and winds through the forest up Cougar Mountain and is not recommended for those with mobility issues. While the trail is illuminated, you will still be walking through forest terrain in the dark, so pay attention while you wander. There are wooden benches and logs along the path if you need a breather or simply want to take an extra moment to observe the display.

How to Build the Perfect Date Night with Vallea Lumina 2019

Want to Incorporate Vallea Lumina into the Perfect Date Night in Whistler? We have some excellent suggestions to make your night extra special, beginning with a tasty dinner and followed by a relaxing nightcap.

Dinner at Bar Oso 

Inside of bar Oso

Transported to Spain at Bar oso

Begin your night at Bar Oso, Whistler’s “spicy” Spanish-influenced restaurant. The ambiance here is warm and romantic, with a menu that’s impressive both in terms of taste as well as presentation.

Located in the heart of town in the Village Square, the restaurant is only about a ten-minute walk to the Blackcomb Day Lodge shuttle pick-up site. Small and intimate, this convivial restaurant offers an elegant ambiance and eclectic variety of foods.

From their selection of house-made charcuterie platters and artisan cheese boards to their montaditos (house-made bread with your choice of topping), you can simply enjoy sharing a dish with your date or opt for one of their mouth-watering main plates.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend trying the beef tartare, a French delicacy that includes raw shaved beef served with aji chilis and chives (sounds crazy, we know, but oh so tasty). If that’s too “out of your comfort zone” another ultra delicious option is the lamb albondigas, a traditional Spanish slow-cooked meatball soup.

You’ll also find excellent salads, sharing plates and seafood meals (try the scallops with capers, olives, orange, and smoked salmon. With their unique and authentic menu, you can leave completely satiated before heading to your shuttle pick-up. Just be sure to make a reservation, it’s a popular spot!

Drinks at The Brewhouse 

Beer taps

There are more than a few local beers on tap at the Brewhouse

After completing the Vallea Lumina tour, finish your night with a beer at the Brewhouse. Just a ten-minute walk from the Blackcomb Day Lodge, Brewhouse has a cozy, casual setting where you can enjoy one of their specialty beers. Try their 5 Rings IPA voted the best beer that the 2012 B.C. Beer Awards, or the Lifty Lager, a German, Canadian and Czech blend.

Open until midnight on weekdays and 1:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a local favourite and popular meeting spot in Whistler Village. The friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere make the Brewhouse the perfect spot for a nightcap to end your romantic night out. 

Whether you’re planning a date, family night, group activity, or just looking for a little extra magic in your life, Vallea Lumina is sure to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to remember. We hope you love Whistler’s new adventure, on the list of many!

Need more date night in Whistler ideas? We got em’!

How to Make the Vallea Lumina 2019 a Family Adventure  

There are many family activities suitable for children in Whistler, but few in the evening hours. Based on our experience on the Vallea Lumina trails, it’s a perfect destination for the entire family, young and old alike. While it might be a little past bedtime, keep the kids up that extra hour on your vacation for a special treat. Kids under 5 are free, and youths ages 6-15 are $24.

Because Vallea Lumina opens at sundown, it can get chilly. Zip the kids into their PJs before you hit the shuttle to Cougar Mountain, and bring along extra sweaters, hats, and a blanket for the stroller. Better too warm, then too cold! Wandering around the ancient forests late at night in their PJs will surely add to the experience for the young ones.

Grab a hot chocolate treat at the Cougar mountain concession stand (chocolate before bed!?) or grab something a little less energizing in the Village before you head out. Bring along a small handheld flashlight for the kids to use, it adds to the sense of adventure. Because there are no bathrooms along the trail, we also recommended making a pee pit-stop before heading out through the illuminated walk.

Keep in mind for smallest children, the walk can take upwards of 70 minutes, so a stroller or carrier is likely required. The walk itself is a magical adventure, something which will delight the senses of the entire family, and especially the youngest members. It’s an out-of-this-world illuminated landscape, and an unforgettable experience.

The best part of the entire night? By the time the adventure is winding down, the kiddos might have walked off the hot chocolate, and drift off to sleep on the way home.

The Creators of Whistler’s Vallea Lumina  

blue and green lights through forest trees

Moment Factory and The Adventure Group are a match made in heavan

The Vallea Lumina night walk is the creation of Moment Factory in collaboration with The Adventure Group in Whistler. The Moment Factory is an award-winning and innovative multimedia entertainment studio that specializes in creating immersive and captivating environments, aiming to create new and memorable experiences.

Moment Factory also has a pretty impressive clientele list that includes Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Ed Sheeran, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and more, giving you a pretty good idea of their credibility. Their team consists of professionals in engineering, visual art, storytelling, video, and lighting.

The aim of Joey Houssian, the company’s founder, is to create an experience that brings people of all ages, walks of life and interests together to connect with the natural world around them. The project combines video, sound and special effects, architecture, and lighting with the natural beauty of old-growth forest to create a one-of-a-kind show.

The central focus of The Adventure Group is to provide safe, fun and memorable wilderness experiences for visitors and offer a variety of outdoor activities including whitewater rafting, zip lining, heli-sightseeing, hiking tours, bungee jumping and many more. You can contact them for all your outdoor excursion desires, including family-friendly activities while visiting Whistler.

Following the Moment Factory’s success of seven other night walks in multiple locations, and in collaboration with outdoor adventure leaders at The Adventure Group, Vallea Lumina is without a doubt set to rank at the top of the list of things to do in Whistler during the summer.